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Powerpoints 2015

BACP's 21st Annual Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Conference entitled 'Understanding professional practice: the role of research' took place on 15 – 16 May 2015 at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.      


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Powerpoint presentations 2015:

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Kelly Birtwell & Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall

Presenters: Kelly Birtwell & Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall
Other Authors: Dr J Raw, T Duerden & A. Dunn
Professional Role: Clinical Research Recruitment Facilitator
Institution/Affiliation: Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust
Email: kelly.birtwell@mhsc.nhs.uk

ppt file  The impact of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on depression, anxiety and stress in people with Parkinson's disease (0.57Mb)  

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Pamela Campbell

Presenter: Pamela Campbell
Professional Role: MSc Student (completed) and lecturer
Institution/Affiliation: University of the West of Scotland/Glasgow Caledonian University
Email: Pamela.campbell@uws.ac.uk

ppt file  The effectiveness of student counselling services in Higher and Further Education: a systematic review of the research evidence (2.87Mb)

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Valentina Chichiniova

Presenter: Valentina Chichiniova, MA
Other Authors: Marvin McDonald, PhD
Professional Role: Clinical Counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: Trinity Western University, Canada
Email: valentina.chichiniova@gmail.com

ppt file  Enhancing methodology for investigation of trauma and dissociation: findings from a randomized control trial comparing trauma therapies for sexual assault victims (0.94Mb)

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Elaine Davies

Presenter: Elaine Davies
Professional Role: Clinical Team Manager  Hereford IAPT
Institution/Affiliation: 2gether NHS Trust, Hereford
Email: Elaine.Davies2@glos.nhs.uk

ppt file  What do employers of the talking therapies expect from the newly qualified? How could training institutions adapt (0.59Mb)

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Colette T. Dollarhide

Presenter: Colette T. Dollarhide, Ed.D., NCC, ACS, LPC/S
Professional Role: Associate Professor, Counselor Education
Institution/Affiliation: The Ohio State University
Email: dollarhide.1@osu.edu

ppt file  Understanding qualitative research methodologies: improving research for professional practice (0.77Mb)

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Dr Andy Fugard

Presenter: Dr Andy Fugard
Other Authors: Prof Mick Cooper, Dr Jo Pybis, Dr Katherine McArthur, Peter Pearce
Professional Role: Lecturer
Institution/Affiliation: Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London
Email: a.fugard@ucl.ac.uk

pdf file  Estimating effectiveness of school-based counselling: using data from controlled trials to predict improvement over non-intervention change (1.04Mb)

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Mike Gallant

Presenter: Mike Gallant
Professional Role: Senior Teaching Fellow (Counselling and Psychotherapy)
Institution/Affiliation: University of Warwick
Email: mike.gallant@warwick.ac.uk

pdf file  Sure Lines and Mo(ve)ments of Meeting (0.47Mb)

pdf file  Somatic knowledge and the unthought known: A creative practitioner inquiry into ‘Moments of Meeting’ in psychotherapeutic relationships. (0.75Mb)  

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Stacey Goldman

Presenter: Stacey Goldman
Other Authors: Dr Alison Brettle & Dr Sue McAndrew
Professional Role: Counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: University of Salford
Email: talkingtherapies@aol.com

ppt file  A client focused perspective of the helpful/unhelpful aspects of Counselling for Depression (CfD) (2.91Mb)

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Dr Phil Goss & Prof William West

Presenters: Dr Phil Goss & Prof William West
Professional Role: Senior Lecturer in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Institution: University of Central Lancs. / University of Manchester
Email: william.west@manchester.ac.uk

ppt file  Perspectives of Jungian influenced therapists and Buddhists on spiritual issues in counselling (1.86Mb)

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Dr Jan Grove

Presenter: Dr Jan Grove
Professional Role: Visiting Research Fellow in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Institution/Affiliation: Newman University
Email: j.a.grove@btinternet.com

ppt file  Researching a marginalised group: reflections on being an outsider (0.19Mb)

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Sarah Hamilton

Presenter: Sarah Hamilton
Professional Role: Director and Psychotherapist
Institution/Affiliation: Anchor Counselling
Email: sjhamilton89@gmail.com

ppt file  The Courage Cycle: the client's experience of courage in therapy, and its relationship to therapeutic change (1.48Mb)

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Gary Herrington

Presenter: Gary Herrington
Other Author: Jon March
Professional Role: Psychotherapy Student Researcher
Institution/Affiliation: Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Leicester
Email: gary.herrington@btinternet.com

ppt file  Post traumatic stress or post traumatic growth: trainee therapists' responses to unexpected disclosures of childhood sexual abuse (0.83Mb)

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John Hills

Presenter: John Hills
Professional Role: Practicing counsellor and PhD candidate
Institution/Affiliation: The University of Leeds
Email: johnhillsmusic@hotmail.com

ppt file  User narratives in psychosomatics and alexithymia: an autoethnographic study (1.12Mb)

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Wendy Hoskins & Lisa Bendixen

