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Choice of therapies in IAPT: An overview of the availability and client profile of step 3 therapies


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Authors: Devon Perfect, Charlie Jackson, Jo Pybis and Andy Hill 

This report is based on data collected as part of the second round of the National Audit of Psychological Therapies (NAPT). The data, collected from 114 IAPT services between 1 July 2012 and 31 October 2012, were used to explore the following:

  • To what extent does choice of therapy exist within the IAPT programme?
  • Are clients accessing the different psychological therapies in IAPT comparable in terms of demographic profile, diagnosis and number of sessions attended?

The report highlights the apparent failure of IAPT to provide clients with a choice of the full range of NICE-recommended therapies for depression, along with some differences between the client profiles of those accessing psychological therapies in IAPT. Recommendations are made for commissioners and future research.

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