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Ronnie Aaronson - 2002 - Poster
Boredom - a study of practitioner boredom

Azizah Abdullah - 2012 - paper
Helpful processes and helpful effects of creative practices in person-centred therapy with children and young people

Azizah Abdullah - 2009 - Poster
Introduction to compassionate focussed therapy: research and outcome

Azizah Abdullah - 2012 - paper
Therapists' experience of hindering factors and unhelpful effects of using person-centred creative practices     

Hilary Abrahams - 2005 - Paper
"We can never go home": loss, trauma and recovery in the refuge

Hilary Abrahams - 2002 - Paper
Working together: psychosocial work in women's aid refuges

Mansor Abu Talib - 2002 - Paper
I have to see you in text: a relationship in email counselling

Mansor Abu Talib - 2004 - Paper
Mandated counselling: a case study in Malaysian setting

Steph Adam and Fevronia Christodoulidi - 2010 - Workshop
The challenges of researcher reflexivity: towards academic rigour that entails identity change

Dr Steph Adam - 2012 - poster
Dream theories: which one or none?

Steph Adam - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Therapists, clients and dreams - what next?

Marie Adams - 2010 - Paper
Private lives and professional practice

Ese Agambi and Maria Nakabugo - 2010 - Poster
What personal and professional impact has experiential diversity issues training had on the development of our peers during counsellor training, specifically in relation to the development of clinical practice?

Nahid Ahmad - 2002 - Paper
Power in therapy: good and bad clients?

Zainah Ahmad-Zamani - 2004 - Paper
Ambivalence of counselling service: a question of stigma

Zainah Ahmad-Zamani - 2001 - Paper
Employees' experience of counselling in Malaysia: an exploratory qualitative study

Aisha Al Thani - 2011 - Poster
The journey to find oneself

Sally Aldridge - 2008 - Paper
What's knowledge got to do with it? What's knowledge but a patriarchal exclusionary device?

Penny Amerena - 2008 - Paper
Psychological experiences of renal transplant patients: improving understanding and counselling interventions

Lynda Ankrah - 2001 - Paper
Dealing with spiritual emergency in counselling relationships

Kate Anthony - 2001 - Paper
Interviewing clients and counsellors via the Internet - practices and analysis of data

Kate Anthony - 2000 - Paper
The therapeutic relationship within online counselling

Kate Anthony and Mathew Lawson - 2002 - Workshop
Researching the uses of innovative avatar and virtual environment technology for counselling and psychotherapy

Joe Armstrong - 2009 - Paper
Are minimally trained/experienced volunteer mental health counsellors equally effective?

Joe Armstrong - 2006 - Paper
Finding a voice: a qualitative study exploring the meaning and experience of becoming a volunteer counsellor

Dr Joe Armstrong, Amanda Hawkins, Mhairi Thurston and Alison Hood - 2012 - pre-conference workshop
Practice research networks: promises, pitfalls and potential

Penelope Aspinall - 2008 - Paper
Don't you have to be weak or weird? Research into awareness and perceptions of counselling at the University of Leeds

Mari Ayano - 2002 - Paper
Working together - means of supporting international students

Molelola Ayoka Olusakin - 2003 - Paper
Gender differences in the psych-social adjustment of Nigerian single parents


Kathy Baines and Frank Wills - 2001 - Paper
Challenging beliefs in obsessive compulsive disorder

Laura Baines and Valerie Owen-Pugh - 2011 - Paper
A qualitative study of critical learning incidents of recently qualified therapists working with sexual minority clients

Lindsay Baines - 2001 - Paper (1)
Individual versus group psychotherapy: addressing emotional problems amongst kidney transplant patients

Lindsay Baines - 2001 - Paper (2)
Women with dysthymia: a study of social network activity during short-term psychotherapy

Phyllis Baker - 2007 - Paper
Working with a sexual abuser in private practice

Sarah Baldry and Stephen Goss - 1999 - Poster
Information technology: effects and consequences on counselling

Liz Ballinger - 2013 - Paper
How counsellor trainers experience their role within the current British context 

Liz Ballinger and George Brooks - 2007 - Paper
The issues facing the contemporary counselling training professional

Liz Ballinger and Jeannie Wright - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Does class count: what significance do counsellors attach to social class?

Jane Balmforth - 2006 - Paper
Clients' experiences of how a perceived difference in social class between counsellor and client affects the therapeutic relationship

Jane Balmforth - 2012 - paper
'I was stumbling around...': a comprehensive process analysis of significant client disclosure in therapy

Jane Balmforth - 2011 - Symposium B paper 4
Significant client disclosure events in therapy: process, effects and context

Jane Balmforth - 2010 - Paper
'There wasn't any me in there': analysing a client-identified significant disclosure event in therapy

Jane Balmforth, Robert Elliott, Sue Wiggins and Sarah Shaffner - 2011 - Symposium B overview
Significant events in person-centred-experiential psychotherapy

Patsy Bamford and David Acres - 2001 - Paper
Travellers' tales. Clients' and a counsellor's reflections on the bereavement journey. An evaluative study examined

Lisa Baraitser - 2002 - Paper
Thinking about mothering: an evaluation of the work of the mothering project, a psychodynamic therapeutic service for mothers

Amanda Barge - 2013 - Symposium B paper 3
Clients' experiences of ending in person-centred or emotion-focused therapy 

Amanda Barge - 2012 - poster
How does the style of therapeutic ending affect the client's internalisation process?

Michael Barkham - 2011 - Friday Keynote
Re-privileging practitioners at the heart of practice-based evidence

Michael Barkham and Andy Hill - 2011 - Pre-conference workshop
School-based counselling Practice Research Network

Emma Barnes - 2006 - Paper
Problematic drug users' identity construction through relationships and group affiliation during use and recovery

Wally Barr - 2010 - Paper
How effective are non-residential therapeutic communities for people with personality disorder? Quantitative findings from a mixed methods research study

Ginny Bates - 2006 - Paper
What's in a name? A narrative inquiry into the relationship between addiction and identity: implications for counselling 'addicts'

Walter Baxter - 2012 - symposium F paper 3
Accepting responsibility for personal well-being: everyday strategies for overcoming periods of persistent low mood

Rowan Bayne - 2002 - Workshop

Hope Bell, Dodie Limberg , Mark E. Young , E.H. 'Mike' Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Grant Hayes and Jesse Fox - 2012 - paper
Professional identity development of counselor education Doctoral students

Hope Bell, E.H. 'Mike' Robinson and Dodie Limberg - 2013 - Paper
An exploration of the relationships between supervisees' perceptions of facilitative conditions in supervision, clients' perceptions of facilitative conditions in counselling, and client outcomes

Hope Bell, E.H. 'Mike' Robinson, Grant Hayes, Sandra Robinson, Dodie Limberg and Jesse Fox - 2012 - poster
Shared trauma in professional counselors: a validity check

Lisa Bent, Tony Donohue and Pepe Jansz - 2009 - Poster
Is the person-centred approach overlooked in the treatment of body dysmorphic disorder and self-harm, if so, why?

Ann Beynon - 2004 - Paper
Standing on common ground. Can a counselling model of supervision support teachers in the creation of effective learning relationships?

Andrew Bickerdike - 2004 - Paper
The impact of attachment style and the attachment response on spousal adjustment to divorce and separation

Herbert Biggs - 2004 - Paper
Narrative therapy and the group process

Christina A Birtwistle - 2000 - Poster
Clients' perceptions of the effectiveness of the counselling service within their general practice setting in West Wirral, Merseyside

Christina Birtwistle - 2001 - Poster
Clients' perceptions of the effectiveness of the counselling service within their general practice setting in a sub-urban area of west Wirral, Merseyside

Selwyn Black - 2004 - Paper
Traumatic countertransference: a new conceptualisation of an old concept

Ada Blair - 2012 - paper
How do counsellors/psychotherapists respond to clients who introduce astrological beliefs into therapy sessions?

Liz Blakey - 2013 - Symposium D paper 5
NICE and beyond: reflections on the experience of being a person-centred trainee in an NHS placement

Tim Bond - 2003 - Paper
Naked narrative: quality criteria for the use of narrative as research

Tim Bond - 2001 - Paper
Putting the quality of relationship first in professional ethics

Tim Bond and Dione Mifsud - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Investigating cultural differences: a methodological pilot of narrative inquiry using creative dialogue

Tim Bond and Jane Speedy - 2004 - Workshop
Collective biography

Liz Bondi - 2006 - Saturday Keynote
Filling gaps of feeling gaps? Dilemmas for counselling researchers in an age of consumption

Liz Bondi - 2012 - symposium G overview
Psychotherapy, theology and spirituality in Scotland: current research

Liz Bondi - 2012 - symposium G paper 2
What is counselling/psychotherapy? How the interweaving of psychotherapy, and Christianity in post-war Scotland is remembered and resonates today

Liz Bondi - 2002 - Paper
Working together in the context of counselling: between purity and community

Liz Bondi and Arnar Árnason - 2001 - Paper
"It's a wee kind of niggling thing, you know" on evidence and practice in counselling research

Christine Bonsmann - 2010 - Poster
Reflections on being a client - a narrative inquiry

Carina Ferreira Borges - 2004 - Paper
Effectiveness of a brief counselling intervention for smoking cessation

Peter Bower - 2007 - Systematic Review/Paper
Making sense and making decisions: the role of systematic reviews in counselling and psychotherapy research

Ann Bowes - 2002 - Paper
Defending against experiencing: an exploration tot he threat to the essential passion and professionalism of counsellors and academics

Ann Bowes - 2004 - Paper
Evaluating supervisor training and accreditation: what are the experienced supervisees' needs: an exploratory study

Maria Bowens - 2010 - Paper
Development of a client feedback tool - stage one: a qualitative study of therapists' dilemmas

Peta Bowker - 2002 - Paper
Working monolingually with a bilingual patient: the therapist's experience

Jeni Boyd - 2008 - Paper
"In dreams begins responsibility." The use of dream-work within the context of time-limited counselling: the clients' perspective

Lucinda Brabbins - 2013 - Symposium D paper 4
Inside the filing cabinet of a trauma centre

Christina Bracegirdle - 2002 - Paper
Containment - freedom in the client

Christina Bracegirdle - 2001 - Poster
Containment - freedom in the therapeutic relationship; a necessary polarity

Loretta Bradley - 2004 - Paper
Practice research network: a research tool

Loretta Bradley and Bret Hendricks - 2006 - Paper
Music therapy techniques in treatment of adolescent depression: A cognitive behavioural study

Peter Bray - 2004 - Paper
The implications of Stanislav Grof's holotropic theory on counselling adolescents

Mark Brayne - 2002 - Paper
The experience for journalists of emotions and trauma

Jill Brennan - 2002 - Poster
Counselling: a complex case?

Jill Brennan - 1999 - Paper
Counselling in a psychological therapies department - the results of a two-year audit

Jill Brennan - 2006 - Workshop
Exploring psychological therapies contexts through stakeholder mapping: a pragmatic approach

Jill Brennan - 2007 - Workshop
Exploring psychological therapies contexts through stakeholder mapping: a pragmatic approach

Jill Brennan - 2003 - Paper
The asylum seeker, the NHS counsellor and the case study

Jill Brennan and Freda Jones - 2009 - Poster
Interdisciplinary development of a transdiagnostic integrative group intervention for low self-esteem in a clinical setting

Nell Bridges - 2007 - Workshop
Developing artful writing practices to support reflexive research

Nell Bridges - 2005 - Paper
Experiencing pressure to counsel unethically

Nell Bridges - 2009 - Theoretical and methodological innovation paper
Multiple relationships in postmodern narrative research: a reflection on emerging ethical challenges

Nell Bridges - 2008 - Paper
Thinking about research and regulation beyond the discourses of our own knowledge-base

Nell Bridges and Jane Speedy - 2010 - Symposium D paper 3
Encountering Gerald: how a sense of connexion and community emerges in a collaborative writing group

Paula Brogan and Dr Diane Hazlett - 2012 - paper
Transitional space: a qualitative study of the experience of professional cancer counsellors

Pam Brooks - 2008 - Poster
Depression before and after childbirth. An evaluation of a perinatal counselling service

Michelle Brooks and Stephanie Davies - 2011 - Symposium G paper 1
CORE-LD - an outcome measure for psychological therapies for people with learning disabilities

Michelle Brooks and Stephanie Davis - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Psychological therapies for people with a learning disability: developing an outcome measure to fit the task

Chris Brown - 2006 - Paper
The therapeutic relationship: what relevance and impact does 'the other characteristic' have to and on the therapeutic process?

Chris Brown and Juanita Harriott - 2007 - Workshop
Exploring the delivery of experiential diversity training during the counsellor training process

Christine Brown and Juanita Harriott - 2012 - symposium B paper 2
Why incorporate a research unit into counsellor training? A study of students' experiences

Selina-Jane Brown and Annalisa Dovey, Ali Bailey, Ambrose Gillham, Diana Beacom, Emily Cumming, Linda Harvey and Lorraine Forrest - 2012 - poster
The lost sociopath: challenges of working with a client group no longer recognised within DSM IVR

Julia Buckroyd - 2006 - Workshop
A writers' workshop: getting your work published in Counselling and Psychotherapy Research (CPR) Journal

Julia Buckroyd - 2005 - Saturday opening presentation
CPR: What is it for? Who is it for?

Julia Buckroyd - 2007 - Paper
How was it for you? Work on the early stages of a systematic review of qualitative studies into client experiences of psychotherapy for eating disorders

Julia Buckroyd - 2007 - Workshop
Learning how to review a paper

Julia Buckroyd - 2007 - Paper
Recruitment to a group psychological intervention for obese women: referral or self-referral?

Julia Buckroyd - 2007 - Workshop
The layout and appearance of Counselling and Psychotherapy Research

Julia Buckroyd - 2008 - Paper
Therapeutic groups for obese women: preliminary results

Julia Buckroyd, Kaye Richards et al - 2008 - Discussion group
Discussion group on eating disorders: what are the research priorities and ways forward?

Julia Buckroyd and Sharon Rother - 2008 - Paper
Alternative discourses in the treatment of a 34 stone teenager

Kevin Burrows - 2011 - Poster
The arts as an experiential methodology into autistic spectrum perception


Pauline Cahill and John Waite - 2002 - Paper and Poster
Investigating paradigms of helping and healing in mental health: confused clients and potluck psychotherapy professionals?

Gulfem Cakir and Gul Aydin - 2004 - Paper
Ego identity status and family type among Turkish adolescents

Ruth Caleb and Pushpinder Chowdhry - 2002 - Paper
Beyond the individual - the changing role of the university counselling service

Rose Cameron - 2012 - symposium I paper 4
Researching one's own practice

Ann Campbell - 2011 - Paper
Levels of personal agency during a life-limiting illness: a qualitative study of the actualising tendency

Siobhan Canavan - 2012 - symposium C paper 4
Trying to breathe through a wee hole: parenting and counselling - the experience of mothers who were sexually abused as children

Professor John Cape - 2012 - Friday keynote
What makes a good counselling and psychological therapy service?

