Psychopharmacology and counselling and psychotherapy
Rachel Freeth
3 hours
7 sections

Counsellors and psychotherapists seeking to advance their knowledge through cpd

This module has the following aims:

  • To provide a basic knowledge of psychiatric drugs how they are understood to work, when they are prescribed, the different categories of drugs used, their potential benefits and adverse effects.
  • To provide a background to some important conceptual issues underlying the prescribing of psychiatric drugs, including a basic understanding of the medical model. This should facilitate greater confidence to engage in discussion and important debates.
  • To provide an opportunity to examine and reflect on attitudes and values concerning the prescribing of psychiatric drugs in response to psychological problems or mental distress.
  • To increase awareness of the influence of drugs on the psychotherapeutic process.


"This is a course that all counsellors will benefit from completing. " -

"great " -

"I thought the course was comprehensive and though provoking. As I am a carer I find it difficult to commit to full day's training - in this module I could do each part at a time that suited me in digestible bite-sized chunks." - Don Hague

"Would be useful to be able to get straight back into the course at the point one left off in previous session. Good piece of on-line learning, though i found that, despite the fact that most of the material was familiar through previous training, it took around 4 hours to complete, rather than 2." - Diana Neale

"A useful refresher, thankyou." -

"Very useful module, would recommend to anyone interested in current debate on use of psychiatric drugs." - Anna

"I found the course informative and provided a good revision tool - particularly the section on psychiatric drugs and their uses and actions. I did think that some sweeping statement were made about therapist and how the work and some of the research left me wanting to satisfy myself that that is what was said and to explore some of the conclusions. My learning was enhanced by working through the module with a colleague on the phone - this lead to our own debate about the subject.!! " -

"A very useful course and it has been so helpful being able to go through it at my own pace and to fit in with my own busy schedule. What I would like to know is if I receive some form of verification that I have completed the course." - Carol Redman

"This provided a good summary of the important issues and also helped me to clarify my own understanding and views. I would have welcomed greater depth (length of course) and a range of voices/ views presented." -

" An extremely informative and thought provoking course. Enough depth, leaving plenty of scope to go away and learn more. The learnings from this course, will definitley be helpful to me, in my role as counsellor. " - Scott

" This course was very interesting and quite challenging. I will use the refernces to do some further research as questions have been raised for me which I would like to pursue further " -

"A useful thread about the role of drugs and therapy and the appropriate use of each. Helpful outline of the drugs and their specific use by the medics. Thought provoking around the arguments of Therapy versus drugs." - Christine Bampton-Smith

"I have found this course and excellent resource to enhance my understanding within this field. It is value for money and presented in a clear concise way. Thank you!" - Angie Hobson

"I found the course interesting and thought provoking although clearly based on a psycho-social model of psychological dysfunction and probably biased towards the anti pharmocologicalcal model. More imput of the alternative pro medical stand point would have made for a more balanced discussion " - Joy Richards

" A very informative session and very helpful in understand the psychiatric drug/therapy divide." -

"I found this very useful as an introduction to the subject - especially the detail of the various drug categories and and introduction to the brain/mind debate." -

"Found module interesting and raised many issues around the use of drugs. I felt the modules were well put together and easy to follow." - Garath

"very helpful in my understanding of how medical drugs are working." -

"An excellent module - it has helped me to get my thoughts on this subject into a clear focus, and I now want to continue exploring it." -

"Excellent. A printable certificate and receipt would be welcome." - Stefanie Wilson

"Great summary and throught-provoking module." -

"I have found this course extremely useful, my knowledge of medication for mental health problems was extremely sketchy and this has explained clearly how medication works and also asked some interesting questions about how useful medication might be for patients in the long run." - Caroline Romaine

"Excellent course that I would recommend to others. " - Dr R Davies

"The course was interesting but only provided quite basic information and did not cover topics in a lot of detail. Not sure that I would pay 15 to do a similar course. Also would be useful to have a certificate for CPD records. " -

"I found this to be a very useful thought provoking sampler for insights into current medication for psychiatric care. It has challenged some of my stereotypical thinking towards both the users and effects of medications. It has also made me explore the way we approach medication use in the rehab I work in. I wish this module wee available in a booklet form for use in training at work!" - Stan Sanders

"This module was extremely interesting and informative, and I feel it has enhanced my understanding and awareness of the medical model of psychiatric drug therapy. I have learned a lot about the specific types of drugs that are prescribed for mental health problems, which again gives me a greater awareness when seeing clients. I found the whole style of the learning flexible in terms of being able to manage it within my own busy work schedule. I certainly intend to work on some of the other modules offered. " - Linda Tyrrell

