BACP is ambitious for our members and, in the context of a challenging employment market, we aim to drive growth in paid opportunities and bring employers across the sectors closer to the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

We're uniquely positioned to take a leading role in advocating for our members and for the value your work brings in many settings. Working with members, partner organisations and across all BACP functions, we're exploring ways to:

  • build links with employers and employer representatives across the sectors
  • widen access to paid employment opportunities
  • develop the capacity and skills of our members for the changing employment landscape

Our workforce employment strategy sets out a wide-ranging programme of activity for addressing the skills and employment needs of our members. At the heart of this is a collaborative approach that values participation, encourages the development of creative solutions and fosters a sense of shared ownership.


March 2019

Counselling provision in the workplace

Health and wellbeing at work was the focus this month, an area that has seen considerable growth over the last decade. The battle to convince employers, the public and government that good mental health at work is key has, largely, been won.

We attended the annual Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference held on 5 to 6 March, with over 100 keynote speakers and 169 exhibitors. Members Nicola Neath and Andrew Kinder both presented engaging talks on attachment theory in action and bereavement, loss and grief within the workplace respectively.

The event was a great opportunity to network and develop links with organisations including Business in the Community and Mental Health First England. More importantly we wanted to ensure that the value of counselling and psychotherapy was better positioned within the wellbeing at work movement and in the minds of employers.

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