BACP Workplace promotes the professional practice of counselling in the workplace and supports practitioners who work with employees, employers and employee assistance programmes (EAPs).

The provision of workplace counselling and employee support benefits both the organisation and employees. Results are improved attendance, performance and working relationships and an emotional healthy workplace.

We campaign for high standards and best practice, offering a forum for all professionals with an interest in employee support and psychological health and wellbeing in the workplace. 

Term of office

Executive members are appointed for up to three years. This may be extended for a further three years.

Time commitment

You'll need to attend up to four meetings a year, which will usually be held at our offices in Lutterworth. You may be able to attend remotely via Microsoft Teams. 

You'll also have ongoing background work, which may include putting together the divisional "Working with" day, working alongside the BACP Events team and attending other BACP events, such as Making connections, to network and build the profile of the division.

General responsibilities

Your duties will be to:

  • implement divisional strategy and ensure that it aligns with BACP organisational strategy, promoting counselling changes lives
  • work collaboratively with BACP staff
  • promote the division's area of expertise and bring best practice into the work of the division and BACP
  • network and represent BACP the association and our members to wider stakeholder groups
  • act as an ambassador and advocate for BACP and the Workplace division

Carrying out the role

You will be expected to:

  • attend divisional executive meetings fully prepared, having read all papers and documentation. Where possible, we set meeting dates 12 months in advance.
  • adhere to our volunteer policies, procedures and code of conduct
  • adhere to and support the governance framework
  • attend our annual general meeting, where possible
  • maintain absolute confidentiality for any sensitive or confidential information you receive while carrying out the role
  • work within the principles of the BACP Ethical Framework
  • observe the seven Nolan principles: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership

Skills and abilities

You should:

  • be willing to devote time and effort
  • have good, independent judgement
  • be able to think creatively and strategically
  • be willing to take decisions and cabinet responsibility
  • understand the responsibilities of the position
  • be IT literate: willing and able to use technology on BACP business

The following skills and experience are desirable, but not essential:

  • experience of being a head of service or equivalent time spent in the field
  • a background in trauma background
  • website and IT skills
  • event planning
  • social media - Twitter, Facebook and others
  • blogging and writing experience


There is no remuneration for this role, however, reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the volunteering role will be reimbursed in line with our volunteers expenses policy.

To apply

For more information or to apply for this volunteering role, please send your CV and an application letter stating your relevant skills, knowledge and experience to We're looking for representation across the four nations and BAME communities and welcome applications to increase the diversity of the executive.

Closing date for applications is 5 February 2021. Interviews will take place on 17 February (pm) and 19 February.