Our association exists for one simple reason: counselling changes lives. This core principle is so fundamental to us that we’ve incorporated it into our logo and placed the message that counselling changes lives at the very centre of our identity.

You’ll already be familiar with our new logo, colours and typefaces from seeing these things on the letters, emails and documents we send you, as well as on our website. As the year progresses, our new look will gradually replace the old one, and will continue to evolve as we develop over time and incorporate your feedback.

This isn’t the first time we’ve changed the way we look - over time, our association has adapted the way it presents itself to remain relevant and effective in a changing world. We've updated our logo a few times during our 40-year history. You might remember the monochrome circle logo that dates back to the early days of the association, or the blue and brown yin and yang-inspired design of later years.

Why did we make this change?

In 2015 we undertook a strategic review of our mission, values and objectives. We consulted with you to find out what you wanted from us and how we could best support you. This feedback resulted in a forward-thinking strategy, a restructure of our business and a reprioritising of our resources.

As part of this major project of improvements, we recognised the importance of having a robust and consistent visual identity in order to support us in achieving our strategic intents. We want to build on our work advising and informing national and international policy, as well as work harder to raise awareness of BACP and the profession more generally. In order for us to achieve these aims effectively, we need to look and sound credible, confident and consistent.

Our logo and tagline

The public understand, recognise and use the word ‘counselling’. As an association, we want to be more effective at raising awareness of BACP and the profession more generally with the public. If we’re to do this successfully, we need a clear, simple statement that is going to be immediately understood by most people – ‘counselling changes lives’ does that. Also, and from a purely practical point of view, we’re restricted in space when it comes to the tagline – it needs to be short, punchy and memorable and use language that is understood by the majority of people.

In our tagline, we use the word 'counselling' as a general term for a range of talking therapies. We are still the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and we continue to support and represent practitioners who identify as psychotherapists.

The logo will never exist in isolation. It will always appear in context – on our website, on a letter, or on a report for example. Wherever the logo appears it will be appropriately supported by the surrounding words and images which will allow us to give whatever extra information is needed.

Colours and typefaces

Like our logos, the colours we’ve used on our website and in our printed literature have evolved over the years. In the past, blues, browns and pastel colours have predominated.

Our new colour scheme brings together some fresh, bold principal colours and some more subtle secondary hues.

We’ve chosen the typefaces to accompany our new look for their accessibility, clarity and character. Each of them has been designed to be easily readable at small sizes and to be equally attractive and legible in print and online.

What all this means for you

Unique logos and certificates are available to registered and accredited members, accredited services and accredited courses to use to promote your work to the public.

If you’re a registered member, you can download your logos and certificates from your member account. Accredited services and accredited courses have their logos and certificates emailed to them.

For more information about how to use your logos, read our guide to promoting your membership.

You can also find out more about our new website and offer your feedback.