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Online conference webcasts:

Gain access to low cost CPD and join a diverse range of professionals for a shared online event experience with our webcast programme. View upcoming webcasts via www.bacp.co.uk/webinar

Certificate of Proficiency (CoP):                                                                                                                             

If you are a current MBACP or individual member of BACP, interested in taking the CoP please visit www.bacpregister.org.uk/cop. If you are an accredited member of BACP or have completed a BACP accredited course, you do not need to take the CoP.  Please visit www.bacpregister.org.uk/join to check your eligibility to join the register. If you have a query about the CoP please email bacp@bacp.co.uk 

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2016 < 2017 > 2018Conferences Calendar