Lorna Carrick - 2007 - Paper
Person-centred therapists experiences of working with clients in crisis

Natasha Carville and Joe Kelly -  2013 - Poster
An exploration into the counsellor's experience of the person-centred approach as a therapeutic treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder

Helen Castle - 2000 - Poster
Primary healthcare counselling: are client, process and counsellor factors related to good outcome?

Helen Castle and Maureen Tomeny - 1999 - Poster
A short-term counselling service in primary health care - client improvement and satisfaction

Jocelyn Catty - 2004 - Poster
The therapeutic relationship in psychiatry: a conceptual review

Jocelyn Catty - 2004 - Paper
'The vehicle of success': theoretical and empirical perspectives on the therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy and counselling

Kate Cavanagh - 2002 - Paper and Poster
Empirically supported computerised cbt: efficacy, effectiveness and change mechanisms

Khatidja Chantler - 2006 - Paper
Attempted suicide and self-harm (South Asian women): policy and practice

Khatidja Chantler - 2003 - Paper
Racialised and gendered conditions of worth

Khatidja Chantler and Sophie Smailes - 2002 - Paper
Acknowledging, negotiating and working with difference: domestic violence and minoritisation

Alex Cheyne - 2001 - Paper
A counsellors perspective: a pilot study for a randomised controlled trial of the use of the schedule for the evaluation of individual quality of life (SEIQoL) in an alcohol counselling setting

Sally Chisholm - 2009 - Paper
Complexities of the web: what might we as practitioners learn from creature to creature relationships?

Samantha Chromy - 2006 - Paper
Sexual behaviour problems in sexually abused children: psychological, behavioural and victimisation characteristics

Norman Claringbull - 2005 - Paper
Making a difference to workplace counsellor training

Norman Claringbull - 2004 - Paper
The fourth wave in workplace counselling - its professional specialisation?

Norman Claringbull - 2008 - Poster
Workplace counselling - a new, knowledge-based, formally regulated specialism?

Angela Clark - 2006 - Paper
'Who's there for Lucy?': Counselling for children of single parents with drug and alcohol problems

Dot Clark - 2012 - symposium G paper 3
Person-centred practice and the metaphysics of unity of Ibn Arabi in the postmodern context

Liz Coldridge - 2003 - Poster
What influences psychotherapy assessment - the interplay between client, therapist, setting and model

Geralyn Collins - 2003 - Paper
Object relations in twins: an exploratory study

Jill Collins and Colin Dyer, Alison Gibson, Sarah Parkin, Rosemary Parkinson and Diana Shave - 2012 - paper
Counselling in the workplace: how time-limited counselling can effect change in well-being

Gala Connell - 2013 - Paper
Making meaning in a second language: a qualitative enquiry

Evanne Constantine and Wesley Freeman-Smith - 2011 - Poster
What impact, if any, does diet and nutrition have on a person with bipolar disorder and what are the implications of this on psychotherapeutic practice?

Alice Cook and Rhiannon England - 2003 - Paper
Pain in the heart: changing the perspective on primary care consultations with frequently attending refugees

Hannah Cooper and Clare Symons - 2013 - Paper
"Like oil and water." Investigating critical incidents in fee practice of counsellors in voluntary agencies

Linda Cooper - 2003 - Paper
Re-searching my self: an autoethnography of my personal experience of work-related stress, drawing on personal, professional and research narratives

Mick Cooper - 2005 - Paper
Counselling in schools: findings from an in depth, multi-method evaluation

Mick Cooper - 2007 - Paper
The effectiveness of counselling in schools: key findings from the evaluation of the second phase of the ‘Glasgow Counselling in Schools Project'

Mick Cooper - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Establishing a counselling research clinic in the UK based on a pluralistic model of therapeutic change

Mick Cooper - 2011 - Symposium A paper 2
Evaluation of school-based counselling using a sample with a high response rate

Mick Cooper - 2013 - Symposium A overview
Relational depth: new perspectives and developments

Mick Cooper - 2003 - Paper
Teachers' attitudes towards counselling in secondary schools

Mick Cooper - 2008 - Friday keynote
The facts are friendly: what the research tells us about counselling and psychotherapy

Mick Cooper - 2011 - Symposium D paper 4
Therapists' and clients' experiences of relational depth: are they synchronous or asynchronous?

Mick Cooper - 2013 - Symposium A paper 3
Therapists' chronic strategies of disconnection: prevalence in everyday life and in therapy

Mick Cooper - 2009 - Paper
Working at relational depth in counselling and psychotherapy: new research findings

Mick Cooper - 2004 - Paper
Young people's experiences of an in-school counselling service

Mick Cooper et al - 2009 - Paper
The development of a randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of counselling in schools

Mick Cooper, Joanne Pybis and Katherine McArthur - 2011 - Symposium A overview
School-based counselling: developing research

Mick Cooper, Nancy Rowland, Katherine McArthur, Susan Pattison and Karen Cromarty - 2010 - Symposium C paper 1
Efficacy of person-centred counselling in schools for emotional distress: pilot randomised controlled trial

Sue Copeland - 2000 - Paper
Ethical issues for counselling supervisors working in organisational contexts

Sue Copeland - 1999 - Paper
The dilemmas faced by supervisors working within organisational contexts

Susan Cornforth and Elizabeth Freire - 2009 - Paper
Did the client change? Person-centred therapy with a client experiencing social anxiety difficulties

Sue Cornforth, Steve Lang and Jeannie Wright - 2010 - Symposium B paper 2
Re-membering 'scapes': landscapes and identities in transitional times

Beverley Costa - 2013 - Paper
Psychotherapy across languages: differences between monolingual and multilingual therapists

James F Costello - 2012 - paper
Working with men in the context of perinatal depression

John Court - 2004 - Paper
Meeting the transnational challenge: counselling training in Hong Kong

Susan Cousins - 2012 - paper
Counselling the trans-racially adopted: surviving broken connections

Susan Cousins - 2011 - Symposium F paper 3
Self-care for BME and other isolated practitioners

Catherine Cowie - 2013 - Symposium B paper 4
Conversation analysis of significant change processes in a good outcome case of person-centred therapy for social anxiety

Alison Cox, Stephen Hubbard and Mark A Winwood - 2008 - Workshop
Practitioner performance at its best: the integration of CORE data into case management

Sharon Cox - 2011 - Poster
Changing the researcher, changing the research: the impact of exploring the embodied subjectivities of counsellors working with eating disordered clients

Sharon Cox - 2012 - paper
The embodied counsellor: exploring the counsellor's embodied subjectivity when working with clients presenting with eating distress

Sharon Cox - 2010 - Poster
The impact of working with eating disordered clients on the counsellor's sense of self: a pilot study

Duncan Craig - 2011 - Paper
An exploration of the use of the internet and online resources by adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Dr Meghan Craig - 2012 -methodological innovation paper
Abductive reasoning as a method for drawing inferences to the best explanation of change processes in psychotherapy

Meghan Craig - 2012 - paper
Existential therapies for psychological distress in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Alastair Crocket - 2013 - Paper
Pākehā (white) counsellor positioning in post-colonial Aotearoa New Zealand

Kathie Crocket - 2012 - symposium E paper 3
Ethical mo(ve)ments in representation

Kathie Crocket, Elmarie Kotzé and Paul Flanagan - 2012 - symposium E overview
Practitioner research ethics: perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand

Karen Cromarty - 2010 - Symposium C overview
A pilot randomised controlled trial of school-based counselling for emotional distress: process, outcomes and experiences

Judy Crompton - 2000 - Paper
A survey into the prevalence of PTSD in a sample of the counselling population

Jeannette Cronin - 2007 - Poster
Out of the counselling into the unknown: a qualitative study into the clients' experience after they have left the therapeutic environment

Marian Crowley - 2005 - Poster
Exploring the impact of clients' trauma on the trainee Gestalt therapist: a phenomenological exploration

Lois de Cruz - 2012 - methodological innovation paper
Bracketing or embracing: reflections on the stance of the qualitative researcher

Jennifer R Curry - 2007 - Poster
The relationship between counselor self-efficacy and counselor wellness for graduate counseling students


Susan Dale and Tony Thornton - 2009 - Paper
The twilight zone: using narrative practices to co-research the experience of living with a visual impairment

Ann Dalzell - 2007 - Paper
"I can just imagine someone calling me Daddy" - the narratives of men without children

Ann Dalzell - 2008 - Paper
Looking beyond the obvious - a story of crossing borders and connecting with sameness

Ann Dalzell - 2010 - Symposium D paper 2
Stepping across the divide: seven stories of moving from 'counsellor' to 'counselling researcher'

Akvile Daniunaite, Zenib Ahmad Ali and Mick Cooper - 2012 - symposium A paper 3
Psychological change in distressed young people who do not receive counselling: does improvement happen anyway?

Nurul Ain Mohd Daud - 2010 - Poster
The influence of cultural values in seeking counselling among secondary school students in Malaysia; a counsellors' voice

Elaine Davies - 2010 - Poster
"It's just a little jump before they say you've lost your job": what is the impact of the waiting list on counsellors in primary care?

Anne Davis - 2009 - Poster
Religion and spirituality in ‘secular' therapy: where research and practice meet - a pilot study

Anne Davis - 2008 - Paper
Religious and spiritual experience amongst psychotherapists in Ireland

Rosemary Decker-Thomas - 2011 - Poster
"If this isn't quality I don't know what is!" Defining key characteristics of a good quality voluntary sector counselling agency

Cemaliye Deran, Michelle Denny-Browne and Serena Mullings - 2009 - Poster
Is the diagnosis of schizophrenia as valid in the African-Caribbean male population as it is in the general white population in the UK, and if not, why not?

Kamaldeep Dhillon - 2001 - Paper
Counselling marginal British south Asians: a study investigating acculturation and ethnic identity

Kamaldeep Dhillon - 2003 - Open Discussion
Summing up of the research & diversity strand and open discussion on culture, diversity and psychotherapy

Janie Dickson - 2010 - Paper
'Just the same as the rest of us' a collective auto-ethnography of three women's experiences of 'coming out' in counselling

Karen Doherty - 2002 - Paper
Work related post-traumatic stress in nurses

Carolann Driffield and Lynne Gabriel - 2009 - Brief communication
Managing the transition from a student-tutor relationship to co-researcher roles

Linda Dubrow-Marshall - 2011 - Symposium F paper 1
Current self-care practices of counsellors/psychotherapists and challenges to self-care

Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall - 2012 - paper
Examining the efficacy of single session therapy - a qualitative and quantitative analysis in university settings

Linda Dubrow-Marshall - 2010 - Paper
The use of single session therapy in a university counselling service

Linda Dubrow-Marshall - 2007 - Poster
Undue influence in psychotherapeutic context: a case study of a psychotherapy cult

Linda Dubrow-Marshall and Rod Dubrow-Marshall - 2009 - Paper
Integrative treatment for survivors of abusive groups and relationships - lessons from multiple contexts and multi-axial accounts

Linda Dubrow-Marshall and Rod Dubrow-Marshall - 2013 - Poster
Ethical and practice issues when psychotherapists encounter or encourage family estrangement: lessons from case studies

Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Rod Dubrow-Marshall and Paul Martin - 2008 - Workshop
Identifying unethical and harmful group practices and treatment approaches for survivors of harmful groups

Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Pamela Savic-Jabrow and Susan Cousins - 2011 - Symposium F overview
Self-care for practitioners: recommendations from research and practice

Ruth Duffield - 2000 - Paper
Retirement - a time for self-discovery?

Ieva Dulinskaitė - 2013 - Paper
The role of client age to the formation of therapeutic alliance

Katerina Dunn - 2012 - paper
'To meet or not to meet - that is the question': a qualitative investigation into the online counselling relationship


Barbara Edge - 2000 - Paper
A phenomenological study of client's experiences of counselling in a pastoral setting

Delia Edwards and Majorie Reid - 2006 - Poster
Are there any links between 'obsessive thinking' and the subsequent development of bulimia, if so, can these links be used as an early indicator of the condition to inform potential sufferers?

Jane Edwards - 2006 - Poster
Being a person-centred counsellor in a postmodern context: a qualitative study of the influence of postmodernism on person-centred counsellors

Sue Eldridge and Melanie Peake - 2013 - Poster
How do person-centred counsellors experience working with clients on the autism spectrum? 

Robert Elliott - 2011 - Symposium B paper 1
An introduction to significant events research

Robert Elliott - 2008 - Paper
Empirical support for person-centred/experiential psychotherapies: meta-analysis update 2008

Robert Elliott - 2002 - Plenum Paper
Evaluating the effectiveness of therapy in your own practice: hermeneutic single case efficacy design

Robert Elliott - 2013 - Symposium B paper 1
Outcomes of person-centred and emotion-focused therapies for social anxiety

Robert Elliott - 2013 - Symposium B overview
Person-centred and emotion-focused therapy for social anxiety: outcome and key change processes

Robert Elliott - 2007 - Friday Keynote Speaker
Practice-based research on the effectiveness of psychotherapy and psychotherapy training: research framework and protocols

Robert Elliott - 2011 - Symposium E paper 3
The PCEPS as a case study in the intersection of politics and research

Robert Elliott, Elizabeth Freire and Graham Westwell - 2011 - Symposium E overview
The Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy Scale (PCEPS)

Robert Elliott, Elizabeth Freire and Graham Westwell - 2012 - symposium D paper 2
What affects ratings on the PCEPS? A components of variance analysis

Robert Elliott and John McLeod - 2008 - Workshop
Bringing out the quality in qualitative research

Elizabeth Freire, Graham Westwell and Robert Elliott - 2012 - symposium D paper 1
How consistent are ratings and raters on the PCEPS? Inter-rater reliability and item structure

Robert Elliott, Graham Westwell and Elizabeth Freire - 2012 - symposium D overview
The person-centred and experiential psychotherapy scale (PCEPS): field trial results and next steps

Susan Ellis - 2001 - Paper
Disabling defences: the self-learning model of supervision (SLMS)

Pamela Elmslie - 2004 - Paper
The effects of counsellor trainee's family-of-origin on the process of becoming a counsellor

Jenifer Elton Wilson - 2001 - Paper
Dancing with the dragons of academia

Dr Ruth Elvish, Professor John Keady, Sammi-Jo Lever, Jodie Johnstone and Rosanne Cawley - 2012 - paper
Psychological interventions for carers of people with dementia: a systematic review

Christine English - 2006 - Paper
An exploration of the meaning of addiction through an analysis of the countertransference experience of psychodynamic therapists working with drug or alcohol addicted clients

Bradley Erford and David Kaplan - 2013 - Paper
The development of consensus definition of counselling in the United States

Kim Etherington - 2002 - Workshop (2)
Editing a book as narrative research methodology

Kim Etherington - 2008 - Paper
Life story research - a relevant contribution to a knowledge based profession

Kim Etherington - 2006 - Paper
Narratives of identity: from 'recreational drug user' to 'druggie'

Kim Etherington - 2000 - Paper
Research with ex-clients: a celebration and extension of the therapeutic process (to be published Nov 2000)

Kim Etherington - 2004 - Paper
The impact of writing first person stories for research

Kim Etherington - 2003 - Paper
Trauma, the body and transformation: a narrative inquiry

Kim Etherington - 2005 - Paper
Understanding substance misuse: a life story approach

Kim Etherington - 2009 - Paper
Working with traumatic stories: from transcriber to witness

Kim Etherington - 2002 - Workshop (1)
Writing for publication in CPR journal

Kim Etherington - 2001 - Paper
Writing qualitative research - a process of integration

Chris Evans - 2011 - Poster
Translating the CORE-OM and short forms into other languages

Margaret Evans - 1999 - Paper
Coming out to be judged

Margaret Evans - 2007 - Paper
"I think they could be excellent parents ..... excellent BUT.....": Couple counsellors discuss LGB parenting

Margaret Evans and Paul McDonald- 2005 - Paper
LGB Clients: relating to difference - some tensions


Finian Fallon - 2013 - Poster
What issues are relevant to the future of private sector psychotherapy in Ireland? A literature review and discussion

Ariana Faris - 2008 - Paper
Community approaches to working with asylum seeking women

Candy Fathers, Manda Glanfield and Naz Aslam - 2007 - Poster
‘What impact has experiential diversity issues training had on our development as practitioners?'

