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Registered Charity Information

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is a charity registered in England and Wales: its registration number is 298361 (15 February 1988). The Association has been registered since August 1977.

The Charities Commission registers organisations that are charitable in law. The Commission must deem the registered charity’s aims (and sometimes the methods of achieving these aims) as exclusively charitable; it has a responsibility to the public to only register organisations established in good faith to further charitable aims and objectives and no others. The Commission is a UK Government organisation and is responsible to the Courts for its decisions. It exists to help charities to use their resources more effectively and to ensure that the public’s faith in charities continues to be justified.

The Register of Charities contains details of registered charities in England and Wales. The information on the Register is an extract of what charities must legally provide and can be accessed by members of the general public. It describes what charities have been set up to achieve (their "objects") rather than what they do to achieve them.

The Commission continually monitors BACP’s activities by means of our annual returns and accounts, which the Board of Governors is legally responsible for preparing. All registered charities are subject to the supervisory and investigative powers of the Commission. The objects of BACP are set out in the Articles of the Association.


Why is it important that BACP is a Registered Charity?

As explained above, a registered charity is monitored by the Charities Commission to ensure that its aims are charitable and its accounts are in order. All members can thus rest assured that their membership fee and other subscriptions, donations and other payments are not being misused, kept as profit to the company or its staff/board, or spent in any manner conflicting with the Articles of the Association. BACP is a charitable not-for-profit organisation and its funds are used to maintain and develop the organisation for the benefit of its members and the communities in which they are active.