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Organisational Membership Categories

BACP has 3 membership categories of Organisational Membership, Please see below for further information including criteria requirements, current fees and the application form.

Local Voluntary or Charitable £228.00
A voluntary or charitable body working in one location such as a county or neighbourhood.

National Voluntary or Charitable £297.00
A voluntary or charitable body working on a national level.

Commercial £561.00
Either a local or national commercial organisation.

pdf|| file Organisation Application Form

Organisational Members must abide by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and are subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure therein.†

Organisational membership does not automatically provide a BACP individual membership to each employee or student within the organisation. Group membership for individual persons is also not available at BACP. Educational establishments are welcome to join BACP as Organisational Members and should refer to the Application Guidance to select the correct category.


Organisational Membership is open to organisations fulfilling any of the following criteria:

  • Must be a legal entity in their own right. I.e. not a subsidiary or a department within a larger organisation (although these departments may act as the contact point).†

  • Offer counselling and/or psychotherapy services to clients.

  • Offer direct services to counsellors and/or psychotherapists.

  • Offer training to counsellors and/or psychotherapists.

  • Have personnel who use counselling skills in the course of their work.

Please note that if the nominated contact person for the organisation (as given in Section 4 of the application form) is not the main person/persons who are responsible for the organisation a letter, on headed paper, will need to be provided confirming that the contact has permission to act on behalf of the organisation.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership entitles the organisation to two FREE copies of Therapy Today per issue (10 issues per year)

  • One FREE quarterly issue of CPR.

  • Discounts on BACP publications BACP produces books on a range of topics ranging from counselling children and young people to online counselling and current BACP members will get discounted rates on any they wish to purchase.

  • Member Organisations may nominate†five persons for reduced rates for BACP events such as seminars and conferences,

  • Send one representative to speak and exercise two votes at General Meetings

  • Access entries in BACP directories under any headings as agreed by the Board of Governors (and subject to any fee). Member Organisations who meet the published criteria may apply for the Service Accreditation Scheme.

  • Have access to almost† 50 information sheets free of charge. The information sheets can act as a useful guideline covering topics such as setting up in private practice, confidentiality, record keeping and online counselling.

  • Ethical Framework †BACP members sign up to and adhere to the Ethical Framework and Professional Conduct Procedure, this is an assurance that our members are practicing in an ethical and professional way and have a set of guidelines to follow. There is also Customer Service Ethics that can provide support should you need to discuss an Ethical dilemma.† You can call and discuss on 01455 883300 Monday - Friday between 9.30 - 4.30.

Contact Us

Hopefully the information above has been helpful. If you would like to discuss becoming an Organisational Member of BACP then please contact Customer Services on 01455 883300 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) or by email

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