"This was an interestining course raising presented in an easy way to follow. It raised important issues that counsellors need to reflect on and relate to, in regards to their own practice in terms of safe practice and efficacy." - Stella haddow-Mendes

"A most enlightening course which I feel I have learnt a lot from. I also found it very interesting and thought provoking. Worth doing." - Beatrice Lloyd

"A very valuable course that has given me greater understanding of psychiatric drugs." - Colin Thompson

"Good value for money in terms of the clear, well structured content, pointers to further reading as well as the benefit of flexible learning. I will certainly be looking out for other CPD topics." - Karen Head

"timely refresher/update many thanks" - Robert swire

"I really enjoyed the course. It was well presented and great that I could do a bit at a time." - Pauline Hughes

"A very in depth challenging and thought provoking Course, enabling a far better and realistic insight into the world of Psychiatric drug use and effect." - Barbara Allen

"This was a great way to complete some CPD. The layout was good, content highly recommended for any therapist working with clients who are or have been on psychotropic medication. Very user and reader friendly." -

"I felt that this course was very well presented and certainly worth doing. I did feel however that the content in the conceptual issues section was unnecessarily complicated. " -

"Excellent overview - delighted to see that the political component is referenced too. Great introduction and overview of this topic. " - Paul Glynn

"A very informative course and it has clarified the subject a lot for me. I feel that I have a better understanding of the different types of psychiatric drugs and the actions that they have on the human body and mind." -

"An enjoyable and informative course. The presentation and navigation are easy, the title may concern some therapists as being a bit on the medical side, yes it does discuss the medical model but balance is maintained with critical argument throughout. The use of plain language and case studies were really useful for reflective learning. A useful tool is the handout of major psychiatric drugs, class, uses and side effects - At the very least I will be able to check my spellings! Overall, this course is well worth doing. " - Christine Roche

"Both interesting and useful. (Would have appreciated an optional summary print-out of the material at the end)" - Jeff

"Very easy to understand, great case studies." -

"Excellent course, I feel much more up to date in whats happening, more able to engage in the discussions on this subject. I dipped in and out of the course, I think it took me more than three hours! " -

"Really clear nad concise module. Great for reflecting on own practice and also for challenging what I thought I already knew about psychiatric drugs. This module has really helped me gain confidence and understanding in an area that had previously felt complicated and confusing. Thank you and please can we have more topic like this on the online modules, rather than a lot of topics that are so often covered wthin counselling training." - Nicola Buchan

"I found this a useful overview. It allowed me to re-visit my opinions on the role psychiatric drugs play in our lives and, in particular, how it affects us in the therapy room." - Dale Kitchen

"really valuable course. brings out lots of thoughts about working with clients and the debate of therapy and or drugs. " - pauline hitchens

"An interesting course. It would have been nice to have received a certificate as it is a form of CPD." -

"I found this course thought provoking and informative." - Jenni Flight

"Above all I should like to say that I have enjoyed the time I have devoted to the content of this course. The information is presented in an accessible fashion, introducing the student to vocabulary and ideas which provide a sound basis for further reading. Idea presented are/have been thought provoking and stimulating -many thanks." - Elgan Moelwyn-Williams

"i have found this very interesting and it has stimulated a debate in my own head about the diffference in brain and mind and what that means. Also, it has made me question what i had previously thought about the prescribing of psychiatric drugs etc. Informative and something i would like to discuss with colleagues." -

"The course was very useful and informative" -

"Would it be possible to have some sort of online certificate that we could print for our CPD eveidence?" - Kevin Wilson

"This is the first online course I have undertaken and I have really enjoyed it. The material presented was informative, clearly written and so easily understandable. The balance of information and written responses was about right and the layout and design of the course was easy to follow. I have been left with some challenges to think about which will probably be useful to discuss with my supervisor. I am unsure whether there is a certificate of completion as this would be of benefit." - C. Peters

"A very informative and useful course, which also encoursged me to reflect upon my own beliefs and attitudes" -

"Very interesting. Had some knowledge of psychiatric medication but this has really put it into context. Easy to follow bite sized chunks. Have made notes which I will use when I need to in practice. Case histories very useful. Will be doing some more on line CPD when I get some free time" - Julia Berrington

"A really helpful course for someone without a medical background, thank you. Long enough to be very informative without being too long to justify the level of detail required. " -

