Preparing for supervision and getting the most out of it
Sally Despenser
3 hours
7 sections

Counsellors and psychotherapists seeking to advance their knowledge through cpd. It is suitable for practitioners and supervisors at any stage of a counselling/supervisory career.

It may be specially relevant and helpful for supervisees when choosing/changing/being provided with a new supervisor, when preparing for supervision, and if any difficulties arise whether in individual or group formats.

This module describes the purpose and focus of supervision and explores ways in which supervisors and supervisees can get the most out of the supervisory encounter.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this module on supervision. I felt I already had an idea of what I felt about supervision and both my supervisors (and those I have had in the past), but it actually helped me to think more deeply about what role I have to play in the supervision process. I will definately complete more online modules, and have enjoyed this way of doing CPD. I work from home, and being able to dip in and out of the module has suited me very well. I am not very computer literate, but have managed this without instructions from others!!" - Sally Austin

"A certificate to print at the end would be good to have for CPD records" -

"Hi this is the first online course I have done. not sure if I would say it was great it is useful ie making me think but mostly I felt I was just guessing the answers. It might be more learning if after I give my answers sample answers and theory were given/offered? may be I am just a novice in this field. ref books thorough though. I have never been able to print anything through out the course each time I have tried it just throws me out. today on completing course threw me out three times so I dont think I will be getting any information to keep. great idea to be able to choose learning on line just needs something more for me? thanks for this and if you find out how to print out please email me! " - Viv Johnston

"Comprehensive, a really good opportunity to review where I am with supervision and ever changing needs." -

"I have found this module extremely useful. It encouraged me to explore my work in this area both as a counsellor and as a supervisor. From it I understood more clearly what works in my current working supervision relationships, what has been difficult in the past and why. I have a much better understanding of how I benefit from my own supervision and how I can understand the specif needs of individual supervisees. The course does need time and a focus to maximise the benefits that I have gained, but that in itself is also useful in that it encourages the professionalism that we all need." - David Smith

"This was a challenging course from which I have learned a lot . It encourages reflection and i sm sure I will do that and make changes to make far more of the supervision that I had. " -

"Found it really thoughtful and helpful. The feedback evaluation could be really helpful. The ability to Print a Certificate of Completion would be good from a CPD perspective. Perhaps someone may be looking into this aspect - a Retrospective option might also be good." - Kevin Foster

"The course was straightforward and interesting, although a little repetitive in places. A good recap or introduction, depending on where you are in your training/counselling experience." - Stella Haddow-Mendes

"I have enjoyed the course and it gave me alot of food for thought. The content of the course was much better than I was expecting." - Karen Harrison

"I found this course very helpful as I have recently changed Supervisors and felt that I wanted to fresh my thinking and focus again on what supervision was about. The fact the course was on-line was particularly helpful because I could progress through the sections in my own time and as I started to build a relationship with my new supervisor." -

"I enjoyed this course and it helped me to evaluate my own supervision experiences. I would recommend the module and I think it would be particularly helpful to students of counselling who are entering into supervision for the first time. One negative point ... I would have liked to have had a sheet to print out as evidence of CPD to add to my portfolio." -

"This training has been excellent. I found the vignettes a very useful way to look at aspects of supervision that have the potential to create difficulties. I was particularly pleased to look at the challenges that someone new to supervision may be faced with. It encouraged me to reflect more on how I am using supervision currently and what I might change to get the most out of it. I found it very convenient to be able to pick up and put down the course whenever I needed to." - John Mealyer

"An excellent resource for reflection and learning with extensive and useful references. " -

"An excellent resource for reflection and learning with extensive and useful references. " -

"This has been a very useful exercise for me - only recently I had a review with my main supervisor and this course has helped me appreciate the very good job she does." -

"good food for thought and recap from when i trained. I like that the secnarios are repeated so you dont have to keep going back and refreshing. The last online course i did you had to save your answers before going back but then you lost visually what you had already wrote better thinking about hoe this course is set out. " - p. hitchens

"I found this course extremely useful. I felt far better prepared to have my first supervision and through this course was able to challenge when I felt things were not right." -

"A very useful course that I will recommend! And excellent value. " - Rosalind Henfrey

