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Ethics in Action

Ethical practice is at the heart of a counselling professionalís work. As a member of BACP, you agree to practise in accordance with the†Ethical Framework, which assures clients, employers, agencies and peers that you are a committed professional who practises in an ethical way.†

If you need assistance with ethical decision making, you should first contact your supervisor or line manager. Or for legal advice, you can contact your legal indemnity insurers.

For support in resolving ethical issues please see our†Good Practice Resources, particularly 'GPiA 044 Ethical decision making in the context of the counselling professions'.The Ethical Framework also offers guidance on†ethical dilemmas.†

Ethics in Action service†

Our Ethics in Action Officers can support you in making ethical decisions autonomously by:†

  • signposting you to relevant resources and information
  • helping you to identify the areas of the Ethical Framework most applicable to your dilemma
  • Helping you to understand and apply the principles of the Ethical Framework†in practice

We operate a call-back service and aim to reply to all calls and emails within seven working days.

You can contact our Ethics in Action Officers by email or by telephone:†

  • email†ethics@bacp.co.uk†with details of your query and your BACP membership number
  • call 01455 883300, select option 2, and leave a message to request a call-back†

Please note:†

The Ethical Framework is mandatory and binding on BACP members. You are responsible for ensuring you practise in accordance with the current Ethical Framework.†

The Ethics in Action Officers do not give advice, but offer an impartial perspective to support your ethical decision making. This service should not be considered an alternative to regular, robust supervision and does not negate your accountability to the Ethical Framework.

†We collect anonymised data on the use of the Ethics in Action service (including the number of calls and emails per month and the types of enquiry received) to inform the provision of Professional Standardsí and wider BACP products and services, and to monitor statistical trends. We do not collect any personally identifiable data; data protection law does not apply to data rendered anonymous. The data are published by annual quarter for internal BACP use. Staff only have access to the data that is necessary for the completion of the business activity in which they are involved.