Join Sally Openshaw for a Professional Development Day to widen your knowledge and normalise the presence of erotic material in the therapy room.

We’ll discuss why there is a lack of material about erotic transference and counter transference and you’ll be encouraged to think back to past cases and share your experiences with the group. You’ll use this shared work as a framework to consider the erotic material developmentally and define the function of the erotic presentation in yourself and in your clients.

Sally will pay specific attention to your ability to stay present with your clients and look at the meaning behind the material in terms of relationship needs. You’ll use a set of self-supervision questions to help you talk more freely about your thoughts, feelings, body responses and behaviour when experiencing erotic transference and counter transference. 

Presenter biography

Sally Openshaw is a Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist working in private practice in Devon. She is a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy recognised practitioner and accredited fellow of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapist (COSRT). She works from an integrative relationship model and is recognised by the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association as a trainer, supervisor and practitioner.

Sally manages Towerhouse Counselling, where she runs a BACP Accredited Diploma course and teaches on a range of CPCAB counselling training. Sally is an experienced Tutor, with a BEd in Education for Adult learners. 

Main aims

  • develop a greater knowledge of erotic transference and counter transference
  • provide a safe and confidential space to discuss intimate details from clinical practice
  • consider case examples within a safe group setting
  • provide resources for further self-study

Learning outcomes

  • recognise and name different erotic feelings
  • normalise the presence in therapy room
  • identify ways to capture the meaning behind the erotic material
  • develop ways to self- supervise and speak to other practitioners

Who is this for?

This workshop is suitable for all therapists who are working with clients. We anticipate that some group members will have more experience than others and this will allow for greater sharing and learning in the group.


Book your place online or complete a booking form and return it to


Mecure Southampton Dolphin Hotel, 34-35 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2HN


Registration is 9.30am with the workshop starting at 10am. Two refreshment break and a light lunch will be provided. The workshop will finish at 4.30pm.