"Succinct, informative and thought provoking." -

"This has been very useful - I now understand why I ask my clients what medication they are on and am confident to explore what impact this medication may have on our work." - Ellie

"Absolutely lovely and engrossing. Very well rounded. " - Noreen Samara Pope

"Just had my second extensive feedback disappear on clicking Continue. An excellent course apart from the same feature, which held me up for 48 hours at the start as well. Wher does the problem lie please?" - Delyth Wilkinson

"I found this extremely interesting and more in depth than I expected. What I have learned is interesting professionally and personally, and will be useful in my work. I really enjoyed this method of CPD. I could delve in and out when it suited me and revisit my responses. Thank you." - Elaine Freeman

"Well presented and structured. Very useful indeed in clarifying some of the common doubts regarding medication and the implication of this for the therapeutic process. " - Marta Iturrioz

"Very informative - found useful." - Helen Bowes

"Found the start of the course a bit difficult but then it got easier and i enjoyed it. Thank you for providing it. " -

"Very informative and helpful" -

"Informative and thought-provoking, especially when relating to various counselling modalities." -

"Very informative, thought provoking and succinct enough so that it provides a basic grounding on psychopharmacological interventions. Interesting." - Sandra Zecevic

"course informative and covers basically what i needed to know." - nicky

"I found this thought provoking and useful reference material." - sally Muxworthy


"Found course vering interesting, informative and enjoyed and learned alot from the issues covered. " -

"Excellent coverage of this area. Worth doing." -

"It would be useful to have a certificate saying that I have completed this." -

"I enjoyed the course and I thought if covered a lot of ground. It has kept me engaged and given me a foundation/resource sheet to reflect on. " - Dawn Allison.

"Brilliant course-comprehensive, informative; as a new counsellor, this was exactly what I was looking for-I highly recommend it." -

"I like the combination bewteen the learning and the inforamtive part of the course to the reflective one. Good combination. " - Ben

"I really enjoyed this. I felt it was well structured and presented alot of information in a very simple and manageable way. Excellent." - Tracey Weldon

"Interesting and relevant. " -

"Interesting and relevant. " -

"This course has been a very valuable experience. It has deepened my understanding and awareness of psychpharmacology and counselling and psychotherapy. The further reading provided at the end will be of help to pursue this subject. Overall this has been a very worthwhile course." - Sue Scase

"Good , clear, and informative. Seemed rather biased against medication...." -

"Very effective for therapists who are working in outpatient settings. " -

"S very interesting and thought provoking course and content. The balance of ideas and the presentation of different aspects of the debate lead to a critical understanding of the impact and influence of medication on the therapeutic relationship. " - Leighton Marjoram

"A very useful refresher on psychiatric drugs, their impact and some of the issues and politics around their prescription." - Martin Crook

"An excellent course giving all the fundamental information professionals/those in training need." - Vonnie

"The course was a 3 hour module, but I would say that it depends on your knowledge base in relation to the questions asked. The module was well constructed and informative at every level and I have learnt valuable information into what may be going on for clients in the medical model. I would reccommend this course for everyone who needs a topup or as a way to build on their own experiences in the field. Vey thought provoking and very stimulating and I look forward to the rest of the modules on this website. Thanks for the information it was well worth the money." - karen dunton

"This course has really helped me to reflect on the issues around psychiatric drugs. I think it is an informative and really useful overview. " -

"Brilliant-thanks very much, I really appreciate this BACP development" - Van Tran

"Interesting course, good overview, would have liked more qualitative focus in exploring ways of approaching potential difficulties in the counselling room." -

"Fairly easy course, would prefer if more person centred." -

"I thought this was an excellent and thought-provoking short course. I have not done any of the online courses before and enjoyed the format. The reflective questions were stimulating and helped me clarify my own thoughts on the subject matter. The summary sheet on psychiatric drugs, actions, uses and adverse effects is very helpful." - Jo Turnbull


"Thought provoking , highly informative ( especially the Major catagories list of drugs) and very helpful for self reflection. Many thanks " - Dee

"Useful and thought provoking. Thank you" -

"This course was excellent and intellectually stimulating; I felt that I learned a lot and I found the learning to be enjoyable and easily understood." - Randall Wickham

"A very good informative course. Thank you." - 506664

"The course is clear, concise and provides plenty of references for further reading. It is well written and thought provoking." -

"This is a very informative and thought provoking course. Would certainly recommend it to others. " - Heidi

