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Maintenance of course accreditation and renewal

Renewing the accreditation of your training programme

We notify accredited courses of their reaccreditation approximately six months in advance of the accreditation expiry date and send a copy of the reaccreditation form with a link to all the guidance on the website. The guidance and templates on the main Course Accreditation Scheme page are relevant to both accreditation and reaccreditation but the form for reaccrediting a course is slightly different (all criteria are the same for both).  

pdf file  Renewal process (0.26Mb)

docx file  Course accreditation renewal form (0.14Mb) Please do not use this form if your course is not already accredited. The form for applying for first-time course accreditation is on the Course Accreditation Scheme webpage.

Once accredited or successfully reaccredited, a course should be thinking ahead to its next renewal. A course that works with the requirements throughout its current accreditation period should be more prepared for its renewal and find it less time-consuming that starting from scratch, which is also more likely to result in a successful application

pdf file  Working towards renewal of course accreditation (0.17Mb)

If you have any enquiries about the requirements for renewing your course accreditation, please email us  to let us know.

Maintenance of your training programme's accreditation

You may also need some/all of these procedures during the lifetime of your course's accreditation. If you are not sure or you can't find the information you need, please do Contact us for help. These procedures are here for information and so that they are readily accessible to accredited courses at all times, however please do not submit an application under any of these procedures before discussing your situation and the procedure with us first.

doc file  Assessment of proposed developmental changes (0.36Mb

doc file  Request to deliver to an additional cohort/at an additional venue (0.5Mb)

doc file  Change of premises (0.2Mb)

doc file  Extension to a course's accredited status (teach out only) (0.34Mb)

doc file  Organisational mergers (0.36Mb)

Courses are also required to complete and return an Annual Monitoring Report as part of our quality assurance procedures. This Report is designed and issued anew each year, although there are some standing items common to each year. Proformas are issued to courses following the end of each academic year and will also be available for download during the appropriate period.  

BACP is unable to accredit courses which are not currently being delivered, i.e. those without any student cohorts currently progressing through the training programme. If a course ceases to run, it cannot be monitored and assessed for quality assurance purposes against our standards for accreditation. Accredited status cannot be suspended or deferred in such circumstances, therefore BACP will be obliged to withdraw accredited status from the course with immediate effect. This applies to all accredited courses which cease to deliver the programme, including those with deferred students. Providers should contact BACP in advance wherever possible, if they are planning to cease to deliver an accredited course.