Alison Faulkner - 2003 - Plenum Paper
Being taken seriously: user involvement in research

David Fergusson - 2012 - symposium G paper 1
The interaction of philosophy, theology and therapy: some Scottish perspectives

Eugénia Fernandes - 2008 - Poster
Are change events identified by clients in constructivist therapy related to the emergence of a new sense of agency?

Judith Fewell - 2012 - symposium I paper 2
Understanding therapeutic practice through the therapist's reflexive engagement in their process

Merih Fidan - 2011 - Poster
What matters for language interpreters?

Merih Fidan - 2013 - Paper
A comparative investigation of experiences of interpreters and counsellors in a triadic psychotherapeutic relationship

Malcolm Firth - 2000 - Poster
'Not just broken willies: a generic perspective on psychosexual therapy'

Ken Fisher - 1999 - Paper
Self-disclosure re-visited: disclosure preferences of mature students

Paul Flanagan - 2012 - symposium E paper 1
Ethical beginnings: reflexive questioning in child sexuality research

Sally Flatteau Taylor - 2005 - Paper
Between the idea and reality: a client-focused study exploring the counselling experiences of bereaved people who sense the presence of the deceased

Sally Flatteau Taylor - 2006 - Poster
Between the notion and the act - some realities of putting a research study into practice

Sally Flatteau Taylor - 2007 - Poster
Stepping into the lives of families of children with chronic illnesses

Sally Flatteau Taylor - 2006 - Paper
The Maypole Dance: developing a support service with and for families with a child/children with life limiting/life threatening illnesses

Beverley Flitton - 2002 - Paper
Exploring the effects of a fourteen-week person centred counselling intervention with learning disabled children

Beverley Flitton - 2004 - Paper
Using the Piers Harris 2 To Measure the Self Concept of Children/Adolescents Who Attend a School for Complex Needs

Royston Flude - 2003 - Paper
High intensity short duration therapy: challenging the validity of the 50-minute-hour session

Royston Flude - 2000 - Paper
Psychology vs counselling - difference sides of the same coin?

Royston Flude - 1999 - Paper
The journey into work

Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2007 - Poster
A pilot study, using a single case study design to assess the effectiveness of two research instruments in measuring how counselling training impacts on a trainee counsellor during one academic term, at the beginning of clinical practice

Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2011 - Paper
Healing involvement in trainees: an investigation into the impact of training on a cohort of person-centred trainee counsellors

Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2009 - Poster
The early effects of professional counsellor training: a mixed method study

Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2010 - Paper
The early effects of professional counsellor training: a qualitative study

Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2013 - Paper
The assimilation of problematic experiences during counsellor training: the case of Mandy

Julie Folkes-Skinner and Sue Wheeler  - 2010 - Workshop
Setting up a counselling research clinic

Peter Fonagy - 2009 - Friday Keynote
Can mentalization provide a common framework for the psychotherapies?

John Ford - 2002 - Paper
The phenomenon of love as the key agent for change within the therapeutic relationship

Jesse Fox - 2013 - Poster
Recovering identity: a qualitative investigation of a survivor of dissociative identity disorder (DID)

Jesse Fox - 2013 - Paper
The development of the counselor intuition scale (CIS) 

Elizabeth Freire - 2007 - Paper (1)
Counselling in Schools: an evaluation

Elizabeth Freire - 2011 - Symposium E paper 2
Reliability and generalisability of the Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy Scale (PCEPS)

Elizabeth Freire - 2009 - Paper
School-based person-centred counselling: an evaluation

Elizabeth Freire - 2010 - Paper
The effectiveness of counselling in primary care: a naturalistic evaluation

Elizabeth Freire - 2007 - Paper (2)
The Strathclyde Inventory: validation of a person-centred outcome measure

Kevin Friery - 2006 - Work in progress Symposium
Employee Assistance Programmes: who is the customer?

Nollaig Frost - 2005 - Poster
Taking the other out of mother: a qualitative study of the transition to second time motherhood using narrative analysis

Vivienne Fuller, Frances Harry, Lydia Hatton-Campbell, Maureen Lishomwa, Rose Lloyd and Cheryl Sandford - 2012 - poster
Therapist perceptions of the capacity of clients with narcissistic personality disorder to enter into an empathic therapeutic relationship


Lynne Gabriel - 1999 - Paper
Speaking the unspeakable: dual relationships in counselling and psychotherapy

Lynne Gabriel and Sue Wheeler - 2005 - Workshop
Research in action: a focus group researching the difference supervision makes

Audrey Gachen and Patti Wallace - 2006 - Paper
The consumers' voice: feeling or not feeling respected during hospitalisation: what counselling and psychotherapy has to learn from the psychiatric-inpatient experience

Cordelia Galgut - 2005 - Poster
Lesbian clients' experiences of counselling and therapy

Mike Gallant - 2009 - Workshop
Relational depth: a creative exploration of mo(ve)ments beyond the contact boundary

Miriam Gaston - 2002 - Paper
An exploration of the person-centred process within a multi-disciplinary cardiac rehabilitation programme

Lorena Georgiadou - 2012 - paper
‘It is difficult... it is a huge challenge, but...': trainees' experiences of counselling practice in a second language and culture

Barbara Gerber et al - 2006 - Paper
A quantitative study into whether the use of CBT self help materials could lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety scores and development of coping skills in year 11 school pupils

Isabel Gibbard - 2011 - Paper
How do clients make therapy work? A comparison of exit questionnaires returned from CBT and person centred counselling clients in primary care

Isabel Gibbard - 2013 - Paper
Responsiveness: a predictor of positive therapeutic outcome

Paul Gilbert - 2009 - Saturday keynote
Introduction to compassionate focussed therapy: research and outcome

Ewan Gillon - 2002 - Paper
Men's talk about food and guilt: a discourse analysis

Ewan Gillon and Morag Patten - 2004 - Workshop
The 2002/3 AUCC annual survey of counselling in Further & Higher Education

Mary Glover - 2003 - Paper
A hidden agenda: shame in adolescent process, an issue for therapy

Mary Glover - 2006 - Paper
Researching sensitive issues with vulnerable groups: shame in adolescence as an exempler

Mary Godfrey and Carol Martin - 2010 - Symposium A paper 1
Sexual boundary violations: process for managing risk, problematic strategies and creating safe boundaries from the therapist perspective

Jayne Godward - 2013 - Paper
How do tutors manage conflict which occurs in their relationships with students on counsellor training courses?

Michael Goldman - 2004 - Paper
An examination of novice counsellors and their development of empathy in dealing with individuals from both similar and dissimilar ethnic groups

David Goodlad - 2000 - Paper
Core counselling procedures in addiction/medical/multi-disciplinary settings

Patricia Goodspeed Grant - 2009 - Paper
Experience of personal losses for individuals diagnosed with mental illness: implications and interventions

Patricia Goodspeed-Grant - 2004 - Paper
Phenomenological understanding of experiences of job loss: counseling the unemployed

Patricia Goodspeed-Grant - 2007 - Poster
Research or counseling? Navigating boundary issues in qualitative research

Dr Patricia Goodspeed-Grant and Dr Pamela Monk - 2012 - paper
Exploration of social-emotional experiences after bariatric surgery: implications for counsellors

Patricia Goodspeed-Grant and Helena Boersma - 2005 - Paper
Understanding obesity from the inside: lived experiences of participants in a weight loss clinic

Peggy Gosling - 2003 - Paper
Exploring effective practice in behaviour support: the research methodology

Peggy Gosling - 2002 - Paper
Services working with children with behaviour problems

Stephen Goss - 2002 - Workshop
Getting funding for research

Stephen Goss - 2001 - Paper
'Strategic research needs in counselling and psychotherapy: What now? What next?'

Stephen Goss and Pia Dinesen - 2002 - Poster
The character of counsellors: initial findings from the bacp membership survey

Jan Grant and Margot Schofield - 2004 - Paper
Supervision After Training: Myth or Reality?

Stewart Grant - 2005 - CORE Workshop
Making sense of CORE system data: attrition, effectiveness, concordance and service delivery

Rebecca Gray - 2013 - Paper
Professional accounts of client shame and silence when counselling in alcohol and other drug settings 

Charlotte Green and Alistair Ross - 2009 - Poster
Examining the lived experience of anorexia and how research impacts researcher and supervisor

Dennis Greenwood - 2004 - Paper
Counselling / psychotherapy with a person diagnosed with dementia

Pamela Griffiths - 2002 - Paper
Testimony as a form of remembrance

Pamela Griffiths - 2004 - Paper
Using case studies as a research method to understand psychological process

Jan Grove - 2010 - Paper
An exploration of the counselling process for same sex couples: the client's perspective

Jan Grove - 2007 - Paper
How competent are counsellors to work with issues relating to different sexual orientations and what are the most effective learning experiences?

Jan Grove - 2002 - Paper
Therapeutic help for troubled same sex relationships

Jan Grove and Simon Blasby - 2008 - Paper
A pilot project to gain insight into client experiences in same-sex couple counselling

Jan Grove, Val Owen-Pugh and Elizabeth Peel - 2012 - paper
Client discourses on the process of seeking same-sex couple counselling

Jan Grove, Maureen Smojkis and Alistair Ross - 2005 - Paper
The relationship between learning styles and theoretical orientation in counselling training

Peter Gubi - 2000 - Paper
Prayer and psychotherapy - an exploration of the therapeutic nature of christian prayer and its possible use with christian clients in secular psychotherapy

Professor Else Guthrie - 2012 - Saturday
Understanding counselling and psychotherapy for clients with physical symptoms and medical conditions


Jeremy Halstead - 2011 - Poster
A brief history of sPaCE

Jeremy Halstead - 2011 - Symposium C paper 3
Can we predict who will make early gains in routine psychological therapy?

Jeremy Halstead - 1999 - Poster
PACE-31: the development of a new measure of outcomes in counselling

Nigel Hamilton - 2002 - Paper
A transpersonal view of guiding voices

Nigel Hamilton - 2000 - Paper
Dreams as an indicator of spiritual/personal growth: exploring a new model

Nigel Hamilton & David Hiles - 1999 - Paper
Retreats, dreams: new transpersonal research

Terry Hanley - 2006 - Paper
An investigation exploring the potential challenges and opportunities that surround the development of online counselling services for young people in the United Kingdom

Terry Hanley - 2009 - Theoretical and methodological innovation paper
Mixed methods or muddled methods: combining qualitative and quantitative methods in counselling and psychotherapy research

Terry Hanley - 2004 - Paper
Online counselling: a heuristic study examining the emotional depth of internet based relationships'

Terry Hanley - 2010 - Paper
The impact of in-school counselling upon adolescents' psychological well-being

Terry Hanley - 2008 - Paper
The therapeutic alliance in online counselling with young people

Terry Hanley - 2009 - Paper
Understanding the online therapeutic alliance through the eyes of adolescent service users

Terry Hanley, Alex Barlow, Neil Humphrey, Peter Jenkins and Michael Wigelsworth - 2012 - symposium A paper 1
A scoping review of school-based counselling services within England and Scotland

Terry Hanley and Aaron Sefi - 2012 - paper
School-based counselling: whose problem is it anyway?

Terry Hanley, Sheila Spong, Karen Cromarty, Akvile Daniunaite, Zenib Ahmad Ali, Katherine McArthur, Jamie Murdoch, Ruth Levesley, Nick Turner, Mick Cooper, Claire Leahy, Claire Dowd, Andy Hill, Jo Pybis, Lucia Berdondini, Alex Barlow, Neil Humphrey, Peter Jenkins and Michael Wigelsworth - 2012 - symposium A overview
School-based counselling (SBC) in UK secondary schools: satisfaction, effectiveness and availability

Suzy Hansford - 2013 - Poster
Emerging from the resistance - using autoethnography as a research method to understand resistance

Jean Elizabeth Hanson - 2004 - Paper
Should your lips be zipped? How therapist self-disclosure and non-disclosure affects clients

Belinda Harris - 2002 - Paper
A systematic scoping review of counselling children and young people - what works and what is further needed?