"I have found this course extremely helpful. It is well structured, progresses in a logical fashion and there is ample space to reflect and plan. Through the frequent reflection prompts, I am encouraged and motivated to make an action plan and address the concerns I have about the nature of my supervision. With regard to the vignettes, questions were asked about what I felt would be issues for the supervisees. Whilst this stimulated thought and reflection, I would have welcomed some suggested answers which would help highlight problems or issues that I may have overlooked or missed. However, I did find their reflection notes and lists to be extremely helpful when it came to examining my own needs and areas of limitation. Thank you for refreshing my knowledge of what supervision should and could be!" - Lilpilgrim

"Very useful course that has helped me look at areas of good practice, or concern, and develop ideas on the next steps I need to take." - Kerry

"Like others it would be helpful to have a certificate at the end of these courses. Overall a very helpful exercise especially when I have been with my supervisor for some time." -

"This is the first time I have used the on-line learning, and I think it is a very useful service provided by BACP. I liked the idea of doing the module in stages. " -

"As a supervisor and also a supervisee I found the course very helpful. Whilst I covered much of it when doing my supervision diploma there were of course some things I needed reminding about and by taking the time for reflection I have some ideas of how I want to move forward in my profession. I have already prepared a new supervisee intake sheet based on what I learned from the course. I also intend to make some adjustments to the core contract I use with supervisees. I found the programme very user friendly and would use the BACP On-line CPD training again. I agree with some of the other users of the service that a print-off certificate would be very useful for my records." - Maureen Raymond

"As I was starting a new job with a new supervisor, I found this course to be extremely timely and helpful. It has highlighted areas of supervision that I would like to improve as well as clarifying the role of supervision in my client practice. Very good course." -

"Very useful course in helping me to revisit my own supervisory needs and stimulating my mind. I am about to start supervising so the course has contributed to my preparations for taking on this new role. Found the guidance on setting up a contract really helpful. " -

"I found this course useful to look at my previous and current supervisory relationships." -

"Reasonably eay to use. The course material was covered by my course but it was good to have some revision. It made me see perhaps I was becoming to at home in my routine and needed to revisit contracts regularly " -

"Highlighted to me the responsibility I have of ensuring I get everything I need from the Supervisory relationship." -

"Easy format, excellent software, very easy to use. Interesting and somewhat useful content. Very repetitive, especially in the first half. Expected more depth." -

"I found this module very helpful in exploring issues around supervision in general and also my own supervision experience. I like the concept of online learning. I would have liked to have printed certain pages but this did not seem possible." -

"I really enjoyed doing this course. I hope to be able to print off not only my comments but the whole course as going back and forward from page to page was slow. I know I will enjoy reading it all again and intend to use it in supervision. It took me a lot more than 3 hours (more like 6hours) and even then, I could have taken more time. Liked the flexibility to do in my own time Tricky getting it set up - had to phone - so not really all online! Will be doing another BACP online course very soon gave me lots to think about and will impact on how I work in supervision" -

"This was a very useful and thought provoking course.I made me think about supervision and how I use it and what changes I could bring to use it in different and potentially more effective ways" -

"Thought it was a very comprehensive, thorough and well thought out course. It gave some very realistic information and is therefore well balanced" - Maxine Simms

"Very useful in helping me to identify practical measures to improve my use of supervision and in stimulating thoughts about my relationship with my supervisor. Made me appreciate the many benefits she has given me and to consider feeding this appreciation back to her. Has also made me think about the different needs I may require in a supervisor in the future and I feel better equipped now to identify those needs." -

"took me 5 hours in total but quite useful in helping to build on exisiting thinking" -

"took me 5 hours in total but quite useful in helping to build on exisiting thinking. Would have been helpful to have a certificate to print out to highlight themes and how long it has taken you" -

"Useful information allowing the exploration of my supervison experiences in past and present. " -

"I have found this course helpful. I am more like the counsellor who is thinking about he end of her working career, than the student, but appreciated the way this course took me through a thinking process.. " -

"For me, this was a very helpful bringing together of main strands. It felt useful for different needs and levels of reflective study - complete in itself, or as an introduction to further exploration, or as a reminder/refresher." -

"I found this very helpful. It gave me cause to think about some issues in supervision I had not considered before. I have become particularly aware of my need to take responsibility for getting what I need from supervision." - Alex Dickinson

