Confidentiality: Managing Client Confidences
Barbara Mitchels
3 hours
8 sections
Counsellors and psychotherapists seeking to advance their knowledge through cpd

to understand the ethical and legal boundaries regarding confidentiality;

to be confident in moving freely within those boundaries;

to develop best practice in managing client confidentiality.


"Very interesting" -

"Thank you very much. I found the course very helpful indeed and has given me food for thought and I shall research more on the subject- very interesting indeed." -

"Excellent course.......a great deal to digest and research......opens a door to thinking about this complex subject." -

"Excellent, can we have more please" - Clive Whittaker

"i really enjoyed this course, and found the subject of unconscious needs to be very insightful. i think it takes longer than 2 hours though." -

"Marvellous." -

"Ifound this a very helpful and thought provoking course wih excellent practical suggestions for making a clinical will. It took a little more time to complete than the two hours suggested." -

"I found this very useful, but there was too much information to take in all at once. I would really like to have a hard copy of this module as there are areas I am still unclear about. I feel a little incomplete! The subject matter is complex and very serious." -

"This course refreshed my knowledge on confidentiality processes and the ethical approach. I am a student social worker as well as a student in counselling and this course will assist obviously in either roles. The course is much much longer than two hours suggested as more time is needed to digest the information given and at times in some of the modules there seems to be too much and in others not enough. It would be nice to have proof of completing the course in the form of a printed certificate to show relevant employers etc. On the whole though this is a good way to supplement and gain knowledge around subjects especially as law and policy is a vast subject in regards to confidentiality and clients and their rights." - Jacqueline Stephen

"very enjoyable" -

"I found this course very helpful and made me aware that I had been out of date with legislation. I think this course was suppose to take 2 hours, but I found it took me much longer to complete. It is a very good course." -

"this is not working properly" -

"I found the course to be very useful in updating my knowledge regarding confidentiality. However it was abit repetitive at times especially in section 7." - Sue Millar

"A really informative and very useful course. Thank you" -

"Very comprehensive, very good course. Would be great if there was some sort of recognition certificate. Thank you. Takes much longer to finish properly than the advised time." - Toni McDermott

"This course answered a lot of questions for me and made my decision-making process a lot clearer. I found it very useful." - Charlotte

"Excellent course.Full of information and thought-provoking." -

"Very interesting and informative. It was very useful to work through and to have to answer questions and dilemmas. Well structured and laid out." - Helen Bowes

"This course is very good but I would welcome more activities. the design of the website makes it hard to refer back to other sections." -

"Any chance of dating when the course was completed?" -

"Interesting and comprehensive. Took me much longer than the recommended 3 hours though." -

"Although quite heavy going at times (with regard to the laws) I found it really useful and a fantastic source of information. I work within the NHS environment and a lot of the information was applicable to both my midwifery and counseling role." -

"This is an excellent course, reinforcing the information that I have learned in the ethics module on my degree course. It has been particularly useful for revision and confirmation now that I am in practice. It took me much longer than the three suggested hours but that was because I wanted to absorb it and take my time over it due to its usability in my current work. Thank you for designing such a useful tool." - Janice Forsythe

"Very thought provoking, informative and beneficial." -

"A very interesting course and one which certainly made me think carefully, however in doing so it took me much longer than 3 hours to complete!" -

"I found this course very helpful and more interesting than I anticipated. It took me considerably longer than 2 hours." -

"Content and approach to topic was most interesting, comprehensive and accessible. I felt that the time allocation of three hours was a little optimistic - it may be that I wrote responses which were overly detailed and ponderous!! But weriously I think nearer four hours would be a more accurate allocation." -

"Enjoyable and informative but do the answers get marked/read for checking I am on track? Do you get a certificate to say you have completed? " -

"I found this course very helpful and has given me something useful to refer to in my work. By the way, It took me over 3 hours !!" -

