BACP organises conferences, workshops and professional networking events covering many different aspects of counselling and psychotherapy all over the UK and online.

The event content review panel evaluates all proposals submitted for forthcoming events. You'll be sent content regularly, based on your specialist knowledge and areas of interest, and be given two weeks to complete a review sheet for the proposals.

To thank you for your time and contribution, you'll be offered a free place at an event of your choice within the same financial year.

General responsibilities

You will:

  • have access to a computer, laptop or tablet that allows you to review written content without difficulty
  • have a reliable and quick internet connection and access to email
  • complete reviews of proposals and return your feedback within two weeks

Working with us

You must complete:

  • a Declarations of Interest form and manage any conflicts of interest as they arise, in accordance with our policy and procedures
  • a Volunteer Agreement form, which sets out the joint commitment to working with us. This is binding in honour only. 

Time commitment

You'll be sent content to review on a regular basis. We ask that you reply to each request to let us know if you have the time, knowledge, skills and abilities to enable you to review the proposals. We understand that you won't always be able to review every event theme sent to you.

Each proposal will differ in length so we can't give exact details of the time required, but we'll try to give you an estimate with each review request.

Skills and ability

You'll need: 

  • the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully in writing or verbally through Skype
  • attention to detail
  • the ability to give detailed, constructive and, where necessary, critical feedback on the proposals
  • to understand and adhere to the seven Nolan principles of public office: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership


There is no remuneration for this role, however reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the role will be reimbursed in line with our volunteers expenses policy.

To apply

For more information or to apply for this role, please send your CV and an application letter explaining why you are suitable for the role to Please include your relevant skills, knowledge and experience and specialisms or interest to help with the distribution of reviews.