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BACP Supervision Curriculum

The Competence Framework for The Supervision of Psychological Therapies, which underpins the BACP Supervision Curriculum, was developed through a comprehensive review of the research literature and overseen by an Expert Reference Group led by Professor Tony Roth.

In 2011 BACP commissioned a report from University of Leicester, The Evaluation of Roth and Pilling's Competence Framework for Clinical Supervision. The report broadly confirmed the competences as representative of supervision practice and made some recommendations for additional competences that were felt to be absent. The BACP Counselling Supervision Training Curriculum has incorporated those recommendations notably, the importance of consultancy supervision into this curriculum.    


Background information and documentation for the UCL Supervision competence framework are on the UCL core website. They identify the aspects of counselling and counselling supervision practice that can be described as evidence based.  


The BACP Counselling Supervision Training Curriculum offers training providers a curriculum framework for training counselling supervisors. It is a comprehensive course, reflecting the supervision competences and detailing the topics needed for supervision training. It highlights best practice and has a session-by-session guide for the programme. It is not intended to be prescriptive: it recognises that trainers might not want to select every topic in the curriculum and may teach the units in an order that best suits them and their students.  

pdf file  BACP Supervision Curriculum (1.1Mb)