"I found taking this online training course invaluable and insightful as it gave me a much deeper understanding of supervision. Itís also made me reflect on all my previous experiences of supervision and as a result this challenged me to consider if and what I could be bringing into the supervision process from those experiences now. Therefore if I had not taken this course then I would never have been challenged in this way. I am much more informed about the process of supervision having read all the books and literature again without having taking this training course this would not have happened. I also included my Supervisor in some of the sections of the course and as a result this helped me in presenting my client case load to my Supervisor in a more structured way. As a result of this my clients receive a better service overall which is now more structured in terms of interventions used and how these are monitored and reviewed monthly. The information that I take from this course such as the action plan, contract/information sheet and the checklist in preparation for supervision is invaluable information in terms of resources that I have incorporated in preparation for supervision. Having completed the course I feel much more able to openly talk and understand the true meaning of supervision and I believe that this course as CPD is invaluable to everyone within this profession. " - Mabel Doole

"Excellent and thorough course. Took rather a long time to complete. Sometimes the save button failed and I lost the work, which was frustrating." -

"Brilliant. It made me think about the supervision I have had in the past and currently. It has also given me food for thought if I choose to do a supervision qualification in the future." - L Mercer

"This short course has made me think about some of the poor quality of supervision of supervision I have had in the past. " -

"The course was very helpful in clarifying my understanding of supervision." -

"An interesting and thought provoking course. It has helped me as an experienced counsellor to review my own supervision arrangements. The course has also given me a insight into my style and planning as a newly qualified supervisor. " - Sue Millar

"Excellent, thoughtful content. Very useful for new and experienced counsellors, and those contemplating becoming supervisors. Gave me much food for thought: I need to be more pro-active in a) preparing for supervision, to use it more efficiently and effectively, and b) feeding back to my supervisors what I need from them." -

"I found this course really helpful as a reminder of all the different facets of supervision. This was something I was very aware of in my training, but now years later it has focused my thinking again on this topic and supported me to address my supervisory relationship. " -

"This module is useful and was thought provoking. I did feel however the same two vinettes used throughout got a bit repetitive." -

"I enjoyed having the opportunity to look at how I use supervision and it has highlighted for me areas that I want to address with my supervisor in order to get the best out of each other. I also am a supervisor so it gave me a lot of thoughts about how I work and how my supervisees may get the best from me. I will be discussing our work with each of them!" - Yvonne Braithwaite

"Good easy to access and thought provoking . I am going to ask for a feedback session in supervision." - F Dawson

"Thank you. I was unsure if I would gain very much from this, my first, online course. However, I have been very pleasantly surprised. It has made me think and reflect - always a useful exercise. The module was easy to move through. It took me longer than 3 hours to complete though! I feel inspired to attempt further modules with greater confidence." - Susan

"I am at a point in my student placements (am now qualified but carried them on for accreditation and further experience) where I am struggling with my supervisors due to my now professional status and the way I need supervision and want to use supervision. I found this course very useful to reflect and to think of what I need to say to them, from an objective point of view, which this course has provided for me. Am enjoying CPD online." - Karin

"This course has been useful on two counts, one as a supervisee and also on helping me to consider becoming an accredited supervisor." -

"I have really enjoyed this course, despite various life events interferring and it taking a while to complete. It has helped me to identify to me what I have found positive and effective about my supervision experiences, and what has been less positive and effective. It has also highlighted the way in which I do not always prepare adequately for supervision, and how I am sometimes not proactive enough - more passive than I perhaps should be. I was pleased to find there are references for further development on the subject of supervision at the end of the course. Thank-you :o)" - Sonia Johnston

"well presented and easy to follow giving very useful inormation for me has a traineee" -

"Thank you very much It gave me an insight into what other supervisees feel when either looking for a new supervisor or what they are experiencing in their present format. I already had a clear idea as to what I wanted to get out of supervision and furthermore the importance of receiving supervision as a practising counsellor .However, by undertaking this course it has reiterated the importance of getting the right supervisor. Thanks" - Colette Grindley

"I appreciated the space to reflect on my use of supervision, but did not find this the most engaging or challenging learning style or format. However, it was good to be able to do this at times that suited me from home in the evenings." -

" I found this module quite basic geared to student or new coiunsellors. I thought it was quite repetitive and would have liked more variation of examples and maybe more discussion of dilemas that can arise." -

"Thank you this was very helpful. This has made me think more critically of my owwn supervision sessions. i will endevour to make them more efective." -

"The module to longer than I thought. A suggestion could be to have mulitple choice questions for some parts of the module." -