Belinda Harris - 2009 - Paper
What school counsellors and school leaders can learn from one another. The potential of research to enhance communication between stakeholders

Belinda Harris and Stephen Joseph - 2009 - Symposium paper 1
Casualty or survivor? Students experiences of a postgraduate qualification in trauma studies

Belinda Harris and Stephen Joseph - 2009 - Symposium overview
The role of research in the education and development of professionals in the field of psychological trauma. Lessons learned and new directions

Nigel Harrison and Christina Lyons - 2002 - Paper
An evaluation study reporting the experiences of clinical supervision by prison officers working with inmates with mental health problems

Jill Hayes - 2001 - Paper
Processes in dance movement therapy: dance student's perceptions of an experiential dance movement therapy group

Harold Heller - 2007 - Paper
"Shut up and listen!" Myth and evidence in counselling supervision

Harold Heller - 2005 - Paper
What makes supervision effective? An interactional model

Lorna Henderson and Diane Hazlett - 2008 - Poster
An investigation of counsellors' therapeutic strategies for managing emotionally detached clients

Olga Herrero - 2002 - Poster
Clients: voices about meaningful and not meaningful events in psychotherapy groups: a grounded theory analysis

Justin Hett - 2012 - paper
Can the person-centred approach be effectively used in the Syrian Arab context? A multiple case study analysis of process and outcome

Joanna Heywood and Dave Saxon - 2005 - Paper
Who drops out? A quantitative study using CORE returns to investigate the predictors for non-completion of a primary care counselling contract

Anthony Hickey - 2012 - paper
Interpersonal empowering as process in trauma therapy: a grounded theory

Anthony Hickey - 2009 - Paper
Therapist responses to dissociation in the therapeutic relationship

Margaret Hidderley - 2004 - Paper
A pilot randomised trial assessing the effects of autogenic training (At) in early stage cancer patients in relation to psychological status and immune system responses

Andrew Hill - 2007 - Paper
Counselling and psychological therapy in primary care: a systematic review

Andrew Hill - 2004 - Paper
Counselling older people: looking at the evidence

Andrew Hill - 2006 - Paper
Developing an evidence base in counselling and psychotherapy: methodological issues encountered in a systematic review of counselling older people

Andy Hill - 2010 - Paper
Engaging with evidence-based practice: developing a manualised, brief person-centred/experiential therapy for depression

Andrew Hill - 2002 - Paper
Training together: the role of community meetings on counsellor training courses

Andrew Hill and Alison Brettle - 2008 - Paper
Counselling in primary care: a systematic review

Andy Hill and Mick Cooper - 2009 - Workshop
The development of humanistic, person-centred and experiential competences: an evidence based framework for practice, training and research

Trish Hobman - 2011 - Poster
An exploration into the impact of supervision on experienced counsellors: a pilot study

Suzanne Hodge - 2010 - Paper
Addressing the psychological impact of sight loss within an integrated low vision service: findings from an evaluation of an emotional support and counselling service

Nicky Holland - 2011 - Paper
Whose therapy is it? A qualitative investigation into the experience of psychodynamic counselling trainees in mandatory therapy

Dagmar Hölldampf - 2009 - Brief communication
The effectiveness of person-centered child and adolescent psychotherapy - a metaanalytic review

Carol Holliday - 2011 - Methodological innovation paper
Working with images and metaphors in qualitative research: benefits and bonuses, perils and pitfalls

Sophie Holmes - 2004 - Paper
Exploring the dynamic thinking processes of family therapists using a novice/expert comparison

Manda Holmshaw - 2009 - Paper
Treatment of travel phobia resulting from road traffic accidents: efficacy of trauma-focused psychological therapy

Carol Holtom - 2006 - Paper
Telecounselling to Arran: a qualitative analysis exploring client experience

Jan Hordern - 2000 - Paper
Inner masculine and feminine in relation to soul, spirit and living creatively

Vee Howard-Jones - 2006 - Poster
Coping strategies utilised by patients when undergoing and waiting for MRI scan test results

Claire Hsiao - 2012 - symposium I paper 3
Feeling matters: a reflexive approach to understanding the challenge of being a westernised counsellor in Taiwan

Vivien Hunot et al - 1999 - Paper
The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of brief psychological treatments for depression

Diane Hunt - 2002 - Paper
Heart to heart - working with heart transplantation

Jane Hunt - 2010 - Paper
Sex and gender in transwomen's discourses: implications for counselling practice and training

Jane Hunt - 2011 - Paper
Sex talk: male-to-female transwomen talk about the relationship between gender and sexuality

Jane Hunt - 2013 - Paper
An exploration of transgender people's experiences of seeking and receiving counselling or psychotherapy within the United Kingdom

Kathy Hunt - 2002 - Paper
Collaborative process research project: the experience of loss in childhood

Kathy Hunt - 2001 - Paper
Counting the beans or watching the pot? How should we be evaluating counselling?

Stephen Hunt - 2001 - Paper
Learning from the most potent of psychotherapies

Sally Hunter - 2004 - Paper
The shadow side of empathic connection: therapists' experiences

Abdul Rawuf Hussein - 2012 - poster
Counselling Somali youth refugees in Malaysia

Craig Hutchison - 2012 - paper
Stigmatised, welcome and mundane: heterosexual therapists' perceptions of their gay male clients


Miriam Isaac - 2003 - Paper
A grounded theory of client and counsellor's perceptions of confidentiality in counselling


Charlie Jackson - 2013 - Symposium C paper 1
A survey of the members of a school-based counselling practice research network (SCoPReNet)

David Jackson - 2003 - Workshop
An auto-ethnographical exploration of war and PTSD

David Jackson - 2008 - Workshop
Fitting the flatness: an ethno autobiographical exploration of living with a mental health disability from my experience of war

Sukwinder Jandu, Paul Cilia La Corte, Alena Dierickx, Antony Maxom, Fiwa Onifade and Belinda Smith - 2012 - PCCS poster winner
Are there aspects of depression as a state of being that facilitate profound relational contact in the person-centred psychotherapeutic process?

Peter Jenkins and Filiz Polat - 2005 - Poster
Counselling provision for young people in secondary schools in England and Wales

Penny Jennings - 2002 - Poster
The first two years experience of child bereavement support posts

Monika Jephcott and Jeff Thomas - 2001 - Paper
APAC's Integrated Treatment Model (AITM) - Gathered practice based evidence - putting the evidence into practice

Monika Jephcott and Jeff Thomas - 2005 - Poster
Making a difference with children - how to develop a quantitative research system for practitioners

Gillie Jenkinson - 2006 - Poster
Does psychotherapy/counselling help ex-cult members recover from an abusive cult experience?

Jindy Johal - 2013 - Paper
"No one ever speaks about it." A qualitative investigation exploring the experiences of multi-lingual therapists in practice

Connie Johnson - 2012 - symposium C paper 2
How do disabled people experience counselling?

Janet Johnson - 2006 - Paper
The therapeutic relationship in primary care: using client accounts to inform debates of how to enhance the delivery and practise of counselling

Adele Jones - 2003 - Paper
Children of migration: a study of the psycho-social status of children in Trinidad whose parents have migrated

Alun Jones - 2002 - Poster
Some benefits experienced by hospice nurses from group clinical supervision

Coleen Jones - 2011 - Paper
Aspects of the transference, countertransference and phenomenology as manifest in the therapeutic relationship between female psychotherapists and their clients

Gareth Jones - 2011 - Poster
From a ‘forgetfulness of being' and existential crisis, to a ‘mindfulness of being' and authenticity: a heuristic inquiry into a new life perspective out of significant losses in alcoholism and bereavement.
What are the common factors that facilitate and constitute growth?

Gill Jones and Kate Anthony - 2003 - Paper
A study of the effectiveness of offering specialised counselling and psychotherapy skills training online

Gill Jones and Anna Stokes - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
An online study to develop a framework for obtaining ongoing feedback from online clients

Sylvia Jones - 2013 - Symposium C paper 4
School-based counselling in Wales from strategy to entitlement

Anthony Jordan - 2006 - Paper
Do the benefits of time-limited counselling endure?

Elizabeth M Jordan - 2002 - Paper
An evaluative inquiry into the setting up and management of a university counselling service

Stephen Joseph - 2013 - Symposium D paper 1
Relationship based practice and approaches to trauma therapy in UK specialist trauma services

Jyoti Joshi and Angela Sweeney - 2008 - Poster
Anxiety in obsessive compulsive disorders and self-harm - exploring commonalities and implications for classification and regulation of treatment


Ounkar Kaur and Rebecca Midwinter - 2011 - Paper
Increasing the presence of BME students on the Diploma/MSc in counselling courses

Peter Kemp - 2006 - Poster
What issues might arise from being ill with M.E. and can counselling help?

Mohammed Abbas Khan - 2013 - Paper
Seeking therapeutic help: comparing British South Asian men's attitudes towards counselling between the first and second generation

Werner Kierski - 2010 - Paper
Academic supervision experiences amongst doctoral candidates in counselling and psychotherapy

Werner Kierski - 2009 - Poster
Anxiety experiences of male counsellors and psychotherapists

Werner Kierski - 2007 - Paper
The fear of the feminine; its effect on men and on psychotherapy

Gail King - 2004 - Poster
Career development of counsellors

Michael King - 2007 - Friday Special Address
Risk of psychological disorders in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people and the therapies to address them: evidence from two systematic reviews

Michael King - 2004 - Paper
Talking therapy for lesbian gay & bisexual people - has it a bad press?

Sheila King - 2009 - Poster
Extending our repertoire? Counsellors and groupwork

Kathryn Kinmond and Lisa Oakley - 2009 - Paper
"I found myself back in that place..." The impact of narrative research

Kathryn Kinmond and Lisa Oakley - 2006 - Paper
'It really is time we all woke up & smelt the coffee': Issues for counselling spiritual abuse

Colin Kirkwood - 2000 - Poster
Professional and socio-cultural issues arising from a study of the development of counselling in Shetland

Rosanne Knox - 2011 - Symposium D paper 2
The proactive client: what ‘conventional' clients think about relational depth

Rosanne Knox - 2013 - Symposium A paper 4
What issues most concern trainee therapists about the therapeutic relationship? 

Rosanne Knox-Pearce - 2007 - Paper
Clients' experiences of relational depth in individual counselling

Elmarie Kotzé - 2012 -  symposium E paper 2
Ethical mo(ve)ments in data-generating practices


Nicholas Ladany - 2008 - Paper
Lydia's story: a supervisee's search for supervisor competence and client progress

Nick Ladany - 2007 - Poster
Multicultural events in group supervision

Nick Ladany - 2007 - Workshop
Supervision secrets: fibbing, fighting, and fornicating

Danny Lam - 2002 - Paper
A partnership approach to working together: core tasks of psychotherapy

Danny Lam - 2000 - Paper
Cognitive behaviour therapy - disputing dysfunctional thoughts from subjectivity to objectivity (and back again)

Danny Lam and Julia Gale - 2004 - Paper
The labelling effects on clinical judgements in mental health professionals

Michael J Lambert - 2005 - Keynote
Research that makes a difference: preventing negative treatment effects via measuring, monitoring, and feedback

Michael J Lambert - 2013 - Pre-conference workshop
How to use clinical support tools to enhance counseling outcomes

Michael J Lambert - 2013 - Keynote presentation
How to double client outcomes in 18 seconds: using mental health vital signs feedback and problem-solving tools

Phoebe Lambert - 2002 - Poster
Client perceptions of counselling: before, during and after

Phoebe Lambert - 2006 - Paper
Client perspectives on counselling: a hermeneutic approach

Phoebe Lambert - 2004 - Paper
Client perceptions of counselling: before, during and after

Andrew Lansdown - 2011 - Paper
Humorous things happen in therapy (an exploration of whether humour enhances or inhibits the therapeutic relationship)

David Lane - 2002 - Paper
Children with behaviour problems in schools

David Lane - 2000 - Paper
Does counselling research have anything to contribute to the major issues facing society?

David Lane and Peggy Gosling - 2002 - Workshop
Case formulation models in working with children

Dr Kathleen Lane and Dr Judy Moore - 2012 - paper
The impact on student retention and the student experience of person-centred counselling at one higher education establishment 

Amanda J A Larcombe - 2007 - Paper
Does the provision of counselling positively impact on absenteeism in the Devon and Cornwall constabulary?

Pittu Laungani and William West - 2004 - Workshop
Cross-cultural therapy: theory, research and applications

Francis Larkin - 2002 - Paper
Working together to increase our understanding of what is helpful in counselling adult survivors of child sexual abuse

Sue Law - 2003 - Paper
Self portrait: an autoethnographical canvas

Chris Leach - 2011 - Symposium C paper 4
The prediction of therapy outcomes from change at session four

Billy Lee - 2013 - Paper
Developing understandings of therapeutic listening and talking

Courtland Lee - 2004 - Paper
A cross cultural study of the influence of role models and nentors on adolescents: implications for counselling with youth

Courtland Lee and Tim Bond - 2002 - Paper
An investigation of counselling activity in selected countries

John Lees - 2005 - Paper
Developing the research base of the counselling and psychotherapy profession

John Lees - 2006 - Paper
Reflexive research, counselling practice and the consumer

Clare Lennie - 2001 - Paper
The role of personal development groups in counsellor training

Clare Lennie - 2005 - Paper
The role of personal development groups in counsellor training

Clare Lennie and Terry Hanley - 2007 - Workshop
Developing the research practitioner: a model for teaching research methods in counselling training

Clare Lennie and Terry Hanley - 2007 - Poster
Encouraging practitioners to engage with research: evaluating a university based counselling research group

Clare Lennie and William West - 2009 - Workshop
The pitfalls and strengths of the counsellor as researcher

Maria Lever - 2000 - Poster
Can The concept of professional development reconcile the diverse world of counselling and nursing?

Ruth Levesley - 2013 - Paper
Piloting a pragmatic randomised controlled trial for school-based counselling: lessons learned

Kee Hean Lim - 2002 - Paper
An exploration of the effectiveness of assertiveness training for mental health serviced users

Dodie Limberg, E.H. 'Mike' Robinson III, Jesse Fox, Hope Bell, Sandra Robinson and Grant Hayes - 2013 - Poster
A phenomenological investigation of practicing counselors living in Scotland, experiences of altruistic caring

Dodie Limberg, E.H. 'Mike' Robinson III, Sandra Robinson and Grant Hayes - 2013 - Poster
Applying structural equation modeling (SEM) to the counseling field

Dodie Limberg, E.H. Mike Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Grant Hayes, Hope Bell and Jacqueline Swank - 2012 - poster
A cross cultural examination of counseling students' perception of altruism

Dodie Limberg, E.H. Mike Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Grant Hayes, Hope Bell, Jacqueline Swank and Tracy Hutchinson - 2012 - poster
A measure of altruism and motivational factors of counselors: impact on client outcomes

Elizabeth Long - 2002 - Paper
Counselling skills underpinning an individualised management programme increase mother's understanding and enjoyment of their crying babies

Rosemarie Lynass - 2010 - Symposium C paper 2
A thematic analysis of young people's experience of counselling in five secondary schools across the UK


Jane Macaskie - 2010 - Symposium B paper 1
Dreaming the research process

Jane Macaskie - 2012 - paper
Mining the seam, riding the white water: a discourse analysis approach to understanding therapists' experiences of transformation

Jane Macaskie and Helen Lacey - 2005 - Poster
Staff support: making a difference in schools

Jane Macaskie, Melanie Mott, Dr Bonnie Meekums, Florence Doku, Kate Holt, Eleni Michael and Juliet Thornton - 2012 - paper
Transforming identities through student engagement with research

Shirley MacDonald - 2000 - Paper
A counselling psychology approach to the treatment of emotional & behavioural difficulties in children and young people

Chris Mace - 2010 - Saturday keynote
Coming soon to a screen near you? Impacts of research on practice

Chris Mace - 2009 - Invited speaker
Mind and body in therapeutic relationships: evidence, fashion and research

Isie MacIntyre - 2000 - Paper
Counselling curricula and embodiment

Isie MacIntyre - 2001 - Paper
Surviving supervision: what happens when supervision goes wrong? A phenomenological exploration of the supervisory relationship

Frances MacKay - 2004 - Paper
Sacred stories: counsellor passion narratives

Hannah Mackay - 2000 - Paper
Training in psychodynamic-interpersonal therapy: primary care counsellors' experiences of changing their practice

Karen L Mackie - 2007 - Paper
Coaching counselling practitioners and trainees to participate in research culture: a heuristic inquiry into the problem - finding experience

Karen L Mackie - 2005 - Paper
Keeping faith: the negotiated professionalism of counsellors in higher education work contexts

Karen L Mackie - 2004 - Paper
Teaching awareness of social class dynamics: an action research approach

Thomas Mackrill - 2007 - Paper
Exploring extra-therapeutic factors - presenting a cross-contextual qualitative diary design

Thomas Mackrill - 2012 - paper
Treatment-seeking young adults from families with alcohol problems. What have they been through? What state are they in?