"Good course. Covers the basics and make you think. Thanks" -

"I enjoyed the course (felt quite nostalgic reminded me of my undergrad days [neuro-psychology]). I thought it was really well written and included recent developments. It would have been good to be able to directly access the last page visited (but no big deal). I kept getting timed out (mainly due to having to go off and do other things) - would advise people to complete answers on word (or similar). Big focus on chemical aspects of neurology, medical model .... nothing really on anatomy. Would be good to have more on working with those taking medication and considering contraindications possible benefits etc. Am looking forward to reading the referenced articles." - MKE

"A good course facilitating reflection on the treatment of mental health in this country. Basic information concerning the drugs available and those used commonly, which, I feel is an aid for therapists." -

"I have found this course very informative and interesting. It has been a valuable insight into the role of psychiatric drugs in therapy." -

"This course has been of emmense and considerable value, in its ability to deliver an important and very ethical issue in any intervention offered up to service users, who have had the misfortune of suffered or are suffering distressing aberations to their own psychology, and living functionality, by how this programme identifies with the ethical nature of a clinician or psychotherapist doing no harm, and only doing right by that service user, so that person remains empowered, and able to self actualize, and lead a functioning capacity in their daily living experience. so as a matter of course moving any politics out of any equation, and the question of any need for the use of psychotropic intervention as an extreme and last recourse, so that all support and agency networking is an actual inputted task, so that the nprimary concern for a therapist is achieved of doing no harmby that service user. " -

"Thank you, really thought provoking and encouraged some great personal reflection of what we are dealing with and yet to face in the mental health world " - HK

"Very helpful although really struggled with the language in the section at the start about concepts. " -

"Very useful and concise. I would like some more information about specific drug names and their aims for health. Thank you." - Rachel Baylis

"Good balance between factual information and areas for debate. Liked the mix of instruction coupled with the invitation to submit own opinion/experience. Clearly written." -

"Really liked the layout, and I found the "mini case studies" very helpful and thought provocking, as a few of them mirrored some recent client work." - Leon Hosking MGSW, MBACP, BA (Hons) Couns.

"Very informative course, it porvided the opportunity to refelct on my awareness of the subject matter and identify the need to increase my understanding though additional reading which supported the material." -

"Very informative" -

"i found this course helpful and imformitive. it was extremely helpful to reflect on my own views of mediction and the theraputic relationship. it has led me to reavaluate some of my own therputic practice and also inspired me to what to learn more on the causes and effects medication have . i" -

"I found this course very stimulating in an easy to read language. It provided me with a very useful means to reflect upon my understanding of drugs and debates surrounding them. Moreover, how I saw my own practice in relation to drug interventions. It also gave me an opportunity to reflect upon what more I would like to learn with regard to neuroscience and future role of drug interventions. In relation to CPD, this course was of the right length for me; allowing me to dip in and out at my own time and pace. Very apt for CPD, particularly the cost; a very worthwhile investment on all fronts! I recommend this course to all practitioners!! " - George M P Bailey

"Fascinating and enlightening information. Very worthwhile CPD." - Sarah

"I really found this CPD course useful having been faced with some scenarios within my practice similar to ones raised here, I am feeling much more confident in my own understanding and knowledge base thanks to this course, it was just what I needed at this time." -

"A very fulfilling interesting course that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing and participating in." - Karen Serra SAC Dip

"I very much enjoyed this course. I did find some of the language hard to digest. I think it might be due to the nature of the topic but I struggled to fully understand some of the content and questions. For me, more simple language if possible." -

"Excellent CPD - it gave me a different perspective and clearly illustrated the opposing opinions of the use of psychiatric drugs. It will help me explore the impact of drugs (not just biologically, but socially, politically etc) with my clients if they wish to discuss their use of psychiatric drugs. " -

"this is my third module online and by far the best. It deals with a very complex issue in a very uncomplicated manner." - Bernadette Hatton

"Informative and thought provoking course." -

"I found the information in the course extremely useful. It has given me more confidence to believe that my thoughts on the use of drugs with regard to mental health problems are correct. So often, clients come to therapy believing that their recovery is down to the use of drugs alone and they find it hard to believe that the work we have done may have contributed to it. I believe that drugs are prescribed far too often but I think doctors are in a difficult position in this regard. Prescribing anti depressants is probably the only way to get some patients out of their surgery! " -

"A brief outline of the drugs used in psychiatry and some thought provoking opportunities about personal attitudes to medication in psychiatric illness" -

"Good, mixed learning. I particularly liked the case studies." -

"Very interesting and well worthwhile course. The sections about the different types of prescribed psychiatric drugs, their uses and possible-side effects, were particularly useful to me. Thank you." - Jackie Browne

