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Mental Health Provision in Women's Community Services: Findings from a survey conducted in England and Wales



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Authors: Victoria Hatchett, Ursula Tebbet-Duffin, Joanne Pybis and Nancy Rowland 

This report, in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health and Women's Breakout, highlights the breadth and depth in the mental health interventions available at women's community centres in the UK.

The publication in July last year of Women offenders: after the Corston Report highlighted this important issue, and drew attention to the unacceptable delays in the implementation of the original 2007 report, and the ongoing marginalisation of women offenders.

We already know that prison is an expensive and ineffective way of dealing with many women offenders who do not pose a significant risk of harm to public safety. This latest report demonstrates that women's community centres have established good working partnerships with other organisations such as local authorities, NHS trusts and probation services in order to meet the mental health needs of their clients. The findings back up existing evidence suggesting that in many cases referral to women's community centres is a more effective cost-effective solution than imposing a custodial sentence.

The full report can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.