Board members

The lay Register Advisory Board is made up of professionals from a variety of disciplines. Many of them will have some knowledge of the counselling professions but none are counsellors or psychotherapists.

Their focus is to ensure that the public can have confidence in our registered members by having clear standards at all stages of the process. They consider such areas as admission to the Register, maintenance and renewal of member registration.

Board members are appointed from public advertisements. The current board is:

Lay Chair: Professor Ed Sallis

Lay Members: Robert Allen, Stephen Thacker, Velia Soames

BACP staff team

The Register Advisory Board is supported by a team of specialist staff:

  • Registrar: Christina Docchar
  • Assistant Registrar Entry and Maintenance: Rebecca Grace
  • Assistant Registrar Conduct: John O'Dowd

Board meetings are also attended by representatives from our senior management team and a nominated representative from our Board of Governors.

Terms of Reference for the Register Advisory Board (pdf 01MB)

Summaries of the Register Advisory Board meetings

April 2018 (pdf 0.1MB)

November 2017 (pdf 0.3MB)

June 2017 (pdf 23KB)

March 2017 (pdf 20KB)

October 2016 (pdf 21KB)

June 2016 (pdf 20KB)

February 2016(pdf 20KB)

October 2015 (pdf 0.2MB)

July 2015 (pdf 0.1MB)

January 2015 (pdf 0.1MB)

November 2014 (pdf 0.2MB)

July 2014 (pdf 0.1MB)

March 2014 (pdf 0.1MB)