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39. We will maintain high standards of honesty and probity in all aspects of our work.

40. We will be as open and as communicative with our clients, colleagues and others as is consistent with the purpose, methods and confidentiality of the service.

41. Whenever we communicate our qualifications, professional experience and working methods, we will do so accurately and honestly. All reasonable requests for this information will be answered promptly.

42. We will give conscientious consideration to the law and any legal requirements concerning our work and take responsibility for how they are implemented (see also 14f, 23 and 60).

43. We will promptly notify this Association about any criminal charges, disciplinary procedures or civil claims brought against us, or where we are in sufficient financial difficulty to be declared bankrupt or have entered into other types of debt relief or insolvency arrangements.

44. We will avoid any actions that will bring our profession into disrepute.