Theme 5: Self-awareness and reflection

A. Qualified counsellor, advanced qualified counsellor and psychotherapist B. Advanced qualified counsellor  C. Psychotherapist
5.1. Ability to demonstrate a commitment to personal development that includes self-awareness in relation to the client or patient to enhance therapeutic practice 5.1.a. Ability to evidence adequate emotional preparation for intense and complex work, which will require reflexivity and potential taxing of counsellor or psychotherapist resources 

5.1.b. Ability to work with unconscious processes 
5.1.c. Ability to evidence reflexivity, self-awareness and the therapeutic use of self to work at depth in the therapeutic relationship and the therapeutic process
5.2. Ability to demonstrate skills to reflect on aspects of own culture that have most influenced ‘self’ and understand the relevance of this when working with others     
5.3. Ability to understand the significance and impact of own values, beliefs and attitudes in work with clients or patients  5.3.a. Ability to critically challenge own values and beliefs   
5.4. Ability to monitor and evaluate fitness to practise, and maintain personal, psychological and physical health    
 5.5. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of supervision, with the ability to contract for supervision and use it to address professional and developmental needs  5.5.a. Ability to review and evaluate supervision arrangements and take responsibility for adapting supervision to the evolving and changing requirements of ongoing practice   
 5.6. Ability to evaluate learning from supervision and apply to ongoing practice