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Poster presentations 2016

BACP's 22nd Annual Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Conference entitled 'Research matters: evidence for an evolving profession' took place on 20 - 21 May 2016 at Holiday Inn, Brighton Seafront.†††


Stephen Paul Ferris

Presenter: Stephen Paul Ferris
Professional Role: PhD Candidate (F/T); Person-centred counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: Keele University
Email: s.p.ferris@keele.ac.uk

pdf file  A lonely separation in childhood and the pain of loneliness (0.35Mb)

Katrina Harris

Presenter: Katrina Harris
Other Author: Dr. Wendy Hoskins
Professional Role: Assistant Professor in Residence
Institution/Affiliation: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Contact Details: Department of Educational and Clinical Studies, College of Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89154-3014
Email: Katrina.harris@unlv.edu

pdf file  Development and empirical analysis of a self-advocacy readiness scale with a university sample (1.4Mb)


Kelly Stewart

Presenter: Kelly Stewart
Professional Role: Counsellor/ Psychotherapist
Institution/Affiliation: Private Practice
Email: kellystewart.therapy@gmail.com

pdf file  A thorn in my flesh: aheuristic exploration of the impact of a motherís suicide (0.35Mb)