Article 12.6 is used for issues such as criminal convictions or where disciplinary action has been taken by a member's employer. It cannot not be used for matters which can be regarded as purely personal. Nor can it be used to carry out an investigation in the place of another relevant body or authority, such as the police, the court or a statutory body. The only sanction is withdrawal of membership.

Article 12.6 requires a higher degree of proof than matters considered under the Professional Conduct Procedure so sufficient evidence must be provided.

We will review any information submitted to determine whether or not the matter should be processed under Article 12.6. The more serious the matter and the more evidence provided to support the disclosure or complaint, the more likely it is that it will be processed under Article 12.6. Any information received will be assessed on a case by case basis.

If a decision is made to proceed, the matter will be considered by an independent panel who will decide whether or not Article 12.6 should be implemented. If Article 12.6 is implemented, it will result in withdrawal of membership.

Information processed under Article 12.6 will not constitute a rehearing or retrial of the finding that has already been made. The panel will consider the finding made to determine whether the conduct of the member suggests that their actions have or may:

  • bring BACP's reputation into disrepute
  • bring the profession into disrepute
  • bring BACP’s private business into the public domain
  • impede the legitimate activities of BACP
  • misrepresent their membership status
  • amount to a serious breach of BACP’s Ethical Framework

For further information on the procedure, please see:

Article 12.6 (pdf 0.1MB)

Article 12.6 FAQs

If you are considering submitting information for consideration under this procedure, please discuss it with the Professional Conduct Department first. You can call us on 01455 204540, 206388 or 883328, or email We are available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.