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Supervision Practitioner Research Network (SuPReNet)  


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BACP previously invited applications for a Supervision Practice Research Network Grant (SuPReNet). All applications for this award were externally peer-reviewed and the grant was awarded based on the peer-review. The grant was awarded to a Consortium from the Universities of Leicester, Sheffield and Coventry in October 2008. 

Please click here to view details about the ESRC seminar series and conference on clinical supervision


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The mission statement for the Network is:

"to promote good quality supervision research, both nationally and internationally, with the aim of improving practice. The Network will both seek funding and conduct supervision research themselves and also support others in developing and organising supervision research projects".


The objectives of the Network are:

1. To identify and prioritise important and topical research questions for counselling and psychotherapy supervision in the UK.
2. To design and develop research protocols to take key aspects of the research agenda forward.
3. To identify relevant funding bodies and submitting research funding applications to them.
4. To write funding proposals for the above research protocol and identify/engage academics to take to them forward.
5. To develop a sustainable expert research network.

This activity will in turn help secure the future of supervision research in the UK.


Core Network Members:

Professor Sue Wheeler (University of Leicester)
Professor Michael Barkham (University of Sheffield)
Professor Delia Cushway (Coventry University)
Professor  Mark Aveline (University of Leicester)


International Advisory Group:

Professor Nicholas Ladany (Lehigh University, USA)
Professor Margot Schofield (La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia)
Professor Jan Grant (Curtin University, Perth Australia)
Professor Helge Ronnestad (University of Oslo)
Dr Claus Jacobsen (University of Aalborg, Denmark)


Invitation to join the network

Researchers and practitioners who are interested in supervision research are invited to become part of the collaborative network.  The network will offer opportunities to share ideas and become involved in collaborative research into supervision.  To put your name on the mailing list send brief details of your interests and contact details to

Members will be connected to the discussion group using 'Linked In'. When subscribed, you will be invited to join the group.