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Renewing your service accreditation

At the end of the five year accreditation term, your service’s accredited status will not be renewed automatically. You must submit a full, new application which will be assessed on its own merit to ensure that all criteria continue to be met.

We will send you an invitation to renew your accreditation, together with full instructions, eight months before the end of your accreditation term. To allow for the assessment time, the deadline for returning your submission will be three months before the accreditation actually ends. 

The criteria and assessment process is the same as for an initial application. However, services change over time so it is unlikely that simply submitting current versions of the supporting evidence and statements used in your previous application will meet the requirements. You should treat the renewal application as if it were a new application, using previous submissions as a guide only. 

In particular, you should consider: 

  • The accreditation criteria - make sure you revisit these and consider how best to demonstrate you are meeting them today
  • Your original application assessment reports – make sure you don't make the same mistakes if/where you did not meet the criteria
  • Your annual monitoring feedback reports – take note of our feedback to understand what we need to see in terms of clarity 
  • How your service may have changed - since your previous application, for example outposts/venues used or new policies and procedures
  • The supporting evidence – make sure it is all current, reviewed where appropriate and dated
  • Any additional services - that were not available when your previous application was made (you may need to make a separate application for such services) 

We strongly recommend that you read the following document, even if you made the previous application, as the guidance may have been updated:

pdf file  Guide to Applying for, Renewing and Maintaining Service Accreditation (0.22Mb)

Further information

The submission and assessment process and fees are the same as for an initial application. Please see How to apply for service accreditation.

If you have any queries, please contact penny.thomas@bacp.co.uk