Rachel MacLeod - 2009 - Paper
Person-centred therapy for social anxiety: a single-case efficacy design

Keith Macrossen and Jane Chisholm - 1999 - Poster
Couple counselling Scotland: client service survey 1997-1998

David Mair - 2000 - Paper
Gay men's experiences of counselling

Brenda Mallon - 2000 - Paper
Dreams, counselling and healing

Lorraine Manley - 2012 - paper
The experiences of person-centred counsellors maintaining therapeutic relationships with young people. A qualitative study

Jon March and Clare Symons - 2012 - paper
"It created a barrier... but actually it was a way in" - working psychodynamically when clients bring physical objects to sessions

Lorna Marchant - 2009 - Brief communication
The impact on adult life of a sudden bereavement experienced during childhood. Towards a new perspective on traumatic bereavement

Athena Marouda-Chatjoulis and Angeliki Leontary - 2002 - Paper
Problem solving orientations in young adults: the role of attachment

Peter Martin - 2002 - Paper
A critique of heuristic inquiry as represented by Clark Moustakas

Peter Martin - 2005 - Workshop
Supervising troubled counsellors

Peter Martin - 2003 - Workshop
The risky business of doing heuristic research in a counselling context: its pleasures and its perils

Peter Martin - 2001 - Workshop
The therapist as a person: how do life-events and life crises affect our work with clients

Peter Martin - 2004 - Workshop
Unravelling the soul: a response to witnessing life narratives

Maureen Mason - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Will your counselling training course help me get a job?

Ruhani Mat-Amin - 2003 - Paper
Counsellor trainees' life experience during their counselling practicum

Ruhani Mat-Amin - 2004 - Paper
Journey towards becoming a school counsellor is a difficult learning journey: counsellor trainee' experience in Malaysian school

Katherine McArthur - 2010 - Symposium C paper 3
A pilot randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of school-based counselling on young people's wellbeing, using pastoral care referral

Katherine McArthur - 2011 - Symposium A paper 3
A pilot randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of school-based counselling on young people's wellbeing, using pastoral care referral

Katherine McArthur - 2013 - Paper
Change processes in school-based humanistic counselling: a qualitative interview study

Katherine McArthur, Mick Cooper and Lucia Berdondini - 2012 - symposium A paper 5
Does school-based humanistic counselling reduce psychological distress? A case study

Garrett McAuliffe - 2004 - Paper
The impact of counsellor epistemology on clinical competence: analyses of counsellor interview behavior and reflections

Jenny McBride and McNaughton Kirstee - 2005 - CORE Workshop
Using CORE data in clinical supervision: an initial exploration

Jane McChrystal - 2007 - Paper
How insecurely attached adults respond to bereavement in a primary care setting: psychological symptoms and health perception

Liz McDonnell - 2011 - Paper
A survey of research priorities of UKCP members

Kevin McEvoy - 2004 - Paper
Does locus of control influence the choice of coping strategies among clients who attend a GP practice counselling service and those attending a chronic pain clinic?

Susan McGinnis and Mick Cooper - 2012 - paper
The development of a randomised control trial to assess the effectiveness of person-centred play therapy for children with special social, emotional and behavioural needs (SEBN)

Barry McInnes - 2005 - CORE Workshop
Using CORE system to make a difference to service management and development: an experiential account

Barry McInnes - 2001 - Workshop
Using CORE To evaluate workplace counselling: process, pitfalls, challenges and opportunities?

Isha McKenzie-Mavinga - 2002 - Paper
Linking social history and the therapeutic process of black issues

Isha McKenzie-Mavinga - 2003 - Workshop
Researching links between history and the process of black issues

Isha McKenzie-Mavinga - 2004 - Paper
Understanding 'black issues', a bridge between fear and transformation

Dr Colleen McLaughlin, Dr Carol Holliday and Dr Barbie Clark - 2012 - paper
An update of the research on counselling children and young people: a systematic scoping review

John McLeod - 2004 - Paper
A narrative social constructionist approach to the interpretation of significant moments in therapy

John McLeod - 2007 - Paper
A review of research into workplace counselling: implications for research policy and practice

John McLeod - 2000 - Poster
A Systematic Review of the Research Literature on 'Counselling in the Workplace'

John McLeod - 2010 - pre conference workshop
Case study research by practitioners and students: making the connection between systematic inquiry and personal/professional development

John McLeod - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Establishing a counselling research clinic in the UK: the Tayside experience

John Mcleod - 2003 - Workshop
Getting into print: writing a research paper for publication

John McLeod - 2011 - Methodological innovation paper
Improving the credibility and rigour of case study evidence: emerging principles

John McLeod - 2000 - Paper
Narrative processes in experiential therapy

John McLeod - 2006 - Opening address
Research into the outcomes of counselling and psychotherapy: refocusing the debate

John McLeod - 2012 - symposium B paper 4
The development of a model and measure of counsellor/psychotherapist research competence

John McLeod - 2007 - Poster
The relationship between counselling and the social world of the client

John McLeod - 2012 - poster
What do clients want? A practice-friendly review of research into client preferences for therapy

John McLeod and Mick Cooper - 2007 - Paper
Evaluating a pluralistic framework for counselling

John McLeod and Mick Cooper - 2012 - symposium F overview
Research into pluralistic approaches to counselling and psychotherapy: client experiences of multiple change processes

John McLeod and Mick Cooper - 2012 - symposium H overview
Using systematic case study research to develop a pluralistic framework for counselling in long-term health conditions

Julia McLeod and John McLeod - 2012 - symposium H paper 3
Process and outcome in pluralistic transactional analysis counselling for long-term health conditions: a case series

John McLeod and Julia McLeod - 2009 - Theoretical and methodological innovation paper
Systematic case study research in counselling and psychotherapy: using a team-based approach

John McLeod and Julia McLeod - 2007 - Paper
The impact and meaning of research for clients and counsellors

John McLeod and Andrew Sweeting - 2010 - Poster
Public perceptions of the credibility and usefulness of CBT, person-centred therapy and counselling 

John McLeod  and Sue Wheeler - 2012 - symposium B overview
Training counsellors and psychotherapists in research skills and awareness

Julia McLeod - 2013 - Paper
Research on counselling skills and embedded counselling: review of methods and finding

Julia McLeod and John McLeod - 2010 - Paper
Changing practice: the impact of counselling skills training on community mental health nurses working with people with dementia

Julia McLeod et al - 2008 - Paper
Clients' views of the outcome of counselling in primary care

Lynsey McMillan - 2012 - symposium F paper 1
Client experiences of change processes in a psycho-educational group intervention for emotional eating problems

Bonnie Meekums - 2004 - Paper
Developing embodied identities: an autoethnographic study of a counselling trainer

Bonnie Meekums - 2010 - Symposium B paper 3
Lost bodies

Bonnie Meekums - 2003 - Paper
Sisterly support: creative interpersonal learning through email narrative

Bonnie Meekums, Jeannie Wright and Jane Macaskie - 2010 - Symposium B overview
Using ourselves in counselling research

Keiran Meht - 2013 - Symposium D paper 3
Childhood sexual abuse and post-traumatic growth: a systematic review of the literature

John Mellor-Clark - 2003 - Paper
Benchmarking for improved client care?

John Mellor-Clark - 2011 - Symposium G overview
Developing new CORE tools, methods and feedback technologies

John Mellor-Clark - 2001 - Paper
Monitoring and developing service quality in primary health care

John Mellor-Clark - 2000 - Paper
Quality evaluation for continuing professional development and practice-based evidence: opportunities and challenges

John Mellor-Clark - 2001 - Workshop
'Can CORE-PC help to monitor and develop counselling service quality?'

John Mellor-Clark - 2005 - Overview of CORE Workshop
Using CORE to make a difference to service delivery, management and continuing professional development

John Mellor-Clark and Barry McInnes - 2008 - Paper
Benchmarking key service performance indicators in UK workplace counselling

Denise Meyer - 2009 - Paper
Shaping empowering depression discourses: social constructionist research in action

Denise Meyer - 2006 - Paper
Therapy beyond the counselling room - social constructionist action research to develop a student-focused self-help website for depression

Anthea Millar - 2002 - Paper
Men's experience of considering counselling

Christine Miller - 2003 - Paper
The significance of a resourceful state in counselling children

Erin Miller and Carla Willig - 2012 - symposium H paper 1
Pluralistic counselling with HIV positive clients

Olwen Mingard - 2002 - Paper
Surviving dispossession - a study of disparate teams working together with hopelessness

Nicky Mitchell - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Attitudes towards computerised cognitive therapy (CCBT) self-help for depression amongst a student population

Marijke Moerman - 2012 - paper
Working with suicide: the impact on the person-centred counsellor

Dr Naomi Moller and Dr Andreas Vossler - 2012 - methodological innovation paper
Story completion in counselling and psychotherapy research: the benefits of a qualitative projective method

Naomi Moller and Andreas Vossler - 2013 - Paper
Assumptions about fat counsellors: findings from a story-completion task

Valerie J Monk - 2004 - Paper
A mother's experience of the enduring schizophrenic illness of her son

Valerie J Monk - 2007 - Paper
Mothers and schizophrenic children, insider research

Roy Moodley - 2004 - Paper
A hermeneutic study of Carl Rogers counselling a black client

Roy Moodley - 2003 - Paper
Representation of 'psychological distress' in culturally diverse clients: constructing an illness representation model

Heather Moore - 2013 - Poster
"ALL CHANGED, CHANGED UTTERLY, A TERRIBLE BEAUTY IS BORN." An exploration on the impact of suicide prevention on the experienced clinician

Sandra Moore - 2006 - Paper
Volunteer sector therapy: has inadequate research resulted in a misunderstood and underutilized resource?

Tara Morrey and Alison Rolfe - 2013 - Paper
What are trainee counsellors' experiences of developing integrative formulations? 

Brigid Morris - 2006 - Paper
Women's views of psychoanalytical psychotherapy: qualitative research carried out at the Women's Therapy Centre, London

Sue Morrison - 2002 - Paper
An organic feminist enquiry into a perceived gap in psychosexual services and literature

Geoff Mothersole - 2005 - CORE Workshop
Using CORE data in service management: creating the right environment

Melanie Mott - 2012 - poster
The role of faith-belief and spirituality in creating and healing depression

Alesia Moulton-Perkins and Simon Rogoff - 2011 - Paper
Development and validation of a new self-report measure of mentalisation: the 54-item Reflective Function Questionnaire

Elsa Muller Sala - 1999 - Poster
An investigation of parental empathy towards young children

Matthew Munyon and Mark Young - 2013 - Methodological innovation paper
Dyadic data analysis: a method for examining how shared experiences influence outcomes in couples work

Jamie Murdoch, Ruth Levesley, Nick Turner, Mick Cooper, Karen Cromarty, Andy Hill and Jo Pybis - 2012 - symposium A paper 4
Pilot randomised controlled trial of a Relate school-based counselling service: preliminary findings

David Murphy - 2003 - Paper
A qualitative study into the experiences of trainee and experienced counsellors during a mandatory 40 hours personal therapy for a masters degree

David Murphy - 2008 - Paper
Counselling and psychotherapy: a mutual encounter?

David Murphy - 2013 - Symposium D paper 2
Development of a Master's degree in trauma studies: a person-centred approach

David Murphy - 2009 - Symposium paper 3
Engaging trainee social workers in trauma related research

David Murphy - 2011 - Symposium D paper 3
Mutual experiencing of Rogers' therapeutic conditions: some evidence of relational depth and positive outcome

David Murphy and Stephen Joseph - 2013 - Symposium D overview
Developing person-centred approaches to trauma

Rachel Murray - 2002 - Paper
Using my role as RCN counsellor to research the lived experience of nurses suspended from the workplace


Nikhil Naag, Wei Xu and Tilly Forster - 2012 - poster
An economic analysis of The Place2Be's integrated school-based therapeutic services for children

Seamus Nash - 2006 - Paper
A qualitative exploration into counsellors/psychotherapists' use and understandings of the term 'person-centred'

Seamus Nash - 2007 - Poster
A qualitative exploration into counsellors/psychotherapists use and understandings of the term ‘person-centred'

Angie Naylor - 2004 - Poster
Counselling for children: analysing change in non-directive play therapy

Angie Naylor - 2005 - Poster
The concept of change in therapy: a play therapy case study

Shona Neil, Lois de Cruz, Jane Hunt, Maggie Robson and Mairead Walsh - 2012 - workshop
Performance of a collective biography ‘vulnerability'

Gina Netto - 2002 - Paper
Improving counselling services for Asian people

Tajudin Ninggal - 2004 - Paper
The Asian students' adjustment to acculturative stress in the US: was their college life normal?

Greg Nolan - 2009 - Poster
Researching supervision: seeing the wood and the trees as researcher-practitioner

Graham North - 2008 - Paper
Recording supervision: educational and therapeutic?

Graham North - 2010 - Paper
Recording supervision: educational and therapeutic?

Joanna North - 2011 - Paper
How do we care for a child with difficult behaviour?


Elizabeth R O'Brien - 2007 - Paper
The relationship between counseling students' wellness and client outcomes

Elizabeth O'Donnell - 2004 - Poster
Art, why hath thou forsaken me? When creating a child is all you want to do

Denis O'Hara - 2010 - Paper
Factors influencing how psychotherapists approach psychotherapy integration

Denis O'Hara - 2004 - Paper
Psychotherapists' metatheories as theories-in/on-action

Denis O'Hara - 2011 - Paper
The relationship between counsellors' hope, self differentiation and epistemic style

Dr Denis O'Hara and Fiona O'Hara - 2012 - paper
Counsellors' conceptions of hope and their function within therapy

James O'Shea - 2000 - Paper
A small scale audit/study of time limited psychotherapy practised within a gp setting

Michelle Oldale, Dr Jo Atkinson-Hearn and Dr Christopher Stone - 2012 - paper
The therapeutic triad - aspects of power in relationship where the therapist is Deaf, the client is hearing and a sign language interpreter is present

Michelle Oldale and Hazel Flynn - 2008 - Paper
What are the impacts of Deaf Culture and British Sign Language on the therapeutic relationship from the therapist's perspective?

