An opportunity for a group of like-minded people to meet and discuss relevant issues; share ideas, best practice; and develop useful networks. In the afternoon session, there will be a presentation and discussion on a specific topic of good practice.

Group Discussion: Counsellor Burnout Or Time for Change?

Many of us in the profession start our journey with how to get enough client work, which can become our focus, whether this is in private practice or volunteering.  Along this journey when do we take the time to stop and see how far we have come, how well we have adapted to our journey and client work, and if we have hit our so-called “ceiling” limit and are teetering towards potential burnout. 

This network event is a chance of a ”stop and explore” moment, looking at what may signal burnout or time for a change.   There will be an opportunity to do a questionnaire on burnout for personal self-reflection.


Peterborough College Of Adult Education

Brook Street 



The meeting will start at 6pm and finish at 8.30pm
The meeting facilitator is Rabina Aakhtar