Supervisors: how to support your supervisee through the Counsellor/Psychotherapist Accreditation Process
Patience O'Neill
3 hours
7 sections

Supervisors wanting to support their supervisees through the counsellor/ psychotherapist accreditation process. 

Supervisors who would like to reflect on the task within the wider supervisory process.

This module considers the supervisor's role in relation to supporting a supervisee through the accreditation process, what to do in facilitating that role and what not to do.  Useful resources are also included.


"Has been very helpful - particularly in helping me to be clear about my role as a supervisor in the process. Some of the questions were a bit unclear though - I wasn't sure how I should answer them." - Alison Syner

"This is a very practical guide to help shape an approach to this particular and very specific task. It is especially useful for anyone approaching for the first time the process of helping a supervisee through the accreditation process." -

"It was not obvious to re-find the course when logging on again. Helped me to be clear about suporting supervisees and how the application process could be percieved as part of the therapetic and supervisory process. " - Geoffrey Windham

"Useful to clarify thoughts and assumptions. Would suggest this is most helpful when supervisors are aware that supervisees are considering accreditation. Overall clearly laid out but would like a straightforward way to print the course alongside the responses to reflective questions." - Sheila

"a clear well layed out course with very valuable information and discussion points" -

"This was a very useful course, I found it just as a supervisee requested support with accreditation." -

"intresting course " -

"I have found this module extremly useful, I feel that it would be beneficial to and strongly recommed it to all supervisors who are supporting others through th eaccreditation process. " - wendy campbell

"Very good course, gave me the opportunity to think through what I offer supervisees, should I be doing more reviewing and evaluating? It also helped me to clarify what a supervisor should be offering when their supervisees are going forward for accreditation. " - Jeanette Carson

"Good Questions, I found the course challenging but a good way to learn. I feel I need to reflect on the content and also my anwers. " -

"Excellent course!" -

"Excellent and helpful module, it helped clarify my role in the accreditation process for my supervisees. Many thanks" - Madeleine Rollason

"Short succinct and to the point. Useful material to reflect on the process." -

"Excellent and clearly written course. Well worth doing!" - Christina Faruki

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working through this e learning course; it has made me reflect and consider how I have done this in the past and how I now will choose to proceed in the future when supporting a supervisee through the accreditation process. Thank you. I had a difficulty once or twice as my work would not always save and I had to re-do parts of it. I also would have preferred to edit but again the system would not always allow for this." - Pat McKewan

"This is a very useful course for supervisors and gave me a valuable framework for clarifying my own role in supporting supervisees through accreditation. Previously I have had some difficult experiences managing this in supervision where I did nott feel someone was ready and this course helped me reflect on that experience and learn from it. I now refer to accreditation in my contract with supervisees so they have some awareness of what my role might be in this aspect." -

"Very good. Thought provoking." - Jane Myring

"Was a very good module. I really enjoyed it. Thank you" -

"Very helpful and thought provoking" - Anne Duffy

"A good brief course with good guidelines for things to do and not do when supporting a supervisee!" -

"It would have been lovely to have a certificate on completion" -

"I have really enjoyed this module, it challenged me a few times on my knowledge and helped me to focus on what is really good practice in supervision. " - Eileen Trigg

"I cannot print the certificate.How can i do it?thanks" - alex

"Excellent course which was informative and helpful in providing guidelines on my roles and tasks in supporting a supervisee through the accreditation process " -

"Very good, thought provoking and re-connected me with the accreditation process and how best to support it. Pages are a bit clunky and lost my pieces a couple of times. Had to keep copying and saving separately. But very good, would recommend " -

"As a new supervisor I was left thinking that this course was for experienced supervisors as there was no real indication of or feedback as to how I was doing. They felt like a set of questions with no real answers. I could have just copied what I have in books, so in a way I was looking for something different I suppose. " - Derek

"I felt this course was good in that it provided information which backed up how I have worked alongside supervisees working towards accreditation. The vignettes were very helpful. I would have liked more input like this as at times it felt more like an exercise to determine my existing level of knowledge than a course to teach me." -

"The course was really helpful to clarify exactly what my role in the process is. I learnt the importance of guiding and facilitating rather than giving answers. " -

"Useful overlay of how a supervisor is expected to help with accreditation and what the supervisor should not be doing. Worth looking at - has some good references for further information but overall specifically relates to the accreditation process - from the horses mouth as it were!" -

"Useful module. Vignettes were particularly useful, perhaps more of these?" -

"Do I receive a Cert now that I have completed the online course" -