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Guidance for supervisors

Supervisors can play a crucial role in helping a practitioner put together an application for accreditation.

Here is some guidance to help supervisors support supervisee’s through their application while maintaining appropriate boundaries.

The role of the supervisor

  • To collaborate in a focused review of your supervisee’s practice to date
  • To discuss openly with your supervisee their readiness to apply for accreditation
  • To use the process as an opportunity for professional development as well as supporting the accreditation application
  • To assist your supervisee in the process of reflecting on and articulating the rationale for their client work with reference to the theories that inform their practice. How is their practice consistent with the described way of working, demonstrated in the chosen case material?
  • To help explain how your supervisee can demonstrate their capacity for independent, competent, ethical practice through the presented evidence
  • To consider the overall consistency of the application and ensure that all the elements fit together. This may entail stating the obvious, making explicit the way they work and why, for a supervisee who has been practising for some years. 

What a supervisor should do

  • Offer support to your supervisee throughout the process of putting together their application
  • Familiarise yourself with the criteria, application forms, process and relevant aspects of the evidence required - eg the rationale, case material and the supervisor's report
  • Comment on the supervisee's approach to counselling/psychotherapy and their use of supervision
  • Negotiate supervision time to discuss the questions in the supervisor's report with your supervisee, so that the completed report is a mutually agreed document 

What a supervisor should not do

  • Don't pre-assess your supervisee's application - that is the professional remit of our Accreditation Assessors whose work is standardised and checked for quality and parity
  • Don't offer specific suggestions as to what the accreditation criteria require
  • Don't share other's accreditation work with your supervisee - either your own or that of other supervisees or colleagues 

Resources for you and/or your supervisee

For further information on the supervisor’s role, please see:

Accreditation application pack

pdf file  Guide to completing the accreditation application pack (0.35Mb)

 Accreditation FAQs

 Or please email accreditation@bacp.co.uk with your enquiry.