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CYP PRN Research Day - 30th November 2013

At the CYP PRN Research Day on Saturday 30th November, presentations were given by Dr Jo Pybis (Research Facilitator, BACP), Dr Andy Fugard (University College London), Professor Mick Cooper (University of Strathclyde) and Aaron Sefi (Xenzone). These presentations focused on the development of the PRN, as well as the presenters experiences of embedding research into practice. The presentations can be viewed below.  


pdf file  Dr Jo Pybis - CYP PRN (1.87Mb)


The presentation given by Dr Andy Fugard will be uploaded in due course.


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BACP Research Conference 2013 

At BACP's 19th Annual Research Conference, held on 10-11 May 2013, members of the CYP PRN Core Group presented a symposium titled ‘Outputs from a practice research network for school-based counselling (SCoPReNet)'. The presentations can be viewed below and abstracts for each can be viewed by clicking here.


pdf file  Feedback from a pilot data collection using routine outcome measures in school counselling (Jo Pybis) (0.59Mb)


pdf file  A survey of the members of a School-based Counselling Practice Research Network (SCoPReNet) (Charlie Jackson) (0.64Mb)


pdf file  The impact of incorporating systematic feedback into school-based counselling: 'A story of 1 + 1 = 3' (Dave Stewart) (1.02Mb)


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CYP Conference 2013

In June 2013, Dr Andy Fugard (CORC Research Leade), Lee Murray (Project Manager, Meganexus) and members of the BACP Research Department held a workshop at the BACP Children and Young People Conference titled 'Routine outcome monitoring: what's it for and how to make it more manageable.' The presentation from the workshop can be viewed below and if you would like more information about the Children & Young People Division of BACP, you can visit their website by clicking here.

pdf file  Routine outcome monitoring: what's it for and how to make it more manageable (1.62Mb)


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Other presentations

The presentation below titled 'systematic outcome and process feedback: a relational perspective' is for counsellors who adopt a relational, person-centred or humanistic approach to working with children and young people, and suggests that systematic feedback methods and tools can be an integral part of relational practices: something that can enhance, rather than undermine, our values and work. It was originally presented by Professor Mick Cooper to Place2Be counsellors in 2013. You can also watch a video of Professor Cooper giving his presentation below.

pdf file  Systematic outcome and process feedback: A relational perspective (2.63Mb)


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