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Accreditation appeals process

If your application for accreditation was unsuccessful, you have the right to appeal against our decision following the process below.

There are two grounds on which you can appeal:

1. If the assessment procedure has not been followed correctly


2. If your application has not been fairly and properly assessed against the published criteria 

Disagreeing with the assessor’s decision or wishing to submit new information are not grounds for appeal.

You cannot use this process to appeal against a deferred decision as a deferral gives you the opportunity to provide additional information and have a further assessment of your application.

Find out more about making a resubmission


How to appeal

You should send your appeal to us in writing within two months of the date of the letter informing you that your application was unsuccessful. Please address your letter to the Service Manager – Accreditation at BACP House and enclose payment for £195.

Your appeal should tell us the grounds on which you are appealing – see 1 and 2 above. You can also write up to a maximum of 600 words commenting on information contained in your application or the assessment report. We cannot accept letters or additional information from third parties, such as your supervisor or line manager.

What happens next

We will acknowledge receipt of your letter and send all documentation relating to your appeal to an Appeal Panel. When they have reached a decision, we will forward a copy of their report to you. The decision of the Appeal Panel is final. 

If your appeal is successful
If the Appeal Panel agrees with your appeal, this does not necessarily mean that you will become accredited. This will depend on what your appeal was about and what their findings were. We will let you know what this means for you when we send you their report. 

If your appeal is unsuccessful
If the Appeal Panel rejects your appeal, you can still apply for accreditation again. However, we cannot accept a new application until 12 months after the date of the letter telling you that your resubmission was unsuccessful. If you do apply again, your application will be treated as an entirely new application, but please tell us about your previous submission and appeal on the application form.