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Article 12.6

There is another procedure that can be utilised when information is received about a member/registrant, which raises serious questions about the member/registrant's suitability for continued membership and often where the Professional Conduct Procedure cannot be used.

Article 12.6 is a separate procedure to that of the Professional Conduct Procedure. It is a discretionary procedure reserved for very serious allegations and requires a higher burden of proof than the Professional Conduct Procedure; with the only sanction available being termination of membership if a complaint is upheld. It is also the procedure whereby third party information can be submitted. In submitting information it should be as comprehensive as possible with supporting evidence. If you are considering bringing a complaint under this procedure, please contact the Professional Conduct Office to discuss.                                             

The Board of Governors shall have the right for good and/or sufficient reason to withdraw the membership of any member PROVIDED THAT the member concerned shall have a right to be heard before a final decision is made.

This document explains the circumstances in which Article 12.6 may be used, and the procedure that is followed:

pdf file  Article 12.6 (0.1Mb)

 The below document answers some frequently asked questions about Article 12.6:

docx file  Article 12.6 FAQs (1.04Mb