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Can I really do this? What are rules of psychotherapy and are they negotiable?

Saturday 25 March 2017

Psychotherapy is governed by highly considered ethical frameworks which form the laws of practice: these are obligatory and clear. In addition, however, our literature offers implicit and more nuanced guidelines that are also of great significance in governing our work. The holding of therapeutic frame, for example, is considered a corner stone of good practice: maintaining boundaries securely in order to provide containment, safety and freedom to the patientís self-expression within that space.

Good therapists are highly sensitive to the risk of transgression and afraid of doing harm. But does that always mean following the soft rules? Can it also be argued, for example, that flexibility in the frame may be more therapeutic than rigidity, and that in certain scenarios it is appropriate for the therapist to bend the rules in order to do the best therapy? Is it ever OK to prolong a session, to help a client to their car, to touch their hand?

In this conference we will consider what we believe we are allowed to do, or not, and the balance between personal ethics and institutional guidelines when making decisions about the best therapeutic intervention. We will examine where the therapistís wide ranging rules originate, how these might support yet impair work with specific patients/clients, and ask: when should the therapist's own judgment to be balanced with received wisdom in order for good practice to take place?


Early bird: £110 (until 20 December)

Self-funded: £130 (after 20 December)

Self-funded x 2: £200

Organisationally-funded: £200

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Certificates of attendance for 6 hours will be provided at the event



8 All Saints Street


N1 9RL

For more information see:†http://www.confer.uk.com/rules.html