"Excellent but print out did not record all my answers some were cut short?" - RICARDO DODD

"An interesting and informative course, although the questions required me to repeat my answers several times. encouraged me to clarify my attitudes to drugs and se.e that my views are not unique. I finished it in less than the 3 hours." -

"Following this module was very timely for me as it is has been an issue of concern for a while. I liked it because it reflects my own views but I wonder if it would be useful to have a believer in drug therapy give their viewpoint? I have colleagues I respect very much say that there is a role for medication so this confuses me. Thanks anyway. I found it very helpful and clearly written." - maureen mulhern

"I found the course to be very useful in summarizing several decades worth of debate and development. I would like to see similar courses for other subjects and specific presenting issues." -

"I felt this course had a clarity that was very helpful." -

"Excellent -very helpful in stimulating reflective thinking. " - Gill Fletcher

"Extremely useful " - Mike ellis

"Excellent course - a lot of good information and very thought provoking - excellent way of reflecting and starting a new cycle of CPD for myself and identifying issues to take to supervision. " - Fern

"I loved it. It offered me a lot to think about." - Parvin Porhonar

"thank you, esay to use" -

"I enjoyed doing this module - I found it clear & easy to follow. Although there was very little new information it is useful to have it pulled together. I feel that it helped me to clarify my own thinking regarding psychiatric drugs & psychotherapy." - Elizabeth Hutton

"Great introduction to medication and the role it plays in therapy." -

"This was a really useful learning experience. The online access was brilliant and I will definitely try some of the other learning ." - Linda Farthing

"Excellent course, informative and thought provoking." -

"This is a very useful model for people wishing to get an overview in enough detail to help with practice. Very easy and use and informative. " - Lydia

"This online course is brilliant! It is very interesting and gives you an in-depth look at the use of psychiatric drugs and gets you thinking. I would highly recommend all therapists/counsellors to do this course." - Marysia Moore

"Good course well worth taking the time to do and to study further. However I would really like a certificate :) thats just me though I like my certificates" - Kessa Gill

"This course was particularly helpful in refreshing my knowledge of psychopharmacology. The topics were indepth and informative and allowed me to self reflect throughout." - smanning

"A very useful and informative course which has given me a great deal to reflect on. " -

"An interesting course" -

"I have found the course to be informative but also to ask some very important questions on the way mental health is often approached in healthcare settings. It has given me a fresh perspective on the use of psychiatric drugs, thank you." -

"Excellent and thought provoking." - Jane Myring

"Very interesting and informative." -

"Thank you very much, it was very informative and thought provoking training. I left more feedback in the summary section." -

"Found this very useful and informative." -

"I found this course really interesting. It was easy to understand and has given me a basic grounding in the medications that so many of my clients are prescribed, the debates surrounding such prescription and the possible benefits and challenges that these drugs may have for therapy." - Caroline Norman

"I found the format of the course- the website and modules- very accessible and enjoyable, And the content challenged me to clarify my thoughts and opinions. However, I was disappointed that an even debate was not presented. At the end I felt as though I had emerged from an anti-drug campaign. (In addition, it would help focus in the 4th unit if the author used the words "affect" and "effect" correctly.) That said, I do recommend this course, not so much as a learning place about psychopharmacology, but more so as a step by step chance to think through ones own opinions." - Cathryn

"Great. Really useful" -

"I enjoyed the course; interesting and thought provoking - hence, taking 5 1/2 hours to complete. Important area, the influence of drugs on the outcome of the therapeutic process, depending on the approach. Helpful to have further reading recommendations." -

"This was a subject I knew little about, so found the module very informative, this also helped me reflect of my own opinions and beliefs. A thought provoking CPD. Thank you." -

"Really enjoyed this online CPD course and feel I have been challenged in my conceptions of psychiatric drugs. What was particularly helpful about this online course was the chance to consolidate my reflections in the summary boxes." - Laura Potts

"Excellent course. Thought provoking, interesting, and current information. The authors knowledge and style of writing is high and clear. Useful and interesting books, papers to read. " - Suzanne

"very clear and informative" -

"Really interesting and informative course. It would be good to have a printable certificate to keep for records, however I found the topics very useful and thought provoking. It is useful to reflect on this in my own work but also in related to my employed work within IAPT." -

"This was a very informative course which appeared well structured. I certainly enjoyed having to engage through my own comments. I feel that more courses as this one could very much benefit practitioners in counselling and psychotherapy as very often it is difficult to be able to attend training in person. " -

