We've commissioned an online Communities of Practice platform that provides members with a space to share best practice, knowledge and learning, as well as participate in discussions with other members. 

The platform will be free of charge, accessible through the BACP website and allow members to be responsive to topics of interest within a professional networking environment. Members will be able to communicate directly with other practitioners working in the same sector or who share the same interests and experience.

We're hoping that the online communities will give members a space to engage with BACP and discuss relevant workstreams and research, contributing to key areas of BACP focus.

To support this, we're continually looking for members to suggest new communities of practice we can feature on the platform. If you're interested in proposing a community or want to find out more, please email communities@bacp.co.uk

Term of office

For the purpose of this pilot platform, the volunteer role will be on-going. If you wish to step down from the champion role, we'll require you to nominate a new volunteer communities champion to ensure the community is fully supported.

Ideally the new champion of that community will have experience and be knowledgeable in the topic area or sector in which the community is focused.

Expected outcome

We're delighted to be launching this member space to encourage our members to connect professionally for shared learning, knowledge and experience.

We're hoping to achieve member to member connections and build a knowledge bank of learning for reflection to support members in their professional journey.

We hope to support a thriving community that fulfils the membership needs for shared discussion about lived experience as well as professional learning.

This is a pilot project for twelve months, with the hope that its successes and learning will guide BACP on improvements for further development.

Time commitment

The time commitment needed for the volunteer communities champion role will be determined by the level of engagement from the members involved within that community.

An example of what the time commitment could look like is set out below:

The students community could have 150 members and need one community champion. The role would require 30 minutes a month to create a topic for discussion, one hour a month to answer community member questions and 30 minutes a month to attend a volunteer community champion support meeting. The volunteer role would require a total of two hours of volunteering per month.

The ecotherapy community could have 250 members and need two community champions. The role would require one hour a month to create two topics for discussion, two hours a month to answer community member questions and 30 minutes a month to attend a volunteer community champion support meeting. The volunteer role would require a total of three hours and 30 minutes of volunteering per month. 

Each community can have more than one champion, if two champions looked after the community, the time commitment would be halved. 

General responsibilities

Duties will be to: 

  • work collaboratively with the BACP Communities of Practice Lead, tending to your proposed community on a regular basis
  • create up to two discussion topics monthly, consisting of up to four sentences and a maximum of 80 words, to start a discussion thread within your community. See example below:

Discussion topic for the students community

Topic: What information would be really helpful for you to know in advance as a student?
Student members answer to the topic: What books do you recommend as reading for those starting their first counselling course?
Volunteer communities champion answer to this topic question: Here's a web link to First Steps in Counselling (5th Edition): An Introductory Companion

  • encourage other supervisors to share the experience, learning or challenges they've faced and help to build a knowledge base for others to use for best practice
  • guide the resulting discussion with the resources and tools you have available and build this knowledge bank of resources for other community members to access and reflect on
  • guide the professional discussion, keeping the replies about the topic focused on the purpose of the community
  • monitor member posts within the community and if a member writes a non-compliant reply to a topic, you flag the post (raise a flag to indicate non-compliance), which pauses the discussion and emails communities@bacp.co.uk for support

For more information about the process for non-compliance posts, please read our terms of service and code of conduct.

Skills and abilities

You should have:

  • a willingness to devote time and effort to the role
  • good, independent judgement and a collaborative approach to working with BACP to champion the platform amongst our membership


There is no remuneration attached to this role, however, reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the volunteering role will be reimbursed in line with BACP’s Volunteers Expenses Policy.

To apply

For more information or to apply for this role, please send your CV and a letter of interest to volunteers@bacp.co.uk or tina.tanner@bacp.co.uk We're seeking representation from across our membership, and all applications are warmly welcomed.