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Working to professional standards

13. We must be competent to deliver the services being offered to at least fundamental professional standards or better.

14. We will keep skills and knowledge up to date by:

  • a. reading professional journals, books and/or reliable electronic resources
  • b. keeping ourselves informed of any relevant research and evidence based guidance
  • c. discussions with colleagues working with similar issues
  • d. reviewing our knowledge and skills in supervision or discussion with experienced practitioners
  • e. regular continuing professional development to update knowledge and skills
  • f. keeping up to date with the law, regulations and any other requirements, including guidance from this Association, relevant to our work

15. We will keep accurate records that are appropriate to the service being provided.

16. We will collaborate with colleagues over our work with specific clients where this is consistent with client consent and will enhance services to the client.

17. We will work collaboratively with colleagues to improve services and offer mutual support.

18. We will maintain our own physical and psychological health at a level that enables us to work effectively with our clients (see 75 Self-care).

19. We will be covered by adequate insurance when providing services directly or indirectly to the public.

20. We will fulfil the ethical principles and values set out in this Ethical Framework regardless of whether working online, face to face or using any other methods of communication. The technical and practical knowledge may vary according to how services are delivered but all our services will be delivered to at least fundamental professional standards or better.