"this was an interesting reflective useful course. thankyou." -

"A great module that has made me reflect about my relationship with my supervisor and how it may affect the quality of support I can offer my clients. I have learned from different scenarios difficulties that might arise in the supervisor / Counsellor relationship and best way of becoming aware of them." - Ernesto

"Thank you - the course was very informative and definitely made me appreciate and take advantage of the techniques that can be applied to make the most of supervision. My only negative comment is that I was unable to access the research article provided through the link in the last section and it was frustrating to try to locate it - ultimately I could not." - Kent

"Was not sure how useful it would be. It was very useful and will enable me to improve in all areas of my role of supervisor and supervise ." -

"Very engaging and enjoyable method of learning, something easily accessible and convenient to engage in ." -

"A very useful exercise: examining and exploring my supervision needs and use of supervision. Also, looking at the bigger picture and what sound and ethical supervision arrangements mean to the professional landscape. Well worth the time." - P.Appleby

"I found this on line learning very useful as I have been receiving supervision for the last 9 years. I liked the availability of being able to write notes and this facilitated my learning and understanding. I do think the option of printing a certificate for CPD portfolio would be very useful." -

"I really enjoyed this course. It was relevant to my needs. I liked that I could dip in and out at will. Each section is short and therefore it worked well fitting in half an hour here and there. I would have liked to explore SV records and ways of recording SV experiences. Perhaps too obvious but that is where I struggle a bit." - Ambrose Gillham

"I would like to thank you for a useful experience. Making me stop and write throughout the material, meant that I could think more about the whole process and get a bigger picture of what supervision has to offer and hopefully to use it better and to the greater benefit of my clients and my supervisor. The material was well organised, perhaps something about the sort of training that supervisors have, what they are looking for might be considered as an inclusion further down the line." -

"I found this course very thought provoking and interesting. It has encouraged me to look closely at my own experience of supervision and, as a result, have identified areas that require addressing. This is the first online BACP CPD course I have done and it has been a very positive experience, will be doing more." -

"Very informative. This will certainly help me to reflect and use new ways of preparing and using supervision. It will also help me reflect further on/if I would benefit from changing supervisor and what to look further for when choosing a new one. I enjoyed this on line way of learning. CPD can be difficult to fit in. This way I could do it whenever I had the time and energy. Many thanks Hazel" -

"It was very useful to complete this course, and to reflect and review on how I use supervision. I will approach my next supervision sessions with more preparation than I currently do. I also noticed that there are particular clients who I tend not to bring to supervision, and I shall certainly be reflecting on that with my supervisor." -

"Easy to use and enjoyable module with a good balance of self reflection." -

"I have enjoyed doing this course. It has helped me to have courage to give constuctive feedback to my nrw supervisor. Thank you" - Maureen McNamara

"I have found this course material and the method of delivery helpful, firstly because it has helped me to think about my current practice and how I use supervision. Also the fact that I have only been able to complete the task in small sections has caused me to think about each part in a more focus way." -

"This course has given me alot of confidence about what i need to get from the supervision process. It is so easy to allow certain things to pass in the preparation to supervision while having a heavy caseload. This course has allowed me to reflect and re visit the things that matter to me and my practice." - Stephen

"I really enjoyed how the course encouraged thinking about my own supervision. The course has been useful in revitalising my own supervision, I had good quality supervision before, now it has been enriched. My first online learning course with BACP - real value for money." -

"I think you should get a certificate to show that you have done the learning on line with the number of hours you can claim for CPD" -

"Thank you so much for this. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course albeit 2.5 hours. I have thought about so many things; re-read some of my notes and reflected upon what I have learnt - it has challenged me to consider areas of work differently to enable me to grow further. I am currently working towards a Post Grad Dip in Clinical Supervision and this has certainly been a quick motivational trigger to get me thinking. Much appreciated - will be doing more of your on-line e-learning courses." - Jacquie Thompson

"I think online CPD is an excellent way of learning for people who are unwaged as I am and who cannot afford expensive courses. I value what I have learned about my supervision experience although I did find the course repetitive in places. However, it has helped me to make some decisions regarding my own supervision sessions. " - sueshed

"helpful and thorough approach to topic" -

"I have enjoyed going through this course as it has given me the incentive to get back into the counselling field again. I use counselling skills everyday in my employment and can see the benefit of counselling within my role and am starting to challenge the lack of this supportive work in my role. It has been interesting to reflect on supervision that I have received previously in my counselling work/training but am also receiving within my current role. It has helped me to reflect on me as a person and to stimulate the little grey cells that have been dormant for some time! Thanks!" - Nicki Ward

