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Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd.,


Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd.

T: 01865 428649

E: info@psychotherapyexcellence.com

W: www.psychotherapyexcellence.com

CPD Details

Psychotherapy Excellence CPD Online - Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dan Siegel, Jessica Benjamin, Michael Soth, Andrew Samuels, Thomas Moore, Mick Cooper etc

Psychotherapy Excellence CPD Online is an online CPD library of webcasts and online lectures series that have been designed in collaboration with the world's leading therapists to further your expertise and continuing professional development.

Each online series features several videos, audios, transcripts and academic references. This means that whatever your learning style, you can undertake CPD in the best way possible to support your learning needs.

Psychotherapy Excellence CPD Online can be accessed in two ways. You can either purchase a series out right or subscribe to all content for a monthly fee. Either way, you get access to a whole range of benefits including:

  • New and exclusive cutting-edge content in video, audio and transcript format with supporting academic references
  • Content that is produced in collaboration with world’s leading therapists and the UKs most experienced training organisation’s to further your expertise
  • Watch videos as many times as you like via our streaming server to support your learning and understanding
  • Downloadable audios and transcripts for you to keep
  • Content that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Access it from your home, office or abroad and across digital devices
  • CPD certificates once you have undertaken a short test.

Speakers include Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dan Siegel, Jessica Benjamin, Michael Soth, Andrew Samuels, Thomas Moore, Mick Cooper, Janina Fisher and 50 other international keynotes.

Click here to browse all online series. Alternatively, subscribe now if you are a student from £8.95/month or a therapist from £14.95/month subject to 12 months.