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British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

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How to join CYP PRN

Whether you are a BACP member or not, you can still join CYP PRN free of charge.


Non-BACP member

If you are a non-BACP member you can still benefit from access to information on the CYP PRN webpages, and will receive the quarterly e-bulletin. You can also use BACP Connect to network with other members of the CYP PRN (Please note that as the network develops there may be some benefits that only BACP members will be eligible for, and these will be clearly communicated). Please register by clicking here. You will be sent a unique 6 digit code which will serve as your username and you can choose your own password. Please note that it will take 24 hours for your account to become active.


Existing BACP member

If you are an existing BACP member, you must still register to join CYP PRN if you would like to receive our quarterly e-bulletin, which you can do by clicking here.