"I found this course to be very informative for the type of therapeutic work I do. I have recommended this to a colleague as I felt it was worth completing it." -

"I was looking for CPD update, and this is the first time I have use BACP on line learning. I found the pharmacology module informative and interesting, and will definitely look up some of the references, particularly Rose (2006) and Moncrief (2013). 10 well spent, shame its not included in membership fee BACP." - Carol Gregory

"There information was thought provoking and detailed enough to be helpful too. I found this way of learning really accessible, rewarding and manageable in a full workload." - Lynne Harmon

"Really smashing course. Very informative and written in an accessible way." -

"Very good and helpful !" -

"I found the course very informative and thought-provoking and made me reflect on my own attitudes and practice." - GB

"A useful, informative and thought provoking course. Thank you." - Mary-Teresa Green

"I found this course to be very informative and most of all, thought provoking. It certainly made me question the prescribing of drugs for psychological distress and gave insight into the different types of drugs commonly used as well as their effectiveness and side effects and the impact this has on the therapeutic process." -

"I enjoyed doing this online CPD course and it was extremely informative. However it would have been useful to have a certificate of completion to print print off for my CPD file." -

"Very interesting material and enjoyed the course. please incorporate some form of reminder to save written work regularly. owing to a wrist injury I am reduced to one finger typing which takes time. I have frequently lost what I have typed because I have been taken back to the login page before remembering to save work ." - Christina Lake

"Very useful course - information clearly imparted. Good overview on how drugs work and key categories of drugs commonly prescribed. Asking the student to think about particular issues and their knowledge and attitude towards psychiatric medication was helpful - made me question what I do know and think." -

"I found this course very useful and enjoyable. The factual information about the various drugs and what they are prescribed for was helpful. But perhaps more importantly was the ethical issues that the course raised. Having worked in mental health for so long I realised that I have stopped questioning some of these issues. It is easy to forget just how much social, political and economic issues determine how health services are delivered. Excellent." - Annie Heining

"Very good course and appropriate to my work. It has also given me some new material to read up on which is always good in expanding my knowledge and awareness. " - Stephen Keen

"Very useful and thought provoking. Was suprised to find myself pondering the difference between brain and mind quite a lot The drug tablet is very useful and a good size for quick reference. As a dyslexic would of liked to be able to spell check my written sections." - Helen

"useful to reflect on current debates and changing evidence base" -

"Really useful to be able to do CPD in my own time at a time in my life when it is difficult to get time to attend courses and study days." -

"The factual information is very detailed and helpful. The discussion of the merits (and problems) of the medical model was also informative and balanced." -

"Excellent stuff and really I would need to revisit the content in order to get a better "handle" on things. Easily digestible considering that the topic is quite complex. Well presented and interesting. Definitely good stuff and "food for thought"." - Mark McCaffery

"Excellent course. Very well written" - Ken Ewings

"Thanks very much for this interesting and useful course. It was easy to work with it in available chunks of time, and was clearly sectioned and easy to absorb." -

"Although I have worked in the field of Community mental Health for some years - whilst also alongside conducting a private practise in Counselling - I have not to any great extent sought to to come to a position on the subject of this CPD module. This is largely due to it not being an issue - as far as I have been able to assess in my day-to-day practise. However, this module has caused me to think more broadly about the dynamic - especially the Conceptual issues underpinning the use of psychiatric drugs, particularly the medical model and body/mind dualism. Also when psychiatric drugs and therapy combined may complement or be in conflict with each other & a look at some important debates, including whether drugs are effective. Could I please appeal for more On-Line CPD Courses to be made available as I do believe that I have run out of options for the coming year!" -

"Very useful course." -

"Considering the content, I found these modules quite interesting. However I would have appreciated more scenario questions to help me think in certain situations. I felt a little in at the deep end in the first couple of sections where small essay questions based on opinions were asked. On the whole though, very informative and I feel it has increased my knowledge. " -

"Very, very good - concise informative and thought provoking." - P Appleby

"I really enjoyed carrying out this CPD. It compounded my belief that drugs are way over-prescribed. Having read the book Cracked I wad already left angered that there is no evidence that these drugs work yet they are still over-prescribed." - kelly

"Excellent - clear, informative, stimulating. Many thanks" - Nikki Davies

"Really well thought out and constructed module. I got more out of it then if I was just attending a workshop. I have learnt more by seeking out some of the publications mentioned. And I have a permanent set of notes from the Author I can refer back to, more than I would have taken down in a workshop. I am taking a lot with me from this Online experience." - Julie Shaw