"Excellent course and value for money. Took me the 3 hours to complete. Online learning so useful for me . BACP Please bring out more online courses. " -

"Very helpful opportunity to reflect on my supervision. I do think there should be a certificate as evidence of Personal Development to print off." -

"I found this very useful. I prehaps had gotten a little blase about my use of supervision and this has given me the structure and content assess my use of supervision. " - Alison Peters

"I have found this module very useful as a means of reflecting on the process of supervision. From a CPD perspective, it would be useful to have a printed acknowledgement of the completion of the module." - Valerie Thompson

"Great module, really enjoyed it" -

"A useful guide for beginning therapists on the use of supervision." - Sandra

"The module really made me reflect on my own current supervisory experience and I have a few action points moving forwards." - Nicola

"I found this course very helpful as I have just started work with a new supervisor. An informative refresher that also encouraged me to reflect upon certain aspects of supervision that had not occurred to me yet and subsequently improved my own supervision." -

"Very useful , would like to know more " -

"I have found this CPD very useful indeed particularly as I am in the process of exploring changing my supervisor. It has enabled me to really reflect on what is important in supervision and what changes I could put in place to improve my experience of it." -

"I would like to be able to type notes on the comments boxes and then be able to go back without losing what I have typed." - Sarah Whitehead

"I enjoyed this course and the format. Reflecting and processing as I progressed was insightful and validated how I feel about supervision." -

"Very insighful training and posed some questions that I can take to my next supervision session. " -

"I enjoyed this course and the more deeply I considered supervision, the more I realised how much I had gained in my own supervision sessions. I felt grateful to the outstanding supervisors who have supported and motivated me in my career to date." - Ellen Daly

"The module has been really usefull, quick and easy to complete but able get you thinking. I am really glad I did it." -

"I have found this course really helpful. It has helped me look at my supervision arrangements anew. I have felt reassured that I am using supervision effectively in some respects, but there are also areas of improvement needed which I will be sharing with my supervisor. " -

"I found this online course very interesting and gave me pause for thought as I have recently changed my Supervisor. I would recommend this course for anyone partaking in Supervision and also for Supervisors." - Marysia Moore

"Helpful and thought provoking, it took me longer than 3 hours to complete but I enjoyed it and think I will benefit from it. Thank you." -

"A fabulous refresher to my original supervision training course, almost feels like we could all do with completing this once a year! " - Joanne Carwardine

"First online course I have done through BACP and found a lot of useful information which I hadnt considered before" -

"To me, not all of the questions were totally understandable. For example some questions invited the learner to consider the vignette materials featuring fictionalised characters, but were followed by questions unclear as regards whether the learner was supposed to answer for the character(s) or for themselves. Some sections a little repetitive but perhaps necessary for newer counsellors. Overall a worthwhile exercise to consider supervision from new angles and ensure all relevant questions about it are being considered but supervises and supervisors alike." -

"I found the course very insightful and it has made me really value supervision and what it offers." -

"I found this course useful and informative. I has made me more aware about issues that arise in supervision and my own desire to develop as a person and a counsellor. " -

"I found this course incredibly useful and informative. It was a little repetitive however." -

"I found this course very helpful in reminding myself about the issues involved in supervision. " - Alan Bennett-Law.

"Generally a good course" -

"Clear and concise. Gave me focus for starting with a new Supervisor. Lots of ideas for how to make supervision more effective." -

"This course was valuable in making me consider my own responsibilities when coming to supervision sessions. It has been especially relevant for me as I am in the position of having to find a new supervisor at this time." - Sheila Lennox

"I found this course an informative and knowledge refreshing. It is really for anyone at any stage of practicing as a Counsellor or Psychotherapist. It provides very good points, which are important to be acknowledged in supervision and openly discussed in the group. " - MD

"Supervision is a difficult to charter territory with a myriad of computations. Essentially, it is good that this course has raised the notion of moving from dependency to autonomy within the supervisory process, aligned with personal and professional development. Moving the expectation from the supervisor to the joint effort of both supervisee and supervisor to achieve this. The steps to achieving this could be expanded to include looking at learning styles and supervisory approaches. It is important to look at the idea that, depending on the counselling setting, the choice (if there is one) of supervisor is a keystone to building professional practice. It was useful to look at the matching and mismatching components that could inevitably affect best practice and the focus on building the supervisory relationship. Emphasis needs to be made on the importance of the contract in the initial stages of the relationship and what this achieves. The course did raise the ability to give feedback, to question and to use the supervisory space to explore when supervision is part of an assessment process. " -

