Theme 1: Professional framework

A. Qualified counsellor, advanced qualified counsellor and psychotherapist B. Advanced qualified counsellor  C. Psychotherapist
1.1. Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to operate within professional and ethical frameworks    
1.2. Ability to understand and apply the Equality Act and other relevant legislation to practise safely and ethically within the law    
1.3. Ability to negotiate, maintain and review an appropriate contract with the client or patient, taking account of timing, practice setting and duration of therapy    
1.4. Ability to protect the confidentiality and privacy of clients or patients from unauthorised access or disclosure by informing clients or patients in advance about any reasonably foreseeable limitations of confidentiality and privacy    
1.5. Ability to provide and maintain a secure frame in terms of meeting arrangements and physical settings    
1.6. Ability to recognise when to consult with supervisor and (or) other appropriate professionals to address ethical dilemmas  1.6.a. Ability to critically evaluate own work within an ethical framework and apply the framework to resolve complex conflicts and ethical dilemmas   1.6.b. Ability to work with ethical difficulties and dilemmas, including addressing and resolving contradictions between different codes of practice and conduct, or between ethical requirements and work requirements 
1.7. Ability to incorporate consideration of client or patient cultural values into ethical decision-making    
1.8. Ability to establish and maintain appropriate professional and personal boundaries in online relationships with clients or patients by ensuring that:

a. reasonable care is taken to separate and maintain a distinction between personal and professional presence on social media where this could result in harmful dual relationships with clients or patients

b. any public, online communication is carried out in a manner consistent with own ethical framework or code of practice
1.9. Ability to manage and appropriately respond to the practical and ethical demands of online therapeutic provision and all forms of technologically mediated communication    
1.10. Ability to use team-working skills to work with others 1.10.a. Ability to take an active role as a member of a professional community and participate effectively in inter-professional and multi-agency approaches to mental health where appropriate

1.10.b. Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals to maximise therapeutic outcomes
1.10.c. Ability to take an active role within the professional community locally and nationally. Be able to communicate effectively with other professionals in imparting information, advice, instruction and professional opinion