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Powerpoint presentations 2016

BACP's 22nd Annual Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Conference entitled 'Research matters: evidence for an evolving profession' took place on 20 - 21 May 2016 at Holiday Inn, Brighton Seafront.       


Colette T. Dollarhide, Darcy Haag-Granello & Paul Granello

Presenters: Dr. Colette T. Dollarhide, Dr. Darcy Haag-Granello & Dr. Paul Granello
Professional Role: Associate Professor, Counselor Education
Institution/Affiliation: The Ohio State University
Email: dollarhide.1@osu.edu

ppt file  PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLOR IDENTITY EVOLUTION: researching counsellor knowledge, attitudes, and skills (0.58Mb)

docx file  Professional counsellor identity evolution handout (0.77Mb)

Géraldine Dufour & Julieta Galante

Presenters: Géraldine Dufour & Julieta Galante
Other Author: Peter Jones
Professional Role: Head of University Counselling Service
Institution/Affiliation: University of Cambridge, BACP senior accredited psychotherapist, member of BACP Universities and Colleges Division
Contact details: University Counselling Service, 2-3 Bene't Place, Lensfield Road, Cambridge CB2 1EL
Email: Geraldine.Dufour@admin.cam.ac.uk

ppt file  Researcher and Practitioner collaboration: a successful synthesis of complementary roles (1.24Mb)

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Deanne Gardner

Presenter: Deanne Gardner
Professional Role: DProf student/Psychotherapist
Institution/Affiliation: University of Chester
Email: dagardner2003@yahoo.co.uk

ppt file  A phenomenological exploration of the experiences of Black women during group process on humanistic psychotherapy training courses (2.81Mb)

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Kim Patel

Presenter: Kim Patel
Professional Role: Self-employed counsellor and Mindfulness Teacher
Institution/Affiliation: University of Chester; Private Practice
Contact Details: Ebb & Flow Counselling C/O 160 Chester Road, Wrexham LL12 8DS
Email: kim@counsellinginwrexham.co.uk                

ppt file  A systematic review of the use of EMDR in supporting people with chronic pain (1.33Mb)       

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Marta Shepherd

Presenter: Marta Shepherd
Other Author: Dr Clare Symons
Professional Role: Counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: University of Leicester
Email: marta.shepherd@wp.pl

ppt file  "It's like I'm sitting in front of myself": an exploration of therapists' experiences of countertransference when working with parallel client issues (0.55Mb)

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Mair Elinor Sides

Presenter: Mair Elinor Sides
Professional Role: Lecturer in Counselling/Associate Counsellor
Institution/Affiliation: University of Chester/Shrewsbury College
Email: wulfruna@talktalk.net

ppt file  Exploring the impact of perceived inappropriate referrals from clinical placement on the trainee counsellor's professional development (1.57Mb)

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Carole Smith

Presenter: Carole Smith
Professional Role: Senior Lecturer
Institution/Affiliation: University of Huddersfield
Email: c.l.smith@hud.ac.uk

ppt file  How useful are Personal Development groups in Counselling Training? (0.28Mb)