Joanna Omylinska-Thurston - 2012 - symposium F paper 2
What do cancer patients find helpful in psychological therapy?

Katerine Osatuke - 2008 - Poster
Organizational change towards greater civility: what helps intervention success?

Susan Osborne - 2013 - Poster
Group poetry therapy as a of helping older clients find a voice: an auto-ethnographic study

Vicky Oteiza - 2008 - Paper
A descriptive phenomenological study on therapists' experience of personal therapy

Valerie Owen-Pugh - 2009 - Paper
Closing with the enemy? The dilemmas of identity faced by qualified counsellors training in cognitive-behavioural therapy

Valerie Owen-Pugh - 2010 - Paper
How do counsellors interpret their professional development? A qualitative study

Dr Valerie Owen-Pugh - 2012 - paper
Perceptions of structure and process in the production of psychodynamic counselling: a study of workplace learning in a counselling research clinic

Valerie Owen-Pugh and Clare Symons - 2011 - Paper
An evaluation of Roth and Pilling's competence framework for counselling and psychotherapy supervision


Steve Page - 1999 - Poster
Qualitative study of the experience of members of a supervision group based upon the cyclical model of counsellor supervision

Sue Parker Hall - 2006 - Poster
Grasping anger by the tale: therapists (discussing their experiences as client) identify specific interventions which helped and hindered their processing of anger

Sue Parker Hall - 2005 - Poster
Presenting models of anger and rage and their impact on therapists

Glenys Parry - 2003 - Plenum Paper
All the help we can get: the case for pluralism in research

Glenys Parry - 2010 - Symposium A overview
Poor therapy, bad practice and adverse outcomes: research that can make a difference in improving professional practice

Glenys Parry - 2005 - Friday opening presentation
Research that makes a difference

Glenys Parry - 2010 - Symposium A paper 3
Understanding and preventing adverse effects of psychological therapies: current status and future directions

Sue Pattison - 2005 - Paper
Making a difference for young people with learning disabilities: a model for inclusive counselling practice

Sue Pattison - 2010 - Paper
School counselling: promoting the mental health and well-being of children in primary, secondary and special schools in the North-East of England

Sue Pattison - 2007 - Paper
School counselling for girls in the Gambia: a research study on effectiveness

Sue Pattison and Antoinette Corr-Jack - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Gambian children as consumers: how effective is school counselling for female students in the Gambia?

Sue Pattison, Karen Cromarty and Kaye Richards - 2008 - Poster
School counselling in Wales: a research study into services for children and young people

Peter Pearce and Ros Sewell - 2011 - Workshop
Collaboration: ‘working together in an intellectual endeavour toward a common goal' or ‘treasonous co-operation with the enemy?'

Peter Pearce and Ros Sewell - 2012 - paper
Tenuous contact: person-centred work at the difficult edge with young people. New theoretical concepts emerging from qualitative research on counselling in an inner city secondary school

Peter Pearce, Ros Sewell, Jane Hunt, Maggie Robson, Trish Hobman and Lynne Lacock - 2012 - paper
Aligning practice with the evidence base for counselling clients with depression in the NHS: an evaluation of the first IAPT counselling for depression (CfD) training programme

Peter Pearce, Ros Sewell and Sarah Osman - 2013 - Paper
The ALIGN project: a randomised controlled trial of school-based person-centred counselling

Rosanne Pearce - 2005 - Paper
Therapeutic risk-taking: an investigation into the role and effects of risk-taking by counsellors in the therapeutic process, with emphasis on the person-centred approach

Nicholas Peckham - 2006 - Paper
The delivery and evaluation of a psychotherapy group for women with significant learning disabilities who have been sexually abused

Sara Perren - 2011 - Poster
Acupuncture, counselling and usual GP care for depression. A randomised controlled trial to determine clinical and cost effectiveness

Sara Perren - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
An assessment of the impact of counselling over the longer term: a qualitative study to explore users' views

Sara Perren - 2007 - Paper
Is there a long-term impact of counselling? An assessment of the impact of counselling over the longer term: a qualitative study to explore users' views

Sara Perren - 2009 - Paper
The client's understanding of change processes in counselling. A qualitative study exploring users' views of the process by which change is brought about through counselling and maintained in the longer term

Sara Perren and Nancy Rowland - 2004 - Paper
Counselling - why not? A qualitative study of people's accounts of not taking up counselling appointments

Sara Perren, Nancy Rowland and Catherine Snape - 2004 - Poster
The impact of research results on counselling practice

Bobbie Petford - 2003 - Poster
Therapy from the fence

John Petko - 2013 - Paper
Counselor Education doctoral students' levels of research self-efficacy, interest in research and research mentoring: a cross-sectional investigation

John Petko - 2013 - Poster
Selecting a theory of counseling: what influences a counseling student to choose?

Lynne Phillips - 2013 - Paper
Words that work? Exploring client writing in therapy

Pauline Phillips and Anne Lawton - 2007 - Workshop
The use of simulated patients in the teaching of counselling skills

Tim Pittock - 2001 - Paper
Beyond the words. . .

Wendy Platt - 2013 - Paper
An analysis of contemporary supervision discourse

Paula Pope - 2000 - Paper
A field work test kit for youth counselling

Paula Pope - 2001 - Paper
Empowering practice in counselling young people and adults

Steve Potter - 2000 - Paper
Aspects of developing a checklist of when it is hard to help in the context of counselling, psychotherapy and other professional helping relationships

Steve Potter - 1999 - Paper
Using the CORE system of service evaluation in a student counselling service

Jane Power - 2001 - Paper
The other side of the coin: experienced counsellors reflect on 'being a supervisee'

Sue Price (formerly Wiggins) - 2013 - Symposium A paper 1
Moments of relational depth and therapeutic involvement

Seamus Prior - 2012 - symposium C paper 3
‘From lines of coke to lines of meaning': psycho-stimulant drug users' narratives of therapeutic change processes

Seamus Prior - 2006 - Paper
'This is me-time': young people as a new generation of counselling consumers

Seamus Prior, Siobhan Canavan, Connie Johnson and Chomphunut Srichannil - 2012 - symposium C overview
Unheard voices: researching the client experience of people from hard to reach and under-represented client groups

Seamus Prior (discussant), Judith Fewell, Claire Hsiao, Rose Cameron and Tanya Richardson - 2012 - symposium I overview
New approaches to reflexivity in practitioner research

Sue Proudlove - 2013 - Poster
Faith, self-disclosure and congruence: counsellors' experiences and perceptions

Joanne Pybis - 2011 - Symposium A paper 1
Evaluation of the implementation of the Welsh Assembly Government's national school-based counselling strategy

Joanne Pybis - 2013 - Symposium C paper 2
Feedback from a pilot data collection using routine outcome measures in school counselling

Joanne Pybis, Charlie Jackson, Sylvia Jones and Dave Stewart - 2013 - Symposium C overview
Outputs from a practice research network for school-based counselling (SCoPReNet)


Kathy Raffles - 2004 - Poster
Finding a way through crisis

Abdul Rahman Malek - 2005 - Paper
The effectiveness of cognitive behaviour group counselling on bullies amongst the secondary school students in Malaysia

Christine E Ramsey-Wade - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
On being a university student in therapy: student client views on how therapy can help

Chloe Randal - 2011 - Symposium C paper 1
Theoretical background and rationale of case tracking and feedback in psychological therapies

Chloe Randal, Sam Tucker, Jeremy Halstead and Chris Leach - 2011 - Symposium C overview
When things are not going well in psychotherapy: Can we predict it? Yes we can

Sue Read - 2002 - Paper (1)
Maintaining research in a voluntary bereavement counselling organisation; collaboration, consultation and constraints

Sue Read - 2002 - Paper (2)
Using action research to develop a bereavement counselling manual for people with learning disabilities: a collaborative approach

Jo Reader - 2013 - Paper
Fattitude: stigma and the fat body

Andrew Reeves - 2003 - Paper
The hardest words: ways in which suicidal ideation is constructed and explored in the counselling dialogue - a discourse analysis

Andrew Reeves - 2007 - Paper
The meeting of paradigms: a qualitative study exploring the experience of counsellors using ‘CORE-OM' data in a dialogic assessment of suicide risk with university students

Andrew Reeves - 2009 - Invited speaker
The relationship between research and writing for publication

Andrew Reeves - 2001 - Paper
The training of counsellors in risk assessment and risk management: a questionnaire study

Andrew Reeves - 2005 - Paper
Training counsellors to integrate suicide risk assessment into the counselling process: developing and evaluating training resources

Keva R Reid - 2011 - Poster
Jamaican parenting styles and their impact on conduct disordered behaviours

David Rennie - 2001 - Paper
The client as a self-aware agent in counselling

David Rennie et al. - 2010 - Workshop
Issues in qualitative research

Frances Reynolds - 2008 - Paper
Learning to live with chronic fatigue syndrome through art-making: narratives of loss, struggle and quest

Frances Reynolds - 2002 - Paper
Meanings of art for women living with chronic illness: implications for counsellors in health-care settings

Barbara Richards - 2001 - Paper
A study of the application of counselling training within the workplace: ripples in the pond

Barbara Richards - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
When two worlds collide: the emotional impact upon professionals of working with suicidal people

David Richards - 2007 - Saturday Keynote Speaker
Stepped care: turning rhetoric into reality

Gella Richards - 2003 - Paper
Diverse cultures in interaction in the therapy room: western-culture counsellors' ability to engage and retain ethnic minority clients

Gella Richards - 2005 - Paper
Effective counselling and therapeutic cross-cultural relationships

Gella Richards - 2004 - Paper
Perspectives of the world of counselling from former and potential black clients

Wayne Richards - 2002 - Paper
Identity sites: alienation, absence and confusion

Kaye Richards, Jenny Peel and Barbara Smith - 2008 - Paper
An analysis of developing and using adventure therapy for the treatment of eating disorders in women

Tanya Richardson - 2012 - symposium I paper 1
Intimacy and reflexivity: how close are we to the research process?

Biljana van Rijn - 2013 - Paper
Research clinic: routine outcome evaluation of humanistic and integrative therapy

Ryan Roberts and Iain Khan-Gilchrist - 2011 - Poster
Does disenfranchisement in certain sections of the gay male community lead to increased use of legal and illegal drugs, if so, what are the implications for counselling practice?

Annie Robinson - 2009 - Paper
"Inside Out" Researching therapeutic process through an investigation of self as client

Edward H Robinson III - 2007 - Poster (1)
Broadmead: reflections from the past of unselfish caring

Edward H Robinson III - 2007 - Poster (2)
Promoting best practices in counselling and counsellor education utilizing a university community counselling clinic research database

Edward H Robinson III, Jacqueline M Swank, Jonathan H Ohrt and K Dayle Jones - 2008 - Poster
An exploratory study investigating the relationship between self-efficacy and symptom distress among counseling students

Edward H Robinson III, Sandra Robinson, Jacqueline M Swank and Jonathan H Ohrt - 2008 - Poster
A qualitative exploration of counseling students' perception of altruism

Maggie Robson - 2004 - Workshop
Can play therapy be a useful therapeutic approach with children?: a case study

Maggie Robson - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Experiences of personal development: useful to the student consumer?

Maggie Robson - 2003 - Paper
'I am beautiful!' the power of the personal development group

Maggie Robson - 2011 - Worskhop
Reflective practitioners - budding researchers?

Maggie Robson - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
What is the experience of personal development groups?

Maggie Robson, Sue Pattison and Kathryn Hunt - 2012 - paper
Evaluation of therapeutic interventions to support well-being in the foundation phase in schools

Jeannette Roddy - 2012 - paper
A client perspective on the process and outcomes of domestic violence counselling

Jeannette Roddy - 2011 - Poster
Developing a client informed approach to domestic violence counselling

Dr Brian Rodgers  - 2012 - methodological innovation paper
Beyond numbers and words: the untapped potential of visual methods of outcome evaluation

Brian Rodgers - 2004 - Paper
Life space mapping: development of a new method for investigating counselling outcomes

Brian Rodgers - 2006 - Paper
Life space mapping: preliminary results from the development of a new method for investigating counselling outcomes

Brian Rodgers - 2011 - Paper
Life space mapping as assisted reflexivity: a method for helping clients to reflect on change from therapy

Brian Rodgers - 2010 - Paper
Person-centred/experiential approaches to social anxiety: initial outcome results

Brian Rodgers - 2010 - Paper
The clients' perspective on outcome measurement: life space mapping versus the CORE-OM questionnaire

Cynthia Rogers - 2003 - Paper
Internet communication and research in computer mediated clinical supervision - a methodology

Suzanna Rose - 2001 - Paper
An update of the cochrane collaboration review on 'debriefing' following trauma - presentation of the data and implications for good practice

Suzanna Rose - 1999 - Paper
Psychological debriefing and evidence based practise

Suzanna Rose - 2002 - Paper
Setting up and developing an NHS psychological injuries unit - the first two years

Amal Rosli and L. Charnley - 2012 - poster
Primary angioplasty: the implementation of advanced practitioner follow-up

Alistair Ross - 2012 - paper
Identifying spiritual phenomena experienced by therapists in client work

Alistair Ross - 2007 - Paper
Psychoanalytic interviewing: interviewing psychoanalysts on religion and spirituality

Alistair Ross - 2005 - Paper
The nature of spirituality in contemporary British counselling

Anthony Roth - 2007 - Saturday Keynote Speaker
Can research help improve access to psychological therapy?

Nancy Rowland - 2000 - Paper
A systematic review of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of counselling in primary care

Nancy Rowland - 2005 - Saturday opening presentation
Research at BACP - does it make a difference?

Dr Elizabeth C Roxburgh and Sophie Ridgway - 2012 - paper
Exploring the meaning in meaningful coincidences: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of synchronicity in therapy

Elizabeth Royle - 2003 - Poster
An exploration of the perceptions of police firearms officers to traumatic work-related incidents and the relevance, in their opinion, of different support interventions offered

Kirshen Rundle - 2009 - Theoretical and methodological innovation paper
Person-centred therapy with people who hear voices

Coral Russell and Anne Napier - 2013 - Poster
Person-centred counsellors' experiences of working with sex addiction

Anja Rutten - 2011 - Paper
How people with Asperger syndrome experience counselling

Catherine Ryan - 2013 - Symposium B paper 2
Client perceptions of hindering processes in person-centred experiential psychotherapy for social anxiety

Julie Anne Ryan - 2006 - Poster
Raising achievement with adolescents in secondary education: the school counsellors' perspective


Linda Sakr - 2001 - Paper
Multicultural counselling: some considerations of working with Arab immigrant clients

Célia M D Sales - 2011 - Symposium G paper 4
Technological innovation in family therapy: the individualised patient progress (IPP) web system

Paul Salkovskis - 2006 - Friday keynote
Giving people what they want; empirically grounded psychological therapy

Pamela Savic-Jabrow - 2011 - Symposium F paper 2
Where do counsellors in private practice receive their support?

