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BACP Coaching conference  

Friday 17 June 2011


Therapist-Coach: Coaching for a changing world

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The fact that the world is changing rapidly is exhilarating and challenging, and for some, terrifying at times.  The equally rapid acceleration of coaching as a profession is no coincidence - coaching meets a growing need for personal and professional development and support across many spheres of life,  helping people to rise to challenges, reach their potential, and often to overcome adversity.   As therapist-coaches, we need to be constantly thinking creatively, nurturing a sense of curiosity, and building our own resilience in the face of social, economic and personal upheaval in order to help our clients to do the same.

In this very first BACP Coaching conference, we will explore multiple aspects of coaching - including the contract, the context, and the competence needed to practice effectively and safely. What is the role of the therapist-coach and how do we offer the best service to our clients when their support needs may change at any time, possibly even during the ebb and flow of a session? My personal view is that the rigid divide between coaching and therapy, with people standing on opposite sides and eyeing each other suspiciously, is fading into the past.  Understanding transference, engaging in supervision and working with loss are no longer solely the domain of therapists - many non-therapist coaches are highly trained and skilled in these areas too. And many therapists are working with issues that were once the domain of coaches, using tools and models of motivation, change, leadership and performance that were once not so dominant in our therapeutic work. We are learning from each other.

BACP Coaching wants to be the best possible home for therapist-coaches in offering  professional support, education, and ethical guidance to members, whilst engaging collaboratively in constructive debate with colleagues from other related disciplines . 

We hope our launch conference will prompt lively and stimulating discussion of the many questions facing us. Whether you are new to coaching or more experienced, a BACP member or a non-member, we warmly welcome you to join what promises to be a lively and stimulating day.

Linda Aspey

Chair, BACP Coaching




It has been a privilege to be involved with the BACP team to bring together this first BACP Coaching conference.
Interest and support have been overwhelming, from the initial survey to determine the current key challenges and areas of interests to the coaching community, through to working with a panel of coaching experts and influencers to select the most relevant themes and presenters. 
We are delighted that so many respected and renowned speakers and facilitators have come together to share their expertise.  All are aiming for a day where we balance reflection with activity and progress.  We begin with Nancy Kline's thought-provoking keynote on silence as a generative process.  The day will unfold into a wide choice of fascinating workshop sessions that encompass many of the key issues relevant to coaching in a changing world; we hope that the resulting agenda works for you - whatever your current role is in coaching.
We also hope that you will also be able to join us for drinks afterwards to celebrate this, the first of many, BACP Coaching conferences.
Looking forward to meeting you personally!
Jacqueline McCouat,

BACP Coaching Board