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Putting clients first

7. We will make each client the primary focus of our attention and our work during our sessions together.

8. Any professional or personal interests that conflict with putting a client's interests first will be carefully considered in consultation with a supervisor, an independent experienced colleague or, when appropriate, discussed with the client affected before services are offered.

9. We will give careful consideration to how we manage situations when protecting clients or others from serious harm or when compliance with the law may require overriding a client's explicit wishes or breaching their confidentiality (see also 25 and 54).

10. When the safeguarding of our clients or others from serious harm takes priority over our commitment to putting our clients' wishes and confidentiality first, we will usually consult with any client affected, if this is legally permitted and ethically desirable. We will endeavour to implement any safeguarding responsibilities in ways that respect a client's known wishes, protect their interests, and support them in what follows.

11. We share a responsibility with all other members of our professions for the safety and wellbeing of all clients and their protection from exploitation or unsafe practice. We will take action to prevent harm caused by practitioners to any client (see also 24).

12. We will do everything we can to develop and protect our clients' trust.