Existential Therapy? What’s that?  Ancient pathways revised

Chris Meredith will be bringing Existentialism to us, giving a brief introduction to Existential philosophy; where it came from, why it appeared when it did, and how it came to be the basis for a school of psychotherapy. 

Chris be summarised the main existential themes, and how they confront us in our own lives and in the therapy room.  Being an Existential practitioner, he has provided time for discussion and clarification. 

Chris is an Existential psychotherapist, he has a M.Sc. in psychology and psychotherapy, his dissertation was on ‘The application of Sartrean theory to bereavement work’.  Chris has volunteered with Thorpe Hall, YMCA and the Prison Service, and has setup his private practice.


Local contact: Rabina Akhtar (07533 188662)


Peterborough College Of Adult Education

Brook Street 



The meeting will start at 6pm and finish at 8.30pm
The meeting facilitator is Rabina Aakhtar