Elizabeth Schmitt Friere - 2006 - Paper
Development of a psychotherapy outcome measure based on Rogers' theory of therapy change

Margot Schofield - 2004 - Paper
Expertise in counselling supervision

Thomas Schroder - 2005 - Keynote
Interesting times with challenging clients. On listening to practitioner's experiences

Thomas Schröder - 2011 - Paper
Strong fences and flexible frames: therapists' perceptions of boundaries

Thomas Schröder - 2011 - Saturday Keynote
Researching therapists and their practice - a shift of perspective

Elspeth Schwenk - 2004 - Poster
The exploration of counsellor development within workplace counselling: examining key milestones in how practitioners manage the development of their professional career

Ann Scott - 2007 - Paper
A heuristic exploration of the effect of qualitative research on the novice researcher

Ann Scott - 2009 - Paper
Mind the gap: what academics recommend and what Christian counsellors do

Lesley Seddon - 1999 - Paper
Hoops, hurdles & hotspots: the practicalities of cancer patient research

Vicky Seddon - 2001 - Workshop
Reflecting on our practice: why have the number of ethnic minority clients increased?

Aaron Sefi - 2011 - Poster
Examining the complexities of measuring effectiveness of online counselling for young people using routine evaluation data

Aaron Sefi - 2013 - Poster
A pluralistic study to assess the trialling of a goal-based outcome measuring tool used within an online counselling service for young people

Margaret Selby - 2004 - Paper
Working With difference counselling the dyslexic client

Jenny Lukito Setiawan - 2004 - Paper
Students' willingness to seek counselling: an Indonesian study

Estelle Seymour - 2000 - Paper
Towards a Pagan/magickal approach to counselling?

Sarah Shaffner - 2011 - Symposium B paper 3
Process characteristics of relational depth events

Roz Shafran - 2013 - Keynote presentation
Psychotherapy for perfectionism: research and clinical practice

Kath Sharman and Haleh Moravej - 2003 - Workshop
Patient empowerment: obesity management in primary care

Allan Shaw - 2011 - Paper
More than meets the eye: a consideration of the influence of a counsellor's visual impairment upon his therapeutic relationships

Robert Shaw - 2001 - Paper
The embodied psychotherapist: an exploration of the therapists' somatic phenomena within the therapeutic encounter

Julia Shearn - 2008 - Paper
Dysphoria, anxiety and the ability to decode others' emotional states in university students

Geraldine Sheedy - 2013 - Paper
Between bodies: an implicit relational model

Bridget Sheehan - 2006 - Paper
Is it possible to use a combination of therapeutic and educational techniques to improve a child's ability to access education?

Christine Sherlock - 2002 - Paper
An evaluation of the sense deafblind peer mentoring programme

Christine Sherlock - 2000 - Poster
Experiences of coping with Usher Syndrome

Nancy Sherman and Lori Russell-Chapin - 2002 - Workshop
Moving to the future: innovation in counsellor field experience instruction and supervision

Pnina Shinebourne and Martin Adams - 2007 - Paper
Therapists' understandings and experiences of working with clients with problems of addiction: a pilot study using Q methodology

Bernice Shooman - 2004 - Paper
Holocaust testimony: memory and transgenerational mourning

Deborah Short - 2000 - Paper
Spirituality in a secular profession?

Caryl Sibbett - 2003 - Paper
Transitional experience: the interplay between art therapist and cancer patient

Salma Siddique - 2010 - Methodolgical innovation paper
In the thick of it: how the anthropological methodology of 'thick description' can offer a new way of making meaning with counselling research

Salma Siddique - 2011 - Poster
Ostrich in the room: early attachment patterns and how they shape the client's capacity to engage with the therapeutic process

Salma Siddique - 2011 - Poster
The space between things: building research for 'healing' from a holistic perspective

Dr Salma Siddique and Kerri Warner - 2012 - paper
An evaluation of how counselling and psychotherapy supervisees undergo a transformation of perspectives that give meaning to their experiences of practice through learning within a group process

Liesl Silverstone - 2003 - Paper
Art therapy and the person-centred way: bringing the person-centred approach to the therapeutic use of art

Liesl Silverstone - 2004 - Workshop
Art therapy and the person-centred way: bringing the person-centred approach to the therapeutic use of art

Anita Silvester - 2010 - Paper
Client, practitioner and employer issues as part of the same public sector organisation

Anita Silvester - 2009 - Poster
"Doing a Doc!" - The thoughts, relationships and experiences of students undertaking the Professional Doctorate in counselling

Dr Anita Silvester - 2012 - methodological innovation paper
The purpose, pleasures, potential and pitfalls of co-operative inquiry - a methodological critique

Rebecca Sima - 2001 - Paper
The explicit similarities and differences between counselling practices and indigenous healing in Tanzania

Janette Simmonds - 2011 - Paper
First sessions: anxieties and insights of counselling psychology students on beginning field work

Gail Simon - 2011 - Workshop
A relational turn for qualitative research in counselling and psychotherapy?

Gail Simon - 2009 - Workshop
Writing for readers: a challenge for practice researchers

Helen Sinclair et al - 2009 - Symposium paper 2
Integrating formal and experiential learning methodologies in a new undergraduate programme in trauma studies in a post-conflict society: issues and dilemmas

Peter Slater and Mick McKeown - 2003 - Paper
Peer counselling in secondary school - its effects on limiting transitional anxiety

Sophie Smales - 2003 - Paper
Intercultural group work with women who have experienced domestic violence

Sophie Smailes and Khatidja Chantler - 2004 - Paper
Deconstructing experiences and understandings of domestic violence

Ian C Smith - 2011 - Paper
The effects of brief therapy training with community team workers

Lindsay Smith - 2005 - Paper
The listening project. A quantitative study. What effect does listening to individual children have on learning?

Lindsay Smith and Lucy Birtwistle - 2012 - poster
Children growing up with religion: 10 narratives explored for personal and therapeutic insights

Trevor Smith and Sandy Francis - 2013 - Paper
The 4 set model: a motivational model of supervision

Vicki Smith - 2011 - Paper
It's the relationship that matters: a qualitative analysis of the role of the student/tutor relationship in counselling training

Vicki Smith - 2008 - Workshop
From training to practice: new directions for counsellor training?

Dave Smits - 2013 - Paper
Working alliance in client-centred therapy for anxiety: a comparison of successful versus unsuccessful cases

Bernice Sorensen - 2004 - Poster
The drama of the only child

Zita Sousa - 2008 - Poster
Therapeutic responsiveness: a moment-to-moment observational system

Alan Sparkes et al - 2000 - Workshop
'First clients' - a further step in exploring the potential of self-study CD-roms in learning counselling skills

Penny Spearman - 2002 - Workshop
Working together - an internal naturalistic formative meta-evaluation of a three-year department of health-funded project in twenty one charitable counselling centres in england

Jane Speedy - 2001 - Paper
A health warning - doing counselling research can change your life and work practices

Jane Speedy - 2003 - Paper 1
An introduction to auto-ethnographic research and its relevance for counselling and psychotherapy practitioners, writers, consumers, policy-makers and evaluators

Jane Speedy - 2003 - Paper 2
Auto-ethnography... Plenary session

Jane Speedy - 2010 - Symposium D overview
Collaborative writing practices: research methodologies congruent with counselling and psychotherapy?

Jane Speedy - 2005 - Paper
Consorting with gargoyles: the place of mythical creatures in methodological innovation and the creation of research training environments

Jane Speedy - 2008 - Paper
'My mother in law swallowed me whole': magical realism as a research paradigm that stretches beyond a psychological knowledge basis for counselling and psychotherapy research

Jane Speedy - 2002 - Workshop
Singing and dancing with the wolves: using storytelling as a way of exploring and engaging with counselling research training

Jane Speedy - 2000 - Paper
The story of three generations: an exploration of the changing professional attitudes, cultures and self-descriptions of a group of counselling educators and trainers

Jane Speedy - 2010 - Symposium D paper 1
Video haiku: collective biography with women whose lives have been touched by suicide

Jane Speedy and Kim Etherington - 1999 - Paper
Personal development as an intended consequence of an experiential counselling research training programme

Jane Speedy, Becky Midwinter and Jane Nott - 2005 - Workshop
Definitional ceremony: a collaborative counselling research methodology?

Jane Speedy and Yishai Shalif - 2003 - Workshop
Did you hear the one about the charady/orthodox/Israeli/Jewish man and the lesbian/feminist/atheist mother?: a re-search conversation across cultures

Lesley Spencer - 2007 - Workshop
Assessing the personal development aspect of counselling training. How can we ensure our training programmes are helping to produce better counsellors?

Lesley Spencer - 2010 - Paper
Dilemmas, difficulties and delights in using narrative inquiry in a health setting

Lesley Spencer - 2011 - Methodological innovation paper
Focusing a lens: developing a personal, pluralist model of narrative analysis to explore the relational aspects of a family interview

Lesley Spencer - 2012 - paper
Re-claiming an identity of strength after nearly dying: nuanced adaptations in an illness narrative

Lesley Spencer - 2013 - Methodological innovation paper
Developing an ethnographic method in order to compare multiple narratives in a genetic counselling appointment

Sheila Spong - 2013 - Paper
Differing discourses/shared commitment: counsellors and teachers discussing a primary school counselling service

Sheila Spong - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Ideas of 'influence': counsellors and their influence on their clients

Sheila Spong - 2011 - Poster
Influence, autonomy and the co-construction of meaning in therapeutic practice

Sheila Spong - 2003 - Paper
Social power and the cognitive-behavioural tradition: counsellors talking about the social context of counselling

Sheila Spong - 2006 - Paper
The client as informed consumer: how much should we tell our clients about ourselves?

Sheila Spong - 2010 - Paper
Validity, vision and vocalisation: social responsibility arguments in counselling talk

Sheila Spong - 2007 - Paper
What can discourse analysis offer counselling and psychotherapy research?

Sheila Spong, Karen Cromarty, Claire Leahy, Claire Dowd, Andy Hill, Mick Cooper and Jo Pybis - 2012 - symposium A paper 2
Implementing the Welsh Government strategy for provision of school-based counselling: four case studies

Sheila Spong, Lesley Spencer and Judith Mulcahy - 2013 - Poster
Community-based counselling research: piloting a research/practice infrastructure to meet local needs

Chomphunut Srichannil - 2012 - symposium C paper 1
Clients' experience of Buddhist counselling in Thailand

Chomphunut Srichannil - 2013 - Paper
Buddhist counselling: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of counsellors' experiences

Faith Stafford - 2005 - Poster
Too academic or not too academic - the importance of context in counsellor training

Faith Stafford - 2007 - Poster
Why we tell stories: heroes, scapegoats and the collective need

Greta Stanley - 2000 - Paper
Different tongues: the experience of counsellors/psychotherapists in Britain who practise in English, where English is not their mother tongue

Dave Stewart - 2013 - Symposium C paper 3
The impact of incorporating systematic client feedback into school-based counselling

Dave Stewart, Mick Cooper, Lisa Bunting and Jacqueline Sparks - 2012 - paper
Client directed, outcome informed school-based counselling for psychological distress in children: outcomes and predictors of change

William B Stiles - 2008 - Saturday keynote
Using case studies to build theories

Nele Stinckens - 2013 - Paper
Helpful and hindering events in client-centred therapy for anxiety: a comparison of successful versus unsuccessful cases

Nele Stinckens and Dave Smits - 2011 - Paper
What is the weather inside? Using client feedback to measure temperature, pressure and turbulence in therapy

N. Stinckens and Hannes Verdru - 2009 - Poster
Bridging the gap between research and practice: monitoring as a therapeutic strategy

Peter Stratton - 2011 - Paper
Researching the effects of counselling and psychotherapy through changes in relationship processes

Bernhard Strauss - 2010 - Friday keynote
Research impacts on training in counselling and psychotherapy - reality and fiction

Nic Streatfield, Alan Phillips and Liz Brewster - 2012 - poster
Well-Connected - digital natives and psychological support

Helen Street - 2003 - Paper (2)
Childhood conceptions of happiness and vulnerability to depression

Helen Street - 2003 - Paper (1)
Understanding goal setting and depression in cancer patients

Léonie Sugarman - 2010 - Paper
Integrating a research project into the counselling curriculum: challenges and rewards

Léonie Sugarman - 2007 - Paper
Therapeutic dress: why counsellors wear what they do

Adriana Summers - 2004 - Paper
Clinical effectiveness of workplace counselling

Rolf Sundet - 2012 - symposium F paper 4
Patient focused research supported practices in a municipality based family therapy service: what happens?

Jo Surridge and Nicola Vanlint - 2008 - Poster
Why is dissociative identity disorder accepted and diagnosed more readily in the United States than in the United Kingdom?

Susan Sussman - 2000 - Paper
The significance of psycho-peristalsis and tears within the context of transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy

Jacqueline M Swank and Monica Leppma - 2009 - Poster
Counselling students' perception of the manifestation of altruism: a qualitative exploration among students in the United States and the United Kingdom

Jill Swindells - 2013 - Poster
Counselling victims and witnesses of crime - are they a specialist group requiring specific knowledge or expertise?

Clare Symons - 2010 - Symposium A paper 2
"Acknowledging the dirty little secret." Client accounts of why they don't complain about poor or harmful therapy

Clare Symons - 2008 - Paper
Allegations of serious professional misconduct: an audit of BACP's Article 4.6 cases

Clare Symons - 2001 - Paper
Reconciling the concrete with the symbolic: an exploration of psychodynamic counsellors' experiences of resolving therapeutic frame dilemmas

Clare Symons - 2011 - Paper
Under-informed vs over-identified: differences between lay people and therapists who have not complained about poor or harmful therapy experiences

Clare Symons - 2009 - Paper
What do people complain about? : An analysis of complaints made to BACP

Clare Symons - 2009 - Paper
Why don't people complain? : Investigating clients' reasons for not bringing a formal complaint


Louise Taylor - 2000 - Paper
An analysis of the first two years of the counselling service provided for maternity patients

Sandra Taylor - 2011 - Paper
Favourites and favouritism in counselling training - exploring people's perceptions, experiences and ideals and their impact

Sandra Taylor - 2007 - Paper
HIV and Nepali people's experience of counselling

Sandra Taylor - 2009 - Poster
The 2:1 interview - rarity, richness, and reflections

David Taylor-Jones - 2013 - Paper
An interpersonal education: how do counselling students feel their relationship during training affect their professional development?

Noreen Tehrani - 2002 - Paper
Bullying and PTSD

Noreen Tehrani - 2003 - Paper
Healing the wounds of the mind

Nicola Terry - 2013 - Paper
How do counsellors and psychotherapists understand diet and nutrition as part of the therapy process? A heuristic study

Steve Theiler - 2005 - Poster
An investigation of maladaptive themes represented in early childhood memories, their relationship to current psychological difficulties and the value of revealing these themes early in counselling

Gillian Thomas - 1999 - Paper
Counselling research - what's the use of it?

