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Counselling MindEd

e-learning to support young healthy minds

In collaboration with The Royal College for Paediatrics & Child Health, we have developed an interactive e-learning resource for counsellors working with children, young people and young adults, to support on-going skills training and development. 

Available 24/7, Counselling MindEd can be used as a supplement to training as part of a blended learning approach or as CPD for counsellors working with children, young people and young adults. 

Counselling MindEd does not lead to a qualification, and is a supplement to training and supervision, not a substitute for it. But it provides a fantastic opportunity for members working across a range of education and community settings to enhance their skills and meet CPD requirements for BACP registration and accreditation. 

The initiative is funded by the Department of Health, as part of the wider MindEd project which aims to deliver evidence based e-learning programmes for professionals, in order to improve wellbeing and mental health outcomes for children, young people and young adults. 

You can access this new resource, free of charge via the Counselling MindEd e-portal.

You can also access the wider MindEd programme of resources for health and non-health professionals free at www.minded.org.uk

These modules were written prior to publication of the new Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and are currently being reviewed. Practitioners will need to ensure their practice is compliant with this later Framework. The module content in respect of the law and legal practices may have changed since the time of writing, and their relevance may be limited to England rather than other countries within the UK.    

Counselling MindEd scoping reports

pdf file  E-learning for counsellors working with children and young people: current resources: Dr Brian Rodgers (0.79Mb)
pdf file  Helpful and unhelpful factors in school-based counselling: clients' perspectives: Gillian Griffiths (1.92Mb)
pdf file  International school-based counselling: Dr Belinda Harris (2.47Mb)
pdf file  Online counselling provision for children, young people and young adults: Dr Cathy Street (1.89Mb)
pdf file  School-based counselling in UK primary schools: Willie Thompson (3.47Mb)
pdf file  School-based counselling in UK secondary schools: a review and critical evaluation: Mick Cooper (2Mb)
pdf file  The relationship between specialist child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and school- and community-based counselling for children and young people: Sheila Spong, Rachel Waters, Claire Dowd & Charlie Jackson (2.44Mb)
pdf file  Training for counselling with children and young people in the UK: Ros Sewell (2.05Mb)
pdf file  Voluntary and community sector (VCS) counselling provision for children, young people and young adults in England: Dr Cathy Street (2.67Mb