Welcome to the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. This Ethical Framework sets out the essential commitments that we have agreed to as members or Registrants of BACP.

This online presentation is designed to be easy to navigate on small portable devices such as smart phones and tablets. It will also work on laptops and desktops.

It has number of new features:

  • Multiple formats for the Ethical Framework to suit different ways of displaying the text and to be accessible to people with visual or hearing impairment
  • A glossary that defines key terms and can also be used as an index to find where that term appears [final version to added when available]
  • A growing body of Good Practice Resources
  • A contents bar either down the side or across the top on smaller screens to ease finding specific sections of the Ethical Framework
  • For each section there is
    • a video introducing that section with the text of that section accessible from the same page
    • videos of frequently asked questions and answers with additional questions and answers provided as text

The Ethical Framework has been written primarily to support and inform the good practice of all practitioners in BACP. It is also the main point of reference for decisions in Professional Conduct hearings.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the new Ethical Framework, please let us know.