Training is essential for any modern profession in order to develop the specialised knowledge and expertise required to undertake the role. In the counselling professions technical knowledge alone is necessary but not sufficient on its own. Training also requires becoming more self-aware and being able to form the types to relationships that support working with clients. Being a trainer or trainee is challenging.

The Ethical Framework is intended to support trainers and trainees alike in achieving the required standards across the range of issues encountered in the counselling professions. In particular, the section:

  • Our commitment to clients provides an overview of key ethical responsibilities that are considered in greater detail in the following sections
  • Ethics provides language and ideas that have proved useful in considering ethical issues – especially in training and supervision
  • Good practice provides more detail about the responsibilities of being a practitioner and includes a specific section on Training and Education

The Glossary, introductory videos and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are all valuable resources for trainers or trainees. Good Practice resources provide practitioners with valuable supplementary information; we will continue to develop these resources, adding materials to support trainers and trainees.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the new Ethical Framework, please let us know.