"Great course, enjoyed learning about the nuts and bolts of supervision" -

"helped me to think more about how I can get more from supervision and to plan how to do this." -

"Very thought provoking and enjoyed the challenge to reviewing my own learning from supervision. Enjoyed the format of the module that enables one to make progress at an individual pace. Very useful to have the list of references provided; I will enjoy increasing my knowledge in this area, Thank you. " -

"It was valuable for me to reflect on my relationship I have with my supervisor. It has continued to develop and change along with my needs. I thought that at the end I would have a list of questions to take to supervision. This course has reaffirmed what I already new but may not have said to my supervisor we have a valuable working relationship. Warm and accepting no judgemental on either side and always leave taking some knowledge with me." - Kathleen

"This was an extremely useful course for me. I am fortunate to have a good, reliable and supprotive supervisor but this course has made me think how easy it is to become complacent. I have identified ways in which I can improve my use of supervision further, particularly in the area of feedback - from supervisor to me and vice versa. " - Linda Rodgers

"This module was helpful as it allowed me to reflect more deeply about what I hope to gain from supervision and what I should expect from my supervisor." -

"Excellent Module! It was really useful and got me thinking about just what do I get out of Supervision and what should I be getting . Very pleased I did this course. " - Caroline

"This course has allowed me to really reflect on the supervision process and look at any changes I can make to my approach to my own supervision. It has taken me back to the nitty gritty of supervision which has been great for me." -

"It was useful to reflect again. I would have liked a certificate." -

"Thought provoking. Can we have more on-line courses, please." - Jane Myring

"The course was very helpful in making me think in detail about how I use supervision and how I can get the most out of it." - Seth Gillman

"The course was useful and thought provoking, gave some food for thought in terms of what I am getting from supervision" - Davinder

"I found this course very helpful as it made me reflect on my own use of supervision and my relationship with my supervisor." -

"This is a really useful course on how to get the best out of Supervision. " - Isabel

"I found this module helpful in assessing what happens in my own supervision and whether I need to make changes either in the way I use it or perhaps consider changing supervisor." -

"Excellent course. Sharpened up some of my thinking about supervision, which had become a bit vague about." -

"Thank you for an excellent course, it encouraged a much deeped reflection into my own practice highlighting what is already good and thoughts on how it could be even better." -

"Generally a very useful course that has really made me reflect on the way I use supervsion and will, I think, help me get more out of it in the future. I may be a very slow worker, but I think it had taken me somewhat more than 3 hours to complete. Again, this may just be me, but I would advise anybody using this course to be very careful when saving work: I several times lost progress because I saved without completeing the whole page before saving. As far as I can see, a page does not save anything unless something has been entered into every box on that page first." - Steve Smith

"I found this course extremely thorough and useful. " -

"This on line module was incredibly useful in providing the focus for reflection on my current supervision. Being on line and confidential I could just let my thoughts flow and when I read back what I had written I saw what I needed to do quite clearly - that is not procrastinate and be proactive. only I can begin the change needed" -

"Good course. " -

"enjoyed" -

"Really thought provoking........and it has made me aware of being a little guilty of a less than professional approach Only criticism is that I found it hard to go back to the case vignettes - might be my computer though " -

"I enjoy the course and it covers all the important concerns for supervision. It reminds me what I have learned are important in supervision and what are important concerns to carry to learn and develop as a supervisee. It would be good to see more material to cover supervisors/supervisees relationship building. Thank you very much. It is very practical and helpful course." -

"Informative and educational. Preferred to make my own notes rather than use the boxes provided, perhaps a downloadable worksheet would be a beneficial addition. " - Paul Carroll

"This was invaluable it helped me realise what i needed to do in this process" -

"Loved the clarity, helped identify areas that need attention as a supervisor and supervisee, every supervisee should be encouraged to do this online course. Reading list very helpful at end." -

"I found this very thought provoking. " -

"A useful and interesting reflection on supervision and how to get the most out of the process and the relationship. Its even clearer to me now just what makes for a good safe and effective supervisory relationship. " - Jill Cavellec

"excellent module which I gained a great deal from. " -

"I really enjoyed this course,and it has made me think about the importance of good supervision I feel I am fortunate to have a experienced/qualified supervisor who I have a good relationship with " - Ann Sayer

"Dear all, this was a really good course that was very thought provoking and ensured that I will always think outside of the box. Best wishes Kathy Robson" -

"This was a very worthwhile module to take" -

"I thought this was a really useful course. I feel that we all get a little complacent about our supervisory relationships and this course was a great refresher. " - Diddy Elliott

"Very informative, lots of good resources and thought provoking. " - Sarah Mortimer

"It was thought provoking and interesting, thank you" - Barbara Appleby

"Very helpful form of education. Prior to staring the online supervision course my sense was that my experience was sufficient for where my career is at this time but many benefits have come from having completed the course. Reminders of how important effective supervision is to my work and what to look for and that, as my needs change, there is a need to re-evaluate my situation with supervision. It is possibly the same as having a bank account and the reluctance to set up a new one when not getting the best service! All this I can do if a reminder is used - that this is about the well being of my clients and of course myself! " -

"This course has made me reflect on the quality of my own supervision and made me more aware of how I would like to change some aspects." -

"got me thinking and that is always a good thing" -

"Allowed me to reflect more on how I can develop more as a supervisee." -

"A really good course. Well worth doing, a good refresher. Makes you think about what you are doing and why. " -

"This module was informative and made me think in a very structured way about what I want from supervision and my supervisor. It also reinforced what my responsibilities are as a supervisee." -

"The course helped me to self reflect and this will support further development." -

"A really helpful course which helped me to reflect what was good about my supervision and what areas could be improved upon." -

"This really made me stand back and re evaluate my supervision. What works and what is lacking. Really beneficial." -

"It was great, clear, organised and I felt reflecting on my experiences." -

"Great course...encouraged me to revisit my own supervision arrangements/ how I make use of supervision." -

"I found this module interesting and useful" - Hege Soholt

"This course helped me to reflect upon my current supervision arrangements and how I might make better use of some aspects of supervision. As others have said, save your work as you go along REGULARLY... some of the screens timed out before I was done, and re writing things for a second time was frustrating. " - Sally

"Even though I have quite a bit of experience as a supervisee with different supervisors, I still found many new points to consider when choosing a future supervisor & planning how to make the best use of supervision as well as evaluating its effectiveness - A really useful & thought-provoking module!" -

"I have found this course really useful. Reflecting on my supervision in this way has helped me to identify certain needs that are not being met within the supervisory relationship. It has also encouraged me to address these issues in future sessions." -

"A very useful reminder of the importance/value and relevance of supervision for us all." -

"found the online course very informative and easy to work through" -

"I found this really helpful and has given me things to consider if I need to find a new supervisor at some point in the future. It has been a positive experience of how to improve my use of my current supervision. " -

"Excellent online learning course and will be recommending this to my peers. Made me reflect and think about what I want from supervision and how important it is to not get stuck in the same format o presenting my client work." -

"Great course, Video would be great! " -

"I enjoyed completing this course on line as I was able to do this in my own time. It helped me to reflect on my own part in supervision and take more responsibility for the agreed agenda. It made me realise that regardless of the experience of a supervisor, this does not necessarily mean that they are the right person." -

"Another interesting on line course, helps to refresh and confirm my thoughts and feelings about supervision." -

"A useful resource for examination and reflection on supervision processes and content. Even though I have been counselling for many years, I found myself giving attention to aspects of supervisions that (through over familiarization and habit) had been ignored or forgotten. useful as a prompt for both supervisors and supervisees. Recommended " -

"It was useful as a refresher on all aspects of supervision. " -

"I found this to be a useful piece of on line cpd both for me as a supervisee and as a supervisor. The vignettes prompted reflection as both participator and observer. Another advantage is that this type of cpd can be built into a convenient time frame unlike workshops which occur on a set date. In that sense I could keep coming back to complete it over a number of months. " -

"I saw this online CPD and it appealed to me although I was sceptical as to how much I would engage with this process. It was a nice surprise to have gained so much from this CPD. It has reminded of some of the things I already knew, it has helped crystalise some thoughts about supervision that were not very structured beforehand and it has also helped me identify more areas of learning and how I can gain more from not only my supervision but also with my supervisees. Thank you (whoever you are). " -

"I have found this module very useful in reflecting upon supervision. Thank you " -

"Thank you for a very informative session. It is helpful to be reminded of the core content of supervision and how best to prepare for it." -

"I found this course very reflective and it highlighted even more where I can improve my whole experience of supervision by being more proactive." -

"I am just starting supervision and i found this course very helpful in understanding what to expect and how to approach it." -

"really good resourceful module. it has helped me to appreciate the good supervision I am getting and established a clear structure and preparation for supervision from both the supervisee and supervisor perspective - expectations, planning and delivery. thank you" -

"Great course, thank you. " -

"Thank you. I found the material very good and detailed." -

"I found this course really useful and thought provoking. It encouraged me to explore all aspects of my supervisory relationships and how I use the space." -

"I enjoyed this course as it was helpful to see the points written in list fromat and remainded me of a few things I had not verbalised as well as this course did. very useful, a lot of food for thought and references to read" -


"I enjoyed this course made me think about what I would consider if I needed to find another supervisor" -

"This was my first time for online learning which I throughly enjoyed, because the subject matter reflected what is happening to me now. So the contents enlighted me and validated some of the anxities that I am experiencing at present are normal." -

"It was a very good overview of all the things a supervision relationship should be. It enabled me to re evaluate my own supervision and identify areas to address. I feel it was a very worthwhile course." -

"I have enjoyed this online learning experience. I have just started out with a new supervisor and we are developing what I believe to be an effective and informative and trusting relationship. This online learning has reminded me the supervisor is human too, additional to the supervisory role and the relationship is two way.i did not realy consider that after our sessions the supervisor might process our work!!!" -

"I have found this very helpful, both as a supervisee and as a supervisor. I have ideas that I will incorporate into my own practice" -

"I really enjoyed this course and found it very helpful. However, I would have appreciated being able to have a printable certificate of completion. Thank you so much." -

"I found this course really interesting, I am an accredited supervisor with the BABCP and EMDR consultant, however this course took me back to the foundations of good counselling practice and not just theoretical fidelity. I would recommend it to everyone regardless of theoretical school and experience. It has been a good reflexive tool for me. Thank you." -

"This was a very helpful learning guide. It has enabled me to reflect more seriously not just on myself, but my supervisors as flawed human beings. I am being less hard on myself as I am going through the process and this enables me to be more honest within my relationships as a whole and allows room for relational growth." -

"After being on maternity leave and also being a newly qualified counsellor seeking a new supervisor, this course has really helped me to focus on discovering exactly what I am looking for in a new supervisory relationship." -

"I have found this module enlightening regarding experiences of supervision. It has made me more thoughtful about my own supervision both individual and group. I intend to use this experience of learning to get more out of my supervision addressing the issues that I was able to identify as requiring more exploration." -

"I enjoyed doing this online course, it left me with a spark in terms of how to move my relationship with supervisor in different direction. I feel equipped with different ideas in how to present in supervision also." -

"Good use of reflective materials for the novice counsellor and a reminder for experienced counsellors like myself, as to what is really gotten out of supervision for good practice and professional support." -

"I have found this a very interesting module, which has allowed me to reflect on my needs as a supervisee. It has been useful to recognise in myself that I feel the quality of the interaction to be most important, above all of the contracting and formal arrangements. " -

"This course was very relevant as I have recently had to change supervisor due to retirement. It was a difficult process and this has helped me to reflect on how I handled it and whether my choice was the right one." -

"really useful training, helped me evaluate and think more thoroughly about my own supervision experience so far and needs for the future, really helpful." -

"Informative module and offers insight into all aspects of supervision. " -

"Although I did not learn anything that I did not already know about supervision from this course, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on my supervision and the supervisory relationship. This has enabled me to come up with a plan of how I might improve my supervision as well as giving me points to reflect on relating to how I might offer effective supervision to others in the future." -

"Good to have time to reflect. Most of my points were about checking out what I said with my supervisor. It would be good to have something that we could use together." -

"I enjoyed reflecting on this very important part of my work. This was my first experience of an online course, and I thought it was well set out, although moving between pages and sections was a bit slow. I also occasionally lost answers by going back and forgetting to "save". Thank you." -

"really informative course. found it very useful for my own supervision " -

"Another helpful and thought provoking course - thank you" -

"I really enjoyed the course and found it helpful when looking at my own attitudes and use of supervision. I would have found it helpful if there had been reminders to save at each point as I have had to do the end section twice, having forgotten to save it before I logged out." -

"This course was really helpful. It gave me the chance to explore my relationship with my supervisor and to bring into focus how I might improve on that." -