BACP Spirituality network meeting is for practitioners engaging with the interface between spirituality, belief, faith, and religion, in their practice.  A safe and informal space to share learning, pose questions, address ethical and practised-based issues, in a spirit of openness and enquiry.


The Authentic Self is the Soul made Visible. Using Story, Image and Metaphor to give voice to the Soul

An opportunity to explore the Soul and Authentic self  in creative ways using Michal Snunit's Soulbird story 

For this session please bring any creative materials you might find helpful to give expression to your Soulbird.  A4 and A3 Paper will be available. 

The next meeting is on

Date:   Saturday  19th May 2018 

Time:  9.30 am - 12.30 pm

Venue:  Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, B4 7SX

                0121 643 6151


Cost: £15.00 for non-members

Concessions:  £5.00 for BACP Spirituality members

£10.00 for BACP members

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For further information please contact  Juliet Fletcher or Maureen Slattery-Marsh  at or     07484750875


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