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21. We will respect our clients’ privacy and dignity.

22. We will respect our clients as people by providing services that:

  • a. endeavour to demonstrate equality, value diversity and ensure inclusion for all clients
  • b. avoid unfairly discriminating against clients or colleagues
  • c. accept we are all vulnerable to prejudice and recognise the importance of self-inquiry, personal feedback and professional development
  • d. work with issues of identity in open-minded ways that respect the client’s autonomy and be sensitive to whether this is viewed as individual or relational autonomy
  • e. make adjustments to overcome barriers to accessibility, so far as is reasonably possible, for clients of any ability wishing to engage with a service
  • f. recognise when our knowledge of key aspects of our client’s background, identity or lifestyle is inadequate and take steps to inform ourselves from other sources where available and appropriate, rather than expecting the client to teach us
  • g. are open-minded with clients who appear similar to ourselves or possess familiar characteristics so that we do not suppress or neglect what is distinctive in their lives