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Maintaining your accreditation

A service accreditation is awarded for five years. To retain your accreditation for the full term, you must: 

If you do not comply with these requirements, or if we have upheld a complaint against you under the Professional Conduct Procedure, we may withdraw or impose conditions upon your accreditation. We may also visit you for a quality assurance check on the service. We will charge you for this visit.

Annual monitoring process

During the accreditation term, you must submit an annual monitoring report at the same time as you renew your BACP organisational membership. You will also need to pay the annual monitoring report submission fee along with your annual organisational membership renewal fee.

For full details of the report required, please see:

doc file  Service Accreditation Annual Monitoring form (0.15Mb

We will send you an email reminder two months before your submission deadline. Please return your completed report by email where possible.

We will assess your report and provide feedback on any points that require your consideration. We will also make any necessary updates to the Accredited Services Directory.

Occasionally we may have some questions before we can sign off your annual report, but these are usually just for clarification. 

Maintaining accreditation following a merger or acquisition

You should keep us informed of all changes occurring with your organisation. You must report significant changes to us as soon as they occur, as well as confirming them in your annual monitoring report. The changes could affect your BACP organisational membership as well as your accreditation.

Please contact us to discuss any changes to your counselling/psychotherapy service if they could impact upon your ability to meet the accreditation criteria. The onus is on you to keep us informed. We may withdraw your accreditation if we become aware that changes to your service have taken place.

For further information, please see: pdf file  Service Accreditation - Mergers & Acquisitions (0.29Mb)

Extending your accreditation award to cover new counselling/psychotherapy services or projects

We expect the majority of services will develop and evolve over time, which is why an accreditation term is limited to a five year period. However, you do not necessarily need to wait until you submit a renewal application, to think about encompassing any new counselling / psychotherapy services or projects into your current accreditation. There are three scenarios...If the new service is:

  • A distinct service with its own policies and procedures, funding routes and governance - you will need to submit a full new application for assessment and the service would be awarded its own accreditation term award.
  • An additional specialist area to your existing accredited service(s) - you will need to submit evidence for a specific set of criteria and your existing criteria can encompass the new service. We have new guidelines for working with CYP cohorts which can act as a guide for all specialist areas - see the new  pdf file  Guidelines for Accredited Services Working with Children & Young People (CYP) (0.32Mb)
  • Simply aimed at a new target population, possibly funded for a specific project, but works within the existing policies and procedures of the accredited service(s) - you will need to provide an outline of the service and list what revised policies/procedures/forms etc are in place (we may ask to see one or all of these), and your existing criteria can encompass the new service.

If you have any questions about your accreditation contact our Service Accreditation Officer Penny.Thomas@bacp.co.uk