The updates to our therapist directory are part of a broad project of work which includes upgrading our entire website and much of our behind-the-scenes technological infrastructure.

Find out more about our new website, the inspiration behind it and what we have planned for the future.

The website, the directory search page, your profile page and the page where you edit your listings are all works in progress. We’ll be improving the look and usability of these pages throughout the year.

The therapist directory is a key area for further developments. Your input is vital and we'll be making future improvements based on your feedback.

We’re working hard to bring you the best online experience and are grateful for your patience, your support and your constructive suggestions.

Bringing everything together

We've brought together all our satellite sites, including the divisional sites and It's good to talk, into this one website. By hosting the therapist directory on our main website, we can better promote it as a BACP service, giving it additional credibility.

Having everything in one place helps our website, and the directory, appear higher in Google searches and makes it easier to promote our work to different audiences.

What else has changed?

The new therapist directory has all the advantages of our new site as a whole – it’s user-focused, intuitive, responsive and more accessible than our previous directory. We’ve redesigned it to be simple to use for our members and those searching for a therapist. Over time, it will evolve to be an even more useful online destination for the public – allowing them to get trusted information about counselling and its benefits and to contact counselling professionals who can help them.

For members, it’s easier to update your directory listing and create additional ones. If you don’t have a directory listing yet, find out about directory eligibility and listing fees.

What the changes mean for you

We need your help to make sure that the information on the therapist directory is as accurate and useful as possible for people who need support. 

You’ll need to log in to your member account to check your listing and update your details. In migrating your listing from the old website, your fee information hasn’t been carried over and you’ll need to add this in. You may also notice that your profile photo is a little blurry. Please give your listing details a quick check to ensure that it is displaying as it should.

Your qualifications

We found a problem with how qualifications were displaying on the new directory. For this reason, we’re temporarily removing qualification information from all directory listings. We still have any qualification information you provided previously, and you can still view this in your profile area, it just won’t appear on your listing. We’re working on fixing the issue and we’ll have more information for you soon. In the meantime, if you’d like your qualifications to appear on your directory listing, you can list them in your ‘About me’ section.  

Why you need to update some information

On our old directory, you entered information into the fees field as ‘free text’. There was no structure to guide you when entering the information so you could write what you liked. For people searching the directory this was confusing and made it difficult to compare listings. So we've altered the fees field to make it clearer and more consistent.

The profile photos are bigger on the new site so a few of them aren't very sharp. If yours is blurred, please upload a new photo.

The web address of your directory listing has changed. If you link to your listing from another website, or from your browser bookmarks, you'll need to update these links with your new web address.

How to update your listing

  • log in to your account using you email address and password
  • select the ‘Edit personal details’ link - on this page you can update your profile photo, qualifications and languages
  • towards the bottom of the page you’ll see your directory listings
  • click on the directory listing you want to update to see the full listing and edit it
  • choose ‘Save’ to save the changes to your listing and continue working on it later. Choosing this option will not update your listing on the directory.
  • when you’ve finished making your changes, choose ‘Save and publish’ to send your listing to us for approval and publishing. We’ll email you when we’ve approved and published your listing on the directory, which we aim to do within two working days.

Your name on the directory

The name displayed as part of your directory listing exactly matches your name as it's listed on the BACP Register. Keeping your name consistent across these two lists makes sure that your status as a registered counselling professional is clear to people viewing your profile online. Keeping a practitioner’s name consistent across a professional body’s records is best practice that is followed by other membership organisations.
We understand that you may want to use a shortened or more informal version of your name. For example, if your ‘official’ first name is Catherine, but everyone knows you as Cathy, you may want your name to appear as ‘Cathy’ on the BACP Register and on your directory listing. Just email us letting us know that you want to change your first name in this way and we’ll update your membership record.
Bear in mind that this change will apply to your entire membership record, so your name will also appear in its ‘informal’ version on the letters and emails we send you, as well as on the BACP Register and on your directory listing.
There’s no need to send us any supporting evidence if you want to change your first name in this way – just send us an email so we’ve got a record of your request.
You’ll still need to send us supporting evidence, such as a marriage certificate, if you want to change your surname.

What’s coming next?

Our new directory is still being developed and we’ve many more improvements planned over the next few months.

Improvements to your account area: A more comprehensive ‘dashboard’ style screen will show you information about your membership and directory listing and make it even easier to update your listing.

Better differentiation of accredited and senior accredited members: Your logo will appear within the search results so clients can immediately see your accredited status.

Qualifications: A separate area within your listing to list your qualifications

More contact options: Include additional phone numbers and links to your social media profiles in your listing

Tweaks to search results: We’ll continue to improve our search results using the latest SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to ensure our pages are prominent and easy to find in web searches. 

Access to data: Find out how many people have viewed your listing, how long they spent reading your information, how many people used the contact form and get personalised tips on how your listing can be improved.

Renewing your directory listing

Your next directory renewal fee will be based on a monthly rate to cover the period up to your membership renewal date. After that, your directory renewal will be synchronised with your membership renewal. This means you'll renew all your BACP subscriptions at the same time once a year.

You'll be able to renew your listing online and we'll email you to let you know when your renewal is due. You won't get any more letters from us reminding you to renew your listing - all reminders will be sent by email.

To make sure you get your renewal emails, and to access the member-only resources on our website, it’s vital that we have an up-to-date email address for you. Log in to your account to amend your email address.

Further information

Explore how to make the most of your directory listing, and read our guide to promoting your membership to find out how to promote your work effectively to potential clients.


Our new directory is still in its early stages and we’ll be continuing to improve the way it works over the coming months. We'd welcome your ideas and comments. Please let us know what you think about the new directory, and what you want from your listing in terms of content, design or functionality. We read all of your messages and your feedback is hugely valuable.

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