"This course is detailed and fascinating. I found it useful background to my therapeutic work with children and young people. There is ample opportunity for reflection about some of the issues raised, balanced along with information about drug therapies and approaches to treatment." -

"I would like to be able to print the whole course including my answers. Otherwise, very informative and useful." -

"I enjoyed the course and found it was easy to engage with, informative without being overwhelming, and perhaps most importantly, written in clear, concise and engaging prose. Thank you." - Sue Lyons

"Really great course to take. Would highly recommend if your wanting a more in depth understanding in the use of psychiatric drug v therapy usage and if these work in conjunction with each other. Neurotransmitters are covered as well as a comprehensive listing of prescribed drugs for different mental health conditions." - Helen Smith

"A very helpful course which will be so useful in my client work, as I support those on psychiatric medication, it gives me a much greater knowledge of the science and the wider issues in the treatment of mental health difficulties." -

"A very informative and interesting course." -

"Thank you for this opportunity, the course has given my good understanding and references for future development of my profession." - Kim Burns

"I have found this course to be very informative and it has given me much to digest. Found the course content related very much to the work I do. Excellent. Experienced problems initially when I completed question section and clicked on continue button. Lost content as site continually logged out. I had to continually click on save button before continuing " -

"This is a very interesting and informative course. I hope to be able to implement what I have learnt within my future work." - Patricia Newman

"Very thought provoking" -

"Great course. Very beneficial, many thanks. Would I please be able to get a CPD certificate for completing this course?" - Ellen Van Der Klauw

"As I am anti drug I must admit I have not paid much attention to them. However, I am currently doing a course on Substance misuse and this information was extremely beneficial. Thank you" - Michele

"Informative and challenges beliefs about houw the brain and mind work. " -

"This was extremely useful to me and I have used some of the information already in the therapy room. I was sceptical about it initially but found it informative, thought-provoking and interesting. An excellent resource and I would like to see more of this available on the BACP website." - D Gracey Belfast

"A course that presents good opportunities for reflection" - Jim Hughes

"I have found this course incredibly useful. It has stirred up my thinking and inspired me to seek out the latest research on psychiatric drugs and their effects. In addition to reading research that opens discourse on the subject of psychiatric drugs and their use. As well as reminding me of the importance of vigilance and knowledge with regard to psychiatric drugs and the effects thereof. " - Teena A Campion-Smith

"I found this course easy to read and complete and very useful. Being aware of psychiatric drugs and their use in our society is essential for all counsellors, as many of our clients use them." -

"very informative, lots of useful information in how it effects the brain, useful links. I have wanted to do a course but never had a lot of time, I was able to do this in my own time brilliant." - Nikki Roberts

"Informative course, gives a lot to think about" - Amy

"I enjoyed this course. I found it both informative and critical. " - Rebecca Jackon

"Brilliant learning package. It required a great deal of thought and reflection as you worked through the sections however so very useful. Thank you. " -

"It has been really useful to read research exists/does not exist to prove particular theories about psychiatric drugs & how much of the theory has been developed after the development of the drugs. It is also very helpful to have the table of the different categories of prescribed drugs & how they work & their effects for future reference. Overall, it has been really helpful & stimulating to reflect on my views on psychiatric drugs & how they may affect the therapy with my clients." -

"Content was really good and I will be recommending to colleagues" -

"I enjoyed the course, for the reasons given in an earlier answer, but the technology felt rather unstable, with long gaps between each section and, eg, my first response in this box being lost." -

"I feel the course was beneficial to my work and brings to mind the importance of knowledge around counselling and drugs." -

"Very helpfull" -

"I found this a very useful and informative course. I am sure that, in the future, it will give me extra knowledge and pause for thought when dealing with clients who may take or be about to take psychiatric drugs." -

"Interesting course, I am constantly put in my place by people referring to the term I believe in the science and taking the pill route for young people in education. A quick fix and a year down the line the young person is in a worst place with a higher dose. So now I feel I might be able to say I understand what you are saying but have you thought about it from this perspective. I am going to do more research especially into Soteria and Finland. Plus now have a large reading list to review. Thank you" -

"Very informative, have learnt quite a bit on how drugs affects the working of the brain" -

"A good overview for beginners" -

"The course in the beginning was difficult for me to understand on a academic level but I gave myself plenty of time to learn and understand some of the names and titles given for psychopharmacology and the drugs involved I now have a much better understanding of terminology used. I was shocked to discover that the medications for treatments are based on unproven science. I am pleased to learn more humanistic approaches are being researched and this has opened a new area of learning for me." -