"A good course, took quite a bit longer than the advertised time largely because of the need to flick back and forth between sections, but made me think in much more detail than previously about all the factors to be taken into account when reaching a decision, and a useful way of keeping me up to date with a lot of information I had forgotten since qualifying in 2004. It is also good that I have something to refer back to. It would be useful to have the work "marked" by someone as sometimes I was unsure and would have liked to know if I was grasping the theory properly when doing the practical work, and I would not mind paying a bit extra for this! It would also be good to be able to do follow-ups as the law changes so often. A good way to do your CPD though, ooking forward to doing some more courses." - Marion

"This course has certainly given me lots to think about and reflect on and has given me a better understanding of the complexities of confidentiality and the law. It took me longer than 3 hours and I found it easier to print off each section in turn than go back and forward through the pages online ..... because it often "crashed"." -

"Informative and useful online course. However, it definitely takes longer than 3 hours to complete and should be credited as such. " - Pam Howe

"found module interesting and of help to me as i look towards starting my ethics module on my counselling course." -

"I found this unit a valuable refreshment exercise and clarified some issues for me. I was not able to print off my answers though which was a little frustrating - the screen would just go blank." -

"I liked this course a lot. It is my first online CPD through BACP and I expected it to be relatively simple and not require a lot of thought. I was pleasantly surprised that the activities and questions at the end of each section were challenging. I also liked how each section truly built on one another. " -

"I felt the course raised some interesting points, which challenged my knowledge. I was not sure how difficult it would be, I struggled to complete in the 3 hours recomended, as I found it thought provoking." -

"the course was thought provoking and good to revisit certain areas." - va

"I would have liked to have had suggested answers because for an inexperienced counsellor / trainee there is no way of checking whether my decisions eg to breach confidentiality were right or not. " -

"Excellent course but took me about 7 hours not 3. Like other people have mentioned I would have liked some guidance re the best practice regarding the scenarios raised, once I had given my own input." -

"Very well put together module! The activities were particularly useful to me as I work in an FE setting and liaise with other agencies such as CAMHS and local GP practices. " - Leon Hosking MGSW, MBACP, BA (Hons) Couns.

"Very interesting and informative. As a college counsellor and someone studying for a Masters in Childhood and Youth, I thought I would be very familiar with all confidentiality issues - but I learned plenty from this course - 10 well spent! Thank you. " - Jackie Browne

"I am very glad I have completed this module before starting my student counselling placement. I feel more confident about the extent and limits of the confidentiality I can offer to my clients, and more clear on what I should do if I think I might need to breach confidentiality. Thank you for a detailed and clearly laid-out module which forced me to think what I would do in different situations." -

"A comprehensive and concise overview of the issues involved in confidentiality and disclosure. Food for thought." - Tessa Williams

"The course was structured in a manner that reinforced learning as it went on. I felt it refreshed and built upon my knowledge around issues of confidentiality." - Geoff Austin

"I found this online CPD invaluable. It was very relevant to a lot of situations that are coming up in peer supervision and in general discussions around updating my agencies confidentiality policy. I would highly recommend this online CPD to all therapist no matter how experienced as the 2012 High Court Directives around confidentiality have significant inmplications to all professionals who are in a position of trust and offer confidentiality." - Elaine Watt

"A useful and challenging piece of CPD, made me consider aspects of confidentiality I had not encountered in my practice." - Julie Crowe

"A very good interactive course which refreshed my knowledge and helped me review my working practices concerning my confidential obligations to my clients. A certificate on completion would have been good. " - S H Miles

"A very interesting and informative course, however takes much longer than 3 hours to complete. " -

"I found this course to be an excellent way of refocussing my thinking on this fundamental aspect of being a therapist." - Van Tran

"Great course. Found it very useful. Some of the links provided in the Reference section are no longer available. Thank you for the opportunity to understand better the boundaries in keeping or breaching confidentiality. " - Andreea

"Very interesting and very relevant. Made me stop and think more about confidentiality. That its not always straight forward." -

"Very helpful course and a lot to take in at once with the many Acts and reports mentioned." -

"Highly informative training. Some of the activities required making decisions on whether or not you would breach confidentiality. I found myself making a decision only to change it and change it back again!!!! Extremely thought provoking, thank you." -