Presenters: Wendy Hoskins & Lisa Bendixen
Professional Role: Associate Professors
Institution/Affiliation: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Email: Wendy.hoskins@unlv.edu

ppt file  Student epistemological beliefs of counselling and theory choice (0.45Mb)

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Claudia Kempinska-Hill

Presenter: Claudia Kempinska-Hill
Other Author: Dr Clare Symons
Professional Role: Psychodynamic Counsellor/Psychotherapist
Institution/Affiliation: University Of Leicester
Email: claudiahcounselling@yahoo.com

ppt file  "We're human, not robots!" How novice psychodynamic practitioners manage challenges to the therapeutic frame (0.42Mb)

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Dr Jane Macaskie, Dr Bonnie Meekums & Tricia Kapur

Presenters: Dr Jane Macaskie, Dr Bonnie Meekums (lead author) & Tricia Kapur
Professional Role: Teaching Fellow in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Institution/Affiliation: University of Leeds
Email: j.f.macaskie@leeds.ac.uk

ppt file  Reflective methods in counselling/psychotherapy training: a scoping review of Interpersonal Process Recall and Reflecting Team methods (0.42Mb)

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Dr David Murphy

Presenter: Dr David Murphy
Other Authors: Harriet Barnett, Emma Castledine, Nisha Irfan & Lily Enescu
Professional Role: Programme Leader, Person-Centred Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy
Institution/Affiliation: University of Nottingham
Email: david.murphy@nottingham.ac.uk              

ppt file  A systematic review of the literature and evidence for mandatory personal therapy in counselling and psychotherapy education: a progress report (0.87Mb)                      

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Catherine L. O'Riordan

Presenter: Catherine L. O'Riordan
Professional Role: Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Institution/Affiliation: Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
Email: phaedo1964@yahoo.co.uk

ppt file  The clinical importance of understanding the client's experience of reconnecting with hidden aspect-of-self for an effective therapeutic outcome (1.77Mb)  

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Sarah Perry

Presenter: Sarah Perry
Other Author: Simon Carpenter
Professional Role: Chartered and Clinical Psychologist
Institution/Affiliation: Independent
Email: sarahperrycornwall@gmail.com

ppt file  A pilot project to explore how young people would measure the effectiveness of a counselling service and the development of a new outcome measure (3.77Mb)

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Barbara Rayment

Presenter: Barbara Rayment
Other Authors: Prof Mick Cooper, Dr Jo Pybis, Andy Hill & Dr Cathy Street
Professional Role: CEO of national charity
Institution/Affiliation: University of Roehampton
Email: Barbara@youthaccess.org.uk

ppt file  Counselling for young people and young adults in the voluntary and community sector: outcomes and demographics from a practice research network (0.3Mb)

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Brian Rich

Presenter: Brian Rich
Other Author: Professor Sue Wheeler
Professional Role: Counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: University of Leicester
Email: brian_rich@hotmail.com

ppt file  Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams: therapists' experiences of dreaming of clients (0.86Mb)

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Mark Stancombe

Presenter: Mark Stancombe
Professional Role: Psychotherapist, Lecturer/Tutor in Counselling, Researcher
Institution/Affiliation: University of Derby
Email: mstancombe@move-forward.org

ppt file  The impact on male therapists when working with adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse (0.25Mb)

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Beverley Spalding, Jan Grove & Alison Rolfe

Presenters: Beverley Spalding, Jan Grove & Alison Rolfe
Professional Role: Independent Counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: Newman University, Birmingham
Email: rnbee@talktalk.net

ppt file  An exploration of Black and Asian counsellors' experiences of working with White clients (1.34Mb)

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Dr Andreas Vossler & Dr Naomi Moller

Presenters: Dr Andreas Vossler & Dr Naomi Moller
Professional Role: Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Institution/Affiliation: The Open University
Email: Andreas.Vossler@open.ac.uk

ppt file  Perceptions and experiences of internet infidelity: views of couple counsellors and members of the general public (2.1Mb)  

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Jenny Watkins

Presenter: Jenny Watkins
Other authors: Jan Grove, Alison Rolfe
Professional Role: Voluntary Counsellor/ Student
Institution/Affiliation: Carrs Lane Counselling Centre/ Headway /Newman University
Email: jenjen1960@hotmail.com

ppt file  The interface of Christian faith and counselling training: a qualitative exploration (0.39Mb)

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Symposium A - Kate Smith

Presenter: Kate Smith
Other Authors: Mhairi Thurston, P. Eva, Julia McLeod
Professional Role: Lecturer in Counselling
Institution/Affiliation: Abertay University
Email: kate.smith@abertay.ac.uk

ppt file  Counselling for adults with diabetes (1.04Mb)

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Symposium A - Mhairi Thurston

Presenter: Mhairi Thurston
Other Authors: Kate Smith, John McLeod, Phil Eva
Professional Role: Lecturer in Counselling
Institution/Affiliation: Abertay University
Email: m.thurston@abertay.ac.uk

ppt file  Research informed service development: counselling for sight loss overview (0.92Mb)