Jeff Thomas and Monika Jephcott - 2007 - Paper
Clinical outcomes of non-talking therapy with children at primary schools

Justin Thomas, Amani Al Hashmi, Man Chung, Keith Morgan and Minna - 2012 - poster
The mask model of narcissism: exploring the "defensive grandiosity hypothesis"

Val Thomas - 2012 - paper
A qualitative study of mental imagery in psychotherapy: identifying a set of common therapeutic functions

Valerie Thomas - 2011 - Workshop
Using mental imagery to illuminate the process of research

Mhairi Thurston and John McLeod - 2009 - Paper
An inquiry into the emotional impact of sight loss and the counselling experiences and needs of blind and partially sighted adults

Mhairi Thurston and John McLeod - 2012 - symposium H paper 2
Counselling for sight loss: using case study methodology to develop a practice model

Emma Tickle and David Murphy - 2013 - Symposium A paper 2
Mutual experiencing of Rogers' therapeutic conditions: a case study

Ladislav Timulak - 2007 - Paper
Meta-analysis of qualitative studies: a tool of accumulation of qualitative research findings in counselling and psychotherapy

Ladislav Timulak and Rosaleen McElvaney - 2009 - Paper
Significant insight events in psychotherapy: a qualitative meta-analysis

Iris Tinto and Clare Symons - 2013 - Paper
"Being hit between the eyes." Exploring what motivates and influences psychodynamic trainees to undertake personal therapy

Kamilah Tomlinson and Natasha Boxill - 2011 - Poster
Is dieting a socially accepted form of eating disorder, if so, how does this effect counselling practice?

Sheila Trahar - 2002 - Workshop
A reflexive conversation about researching learning across cultures

Wendy Traynor - 2007 - Paper
A study of the perceived effectiveness of person-centred practice with clients who experience psychotic process: a qualitative interview study

Natty Triskel and Heather Weston - 2006 - Workshop
How to use counselling research and other evidence bases to meet the needs of disabled consumers

Sam Tucker - 2011 - Symposium C paper 2
The triumphs and tribulations of creating a monitoring and feedback system in a standard UK NHS secondary care setting

David Tune - 2002 - Paper
Dilemmas around issues of touch in psychotherapy

David Tune - 2000 - Paper
The therapeutic use of touch in counselling and psychotherapy

Nick Turner - 2011 - Symposium G paper 3
PST CORE - developing an outcomes methodology for psychosexual therapy

Rob Turner - 2008 - Poster
Collaborative research with an ex-client on effective therapy for dissociation

Sara Turner - 2013 - Paper
The sense of a psychic skin in the consulting room: a qualitative investigation into the psychic skin and how we experience it in the therapeutic relationship

Sarah Turner - 2005 - Poster
Counsellors' experiences of personal and professional change in HIV and AIDS counselling

Sarah Turner and Neil Gibson - 2007 - Poster
The learning and change that two trainee counsellors and psychotherapists experience as a result of their client work: a ‘co-operative self-search inquiry'

Maggie Turp - 2004 - Workshop
The Capacity for Self Care: a Research Study Using infant Observation Methodology

Maggie Turp - 2002 - Workshop
What do we mean by self-harm

Elspeth Twigg - 2011 - Symposium G paper 2
YP-CORE - an outcome measurement system for young people aged 11-16 years


Gisela Unsworth - 2008 - Paper
Therapists' and clients' perceptions of using CORE-Net and ARM-5 in the NHS


Els van Ooijen - 2008 - Paper
Searching for the magic crystal: an inquiry into the praxis of integration

Biljana van Rijn - 2008 - Paper
I'm doing so well, why do I feel so bad? Action research in psychotherapy training

Pablo Van Schravendyk - 2002 - Paper
Youth counselling - what do they want?

Andreas Vossler - 2004 - Paper
Adolescents' Experiences in Counselling - an Explorative Study

Andreas Vossler - 2006 - Paper
Counselling and the family sense of coherence (FSOC): empirical findings and practical implications

Andreas Vossler - 2009 - Paper
Online therapists' experiences of trust in online therapeutic relationships

Andreas Vossler and Terry Hanley - 2007 - Workshop
Online counselling - meeting the needs of young people in post-modern societies?

Dr Andreas Vossler and Dr Naomi Moller - 2012 - paper
Infidelity in counselling and psychotherapy literature: the power of metaphors

Andreas Vossler and Naomi Moller - 2010 - Paper
Relate couple counsellors' experiences of working with infidelity

Sue Wheeler and Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2011 - Poster
Supervision and clinical practice: does supervision make a difference


Patti Wallace - 2012 - paper
The impact of counselling on academic outcomes in further and higher education: the student perspective

Patti Wallace and Audrey Gachen - 2006 - Workshop
Researching the client experience: what counselling and psychotherapy can learn from psychiatric service-user research

Liz Wallace - 2002 - Paper
A psychoanalytic approach to organisational dynamics, as applied to an employee counselling service

Billie Walker-Schmucker - 2003 - Paper
A systematic investigation and analysis of online case material

Elaine Ward - 2002 - Paper
The talking therapies study: reflections on results and opportunities for working together

Tony Ward - 2007 - Poster
The experiences in counselling of persons with ME

Catherine Wareing - 2001 - Paper
How a small-based counselling project gathered evidence to illustrate the impact of counselling on the psychological wellbeing and self-esteem of young people

Judith Warren - 2001 - Paper
A qualitative study of the client change process in the person-centred tradition. Views of person-centred counsellors with practice experience ranging from 3-30 years

Vicki Watson, Mick Cooper and Katherine McArthur - 2012 - symposium F paper 5
Helpful processes in counselling: a pluralistic analysis of client activities, therapist activities and impacts

Robert L Waugh - 2007 - Poster
Therapist destabilisation occurring when first working with asylum seeker clients: a person-centered exploration

Dot Weaks - 2006 - Paper
Dealing with the aftermath: an ethnographic study into the impact of an early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Dot Weaks - 2004 - Paper
The value of post diagnostic counselling for people with Alzheimer's: perceptions of GPs and old age psychiatrists

Dot Weaks and John McLeod - 2007 - Paper
Research as emotional process for people with alzheimer's disease

Dot Weaks and John McLeod - 2008 - Paper
The development of an enhanced counselling role for community nurses working with people with an early diagnosis of dementia: a collaborative research project

Sue Webb - 2002 - Paper
'Caught in a story': a discursive analysis of women's narratives when women counsel women

Sue Webb - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
Using video to analyse discourse: how counsellor and client, negotiate a session

Jeremy Weinstein - 2004 - Paper
Counselling as a new ritual in bereavement

Jeremy Weinstein - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Personal and professional responses to bereavement: how the personal experience of bereavement resonates in the work of counsellors/psychotherapists

William West - 2008 - Poster
One Western size fits all? Counsellor trainers in different countries

William West - 2005 - Work in Progress Symposium
Researching spirituality: the methodological challenges

William West - 2001 - Paper
Some ethical dilemmas in counselling research

William West - 2006 - Workshop
Some ethical issues in counselling research

William West - 1999 - Paper
The challenge of qualitative research into counselling and spirituality

William West - 2003 - Paper
The researcher's cultural identity in qualitative counselling research

William West - 2007 - Workshop
Why are we researching and does it matter?

William West and Mansor Abu Talib - 2002 - Paper
Some cross-cultural implications in qualitative counselling research

William West and Val Clark - 2004 - Paper
Learnings from a pilot project into counselling supervision

William West and Dori Yusef - 2010 - Workshop
Writing up qualitative research

Tony Weston - 2008 - Paper
Clinical effectiveness of the person-centred approach: a preliminary study

Heather Weston and Mary Adams - 2006 - Paper
Narratives of mothers' experiences of coping with their sons' drug use

Graham Westwell - 2011 - Symposium E paper 1
Developing the Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy Scale (PCEPS) - a heuristic collaborative process

Graham Westwell, Robert Elliott and Elizabeth Freire - 2012 - symposium D paper 3
How well do PCEPS raters agree with client and therapist perceptions of the relationship? A convergent validity study

Sheila Wetton - 1999 - Paper
Counsellors' and psychologists' attitudes about working together

Sue Wheeler - 2013 - Paper
Can clinical supervision ameliorate the stresses of safeguarding children in social work?

Sue Wheeler - 2013 - Paper
Dose-effect relations for short term counselling in routine practice: extension to additional service delivery settings

Sue Wheeler - 2002 - Paper
Evidence based supervision. What do we know?

Sue Wheeler - 2008 - Workshop
Research as an integral part of the core curriculum for counselling and psychotherapy training: rising to the challenge

Sue Wheeler - 2003 - Paper
Taking counselling forward: developing an evidence base - thinking about a PhD

Sue Wheeler - 2004 - Paper
The highs and lows of therapeutic practice: counsellors reflect on training and experience

Sue Wheeler - 2012 - symposium B paper 3
Training the trainers in research methods: an evaluation

Sue Wheeler - 2006 - Paper
Who in the world has supervision and how does it help?

Sue Wheeler et al - 2009 - Paper
Training the trainers in research methods: an evaluation

Sue Wheeler and Sophia Balamoutsou - 2007 - Workshop
Incorporating research into counselling and psychotherapy training: a strategic plan for the profession

Sue Wheeler and Michael Barkham - 2009 - Pre conference workshop
A collaborative research network for supervision

Sue Wheeler and Michael Barkham - 2009 - Paper
Supervision toolkit: measures for sustainable, replicable research

Sue Wheeler, Michael Barkham and Mark Aveline - 2010 - Workshop
SuPReNet: Supervision Practice Research Network: evaluation of project and future plans

Professor Sue Wheeler and Professor Delia Cushway - 2012 - paper
Supervision: a lifeline for child protection social workers

Sue Wheeler and Julie Folkes-Skinner - 2011 - Poster
Supervision and clinical practice: does supervision make a difference

Sue Wheeler and Suky Khele - 2007 - Paper
An audit of BACP complaints

Sue Wheeler and David King - 1999 - Paper
Supervision of supervision: a vital support for supervisors or an unnecessary expense

Sue Wheeler and Kaye Richards - 2007 - Paper
What impact does clinical supervision have on counsellors and therapists, their practice and their clients? A systematic review of literature

Sue Wheeler and Kaye Richards - 2006 - Work in Progress Symposium
What impact does supervision have on the supervisee? A systematic review of literature

Sue Wheeler and Nancy Rowland - 2008 - Poster
Training the trainers to develop and enhance research capacity in counselling and psychotherapy

Sue Wheeler and Thomas Schroder - 2005 - Paper
Does accreditation make you rich? This and other tales of counsellors and therapists

Sue Wheeler and Angela Webb - 2001 - Paper
Supervising counsellors: what does research tell us so far?

Jane Whitehead - 2008 - Paper
Researching the core model; a qualitative study of the usefulness of a core model to counsellors in practice

Mike Whitfield and Andrew Reeves - 2013 - Paper
Exploring counsellors' experiences of working with suicidal clients with particular focus on the issue of responsibility

Mark Widdowson - 2012 - symposium B paper 1
Perceptions of psychotherapy trainees of psychotherapy research

Mark Widdowson - 2012 - paper
The process and outcome of TA psychotherapy for the treatment of depression

Sue Wiggins - 2007 - Poster
Development of a measure of relational depth

Sue Wiggins - 2011 - Symposium B paper 2
Presence of relational depth during significant events in therapy

Sue Wiggins - 2009 - Paper
Prevalence, moderators and characteristics of relational depth events in counselling and psychotherapy

Sue Wiggins - 2011 - Symposium D paper 1
Relational depth and outcome

Sue Wiggins, Rosanne Knox, David Murphy and Mick Cooper - 2011 - Symposium D overview
Relational depth: new research findings

Shelley Wild - 2006 - Poster
Counsellor's experiences working with clients with physical disabilities in multidisciplinary team settings

Martin Williams - 2008 - Poster
What role does spirituality play, in the therapeutic setting, as an agent in the recovery from addiction?

Tina Williams - 2003 - Paper
Researching the relational impact of terminal illness

Morag Williamson - 2007 - Poster
A study into the experience of therapists of working with clients who have experienced childhood sexual abuse

Alette Willis - 2012 - symposium G paper 4
Telling stories about vocation: spirituality and religion in the self-narratives of Scottish counsellors

Frank Wills - 2005 - Paper
Crossing continents: Learning a therapy model from the perspective of another

Frank Wills - 2003 - Paper
Employee support for trainees on advanced counselling courses

Frank Wills - 2000 - Paper
The influence of personal belief systems on the counselling training experience: examples from training in cognitive therapy

Frank Wills - 1999 - Paper
The use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in research in counselling and psychotherapy

Frank Wills - 2002 - Paper
Therapy beliefs and therapist beliefs in training for cognitive behavioural counselling

David Winter and Siobhan Bradshaw - 2010 - Paper
Counselling and psychotherapy for the prevention of suicide: a systematic review of the evidence

Mark A Winwood - 2008 - Paper
Qualitative exploration of the experience of psychological assessment in the context of EAP

Shyh-Heng Wong - 2012 - paper
Suffering transaction and witnessing: a phenomenological understanding of psychotherapy

Val Wosket - 1999 - Paper
Counselling research and the therapeutic use of self

Val Wosket and Gordon Jinks - 2001 - Paper
Giving counselling away: evidence for clients' internalisation of Egan's skilled helper model

Jeannie Wright - 2004 - Paper
A diary sort of person' counselling and psychotherapy students' perceptions of keeping a learning log and 'writing for reflection practice'

Jeannie Wright - 2002 - Paper
Online counselling: learning from therapeutic writing - reviewing and applying the research

Jeannie Wright - 2000 - Workshop
Using writing therapy: pen and paper or keyboard and cyberspace

Jeannie Wright - 2003 - Paper
Writing therapy as an adjunct to brief counselling in the workplace: catching self exploration on paper

Kevin Wright - 2007 - Paper
A Study into the effectiveness of brief therapy in an employee assistance programme (EAP)

Kevin Wright - 2011 - Poster
The effectiveness of brief therapy provided through an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in the UK: gender differences in changing coping strategies for managing stress

Martina Wright - 2000 - Paper
Is 'whiteness' equaled to sameness in the therapeutic relationship?

Jonathan Wyatt - 2003 - Paper
Responding to clients' expressions of religious faith


Mark E Young and Samantha Chromy - 2007 - Paper
A comparison of couples education and brief couples counselling in a community counselling clinic


Monika Zaba - 2012 - paper
Secondary traumatisation among community psychosocial workers (CPWs) in Rwanda - a preliminary study

Rania Zidianaki - 2000 - Paper
Applicability of imagery in psychotherapy with adolescents who have anorexia nervosa