Our first strategic intent is to 'promote expertise in the counselling professions to enable confidence in BACP and its members'. In line with thise, we're committed to acknowledging and valuing the role counselling skills play in many professional settings.

Your views and experiences are critical to help us develop and implement the counselling skills strategy. Our first step is to develop a competency framework, while future initiatives will include BACP-approved qualifications, a membership category and a register for those using counselling skills in a professional role.

The expert reference group (ERG) will discuss and develop appropriate competences, and will examine and consider research to identify the difference that counselling skills can make to those in need.

General requirements

We're looking for BACP members who:

  • have knowledge of a wide range of professional roles and settings that benefit, or would benefit from, counselling skills
  • have experience of working in the care sector, health sectors, business or teaching profession
  • have knowledge of counselling and related professions that incorporate competency frameworks and standards
  • are up to date with any initiatives or innovations in their area that relate to counselling skills
  • have knowledge of counselling skills training pathways and delivery contexts
  • understand practice, supervision and registration requirements across a range of professional bodies
  • are aware of and experienced in equality, diversity and inclusion issues
  • are committed to collaborative working
  • can look beyond their own personal or organisational interests

You'll be expected to:

  • share knowledge and experience to progress the project
  • attend meetings as agreed
  • undertake work between meetings to complete agreed actions 


As a volunteer you must complete our:

  • Declarations of interest form and manage any conflicts of interest as they arise, in accordance with our policy and procedures
  • Volunteer agreement form, which sets out the joint commitment to volunteering for us. This is binding in honour only.

Time commitment

We expect there will be at least four half-day meetings, scheduled every two months. The meetings will generally be held in London, but this may change depending on the location of group members. You must attend in person but we may occasionally be able to arrange virtual attendance by teleconference or skype. 

In between meetings, you'll be asked to review and comment on various documents, which will take around one to two hours a time. We'll aim to give you at least four weeks’ notice for all events and requests whenever possible.

Skills and abilities

You'll need: 

  • the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully in a group setting
  • attention to detail
  • the ability to give detailed, constructive and, where necessary, critical feedback
  • to understand and adhere to the seven Nolan principles of public office: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership


There is no remuneration for this role, however we will pay reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out this role in line with our volunteers expenses policy.

To apply

For more information please email Traci Postings. To apply for this volunteering role, please email your CV and an application letter to volunteers@bacp.co.uk.

The closing date for applications is Friday 13 July 2018.