"I really enjoyed doing this course and recapping on medications used in mental health services. Also time to think about my perspective on medication and upon reflection about ECT. thanks you." -

"Overall very good. I would have liked a more in depth biological explanation to described how each of the different prescribed drugs affect the brain." -

"helpful introduction. More case studies would have been useful. " -

"Found the content of this course excellent - highlighting the key issues in a clear, brief and informed way. As with the course I did before I found that if I was automatically logged out at times but only realised this when I tried to save work or progress and was taken back to the log-in page, losing the text I was trying to save. Took to saving after every paragraph which is tedious and made the course take longer than the 3 hours prescribed." -

"Very thought provoking course." -

"The course was well designed and presented. It gave me time to think about things and the notes and thinking about them was useful. I felt the person was knowledgeable and I appreciated finding the website www.comingoff. I will pay more attention to the effects of drugs on the therapy I offer my clients and their choices with regard to taking medication. " -

"Very enjoyable course, well written and presented in interesting manner. " -

"Very good. made me question thinks that most of the mental health professionals take for granted the need of psychotropic medications" -

"Such a big subject which has been compacted well into a short course. I have found the information useful to support clients in my own practice. I would have welcomed more case studies/examples. Would 100% recommend to others." -

"Very interesting and excellent course. " -

"very useful liked the table of drug/side effects uses and also made me think about the effect this has on therapeutic relationship" -

"Great beginners course psychopharmacology. Understood a lot more about prescribed psychiatric medication, and all the issues surrounding this subject. " -

"An excellent online learning module. Table 1 was particularly helpful. A very informative and well-written module." -

"I found this course accessible and informative. " -

"Thank you so much I have printed it and will be finding this very helpful in my research and practice. Thank you." -

"A print out friendly version of the types of psychiatric drugs would be useful to have to hand considering as counsellors we frequently are asked about them and their influence on the therapeutic process, I like the interactive parts of the course especially the case studies." -

"very informative and interesting " -

"Very informative course. Provided a lot of material to reflect upon Increased my confidence and understaning about the use of psychiatric drugs. Well woth doing!" -

"Very informative re-cap on drugs vs therapy." -

"Very thought provoking. Also useful to have a guide to the different drug types and their uses. " -

"A fascinating, clear introduction to the subject. Well worth it. " -

"I found this to be a user-friendly, thought provoking course. It gave a broader view of the subject than I expected and this has stimulated further interest for me. Good all round resume of types of medication and their possible effects on therapeutic process. I really enjoyed it. " -

"Really helpful. What I was looking for in terms of confirming some knowledge, clarifying other bits and giving me new information. Thank you." -

"This should be mandatory for all counsellors and therapists" -

"very informative. Lots to consider thank you. " -

"This was a very helpful balanced insight" -

"Found this course so helpful in its content. A really relevant topic and a vital one that has implications in our therapeutic work with clients and therefore demands our time and reflection on." -

"I want to thank you BACP for offering this valuable cpd / online learning module. It is a very useful module that gives the opportunity to learn and reflect on the dialogue as well as conflict between psychiatric drugs and the therapeutic process." -

"Informative course that made me reflect on the use of medication, especially as I have largely worked within the NHS where medication is taken as a given. However, some of the questions towards the end, I felt were too simplistic and therefore I could not give a definitive answer. I would certainly recommend this course as it is thought provoking." -

"Fascinating module and very informative. Has raised a lot of interest and motivated further reading for my further knowledge and understanding. " -

"recommend this really interesting, thoughtful, informative and useful course. highly relevant and incorporates information, debate, and ethical discussion " -

"A very helpful and thought provoking course - thanks very much" -

"It was helpful and interesting. I learnt a few things. I did find it a bit repetitive." -

"Excellent course: - well organised and presented. " -

"Most helpful in assisting reflection on the value and rationale of employing pharmacology and medical approaches to treat mental health problems with or without combining these with psychological therapy. Surprised at the gaps in causal evidence to support psychiatric drugs treatment of mental health disorders. Most disconcerted at the possible short and long term contraindications/side effects of the various types of medication. The course contained hopeful information regarding neuroplasticity and the neuroscientific evidence base for pscyhotherapy - mindfulness meditation and compassion focused therapies come to mind. " -

"A useful course, thought provoking. More in depth in terms of drugs than I had thought." -