Regular and on-going supervision is a distinctive professional requirement of the counselling professions. The Ethical Framework is intended to be a key resource for use in supervision. The new online platform makes it much easier to access as the need arises. You can consult it whenever you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop available We hope that this new way of presenting the Ethical Framework digitally will make the following possible;

  • Using Our commitment to clients as a quick overview to be used by supervisees preparing for supervision or in the supervision session
  • Referring to the section on Ethics to assist in resolving ethical dilemmas
  • For looking up specific Good practice points as they arise in supervision
  • Using the Glossary to clarify the meaning of key terms and locate them in the Ethical Framework
  • Finding additional information in the Good Practice Resources for consideration in supervision or between sessions

The writing of this ethical framework has involved a carefully considered review of the contribution supervision to good practice. As a result of this a number of key changes have been made. In particular, Commitment 6c and Good Practice 14d, 33d, 48, 55, 58, 59, introduce the use of periodic reviews in supervision.

As a result of taking a more robust and comprehensive view of the value of supervision, we have taken the opportunity to recommend the use of supervision outside the counselling profession for any roles that require regularly giving or receiving emotionally challenging communications or engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles (Good practice 61).

We intend to continue adding these resources with additional materials to support trainers and trainees.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